Kaptin Kill vs. Dr. Ceaser

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The one thing that jack wants the most in the world is for it to be a better place. He wants to become a crime fighter. But not just any ordinary
beat cop or detective, no He wants to be a hero! Jack is 25 years old and lives in an old ratty apartment with his roommate Elmer. We call him Elm for short.
Every night after Elm would drift asleep Jack would quietly slip out the window and go train. His training included doing parkor, "which is running up walls and
stuff", weight lifting, and going to midnight fight clubs. After a few years of this it went from training to the real McCoy! His first fight Dr. Ceaser!

Submitted: April 28, 2013

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Submitted: April 28, 2013




Kaptin Kill vs. Dr. Ceaser!
"No, no, Help me HELP ME!" 
"What is it jack" Screamed Elmer as he awoke from a deep sleep."Another bad dream?
"Ahh Uuugh it seemed so real". Said Jack as he sat up in his bed. "I swear it seemed so real." "A woman crying for help in an ally, I walk down to
see what the problem is, and out of nowhere this big guy dressed in a red cape and Roman armor attacks me!"
Jack had been having these nightmares for months now. He had them all the time when he was a child. Since then he had always dreamed of being
a super hero. Like the ones he read about in comic books. Superman, Batman, Cpt. America, ect. What he didn't know was that he was about to live out his 
childhood dream. 
"It's OK Jack", muttered Elm. "Look it's 6:30 you have an appointment with a psychiatrist at 8, you better get ready."
"I don't wanna go" said Jack.
"Look bud you need to go, maybe she can help you figure out what your dream means."
"Fine but I wont enjoy it"
Ahh but in fact he would. You see friends the Doctor he was going to visit was the great Dr. Jane Carter. A.K.A. The woman from Jacks dream.
Jack waited in the waiting room for a good half hour before getting in to see the good Dr. They called his name
"Jack Killson" said the woman at the desk.
"Yeah that's me."
He walked in and sat down at Jane's desk. The office was much like any other office you would expect. A large desk with a computer on it, a couple paintings, a small window
that had smoke coming in from all of the cigarette smokers outside. Dr. Carter turned around in her chair. Her beauty astonished Jack. She had long red hair, was short, and was 
wearing a green pinstriped dress suit. The kind that a business women on wall-street would were. 
"Ahh so you're Jack I presume?" Said Jane.
Jack stared at her for a good 5 seconds before answering "Uuum Yes that would uhhh that would be me." 
Jane said "we will just start off with a couple of questions" "Do you have any siblings?"
"Yes" Jack replied, "one, her name is Jess."
"Okay," replied Jane. "What about friends?"
"I have a roommate, Elmer, I call him Elm for short."
"Okay very good" Replied Jane. "Do you smoke?"
"Not anymore" Said Jack
"Very Good. How was your Childhood?"
"Eeehh Not so good." "My dad died when I was three, and our step-dad was a real asshole, He left when Jess was ten, I was twenty." 
"Say doc can I tell you something?" Asked Jack
"Well that's what I'm here for." Replied Jane.
Jack continued to tell Dr. Jane his dream and how she looked just like the girl in it.
"I see" She said. "Hmmm well how about we go out for a cup of coffee after I get off work?" She said
"Uuummm O-Okay" Jack fumbled with his words in reply.
"Great, pick me up at 7 then!"
They went out for coffee and talked about multiple things. Things that mostly weren't important so we wont get into that. But they did talk about how he wanted to be a 
crime fighter. She thought it was a great idea. She had never met anyone as unique and original as him. She suggested to him to join the police force. He sad no he didn't wanna be 
another "dog" of the government. After there date Jack went back home and told Elm all about it. Quite boring to him actually. I rather feel sorry for the fellow.
When Jack brought up the idea of being a crime fighter, 
Elmer agreed and said "well if you ever need a tech guy you know were to find me!"
From that moment on Jack Killson was no more. For when he realized he was born to put away the bad guys he knew that he shall now be known as, "KAPTIN KILL!"
For months Kaptin Kill trained and fought petty thieves, rapists, and a murderer from time to time. Always running from the police himself, he was now like the heroes he had
read about in the comic books.
Miles away across the country in an undisclosed location Dr. Ceaser was planning against the Kaptin. Dr. Ceaser was a man driven mad by society in the mid 1980's. He
headed away when he heard about us going to war with Iraq. He figured well America is going down and I'm not gonna go down with it! He was dressed in Gold armor and wore a red 
cape, much like the Romans wore in the time of Ceasers reign. I think you can see were he got his inspiration!
"Hmm now that America has gone down the hole with it's new president I will make my attack!" "First I will go to the nations capital, Washington D.C. And assassinate
the president. Then I will take over rule of the government and take down this horribly bad idea of Democracy!"
Three weeks later The president was making a speech, and sure enough Dr. Ceaser was there. AHA But so was Kaptin Kill. You see The Kaptin always went to big events
in cogneto as extra protection in case of an attack! In the middle of the presidents speech Dr. Ceaser Jumped onto the stage and grabbed the president.
Pointing a gun to his head he yelled, "BACK, BACK I SAY! I WILL BLOW HIS HEAD OFF."
"NOT SO FAST" Yelled Kaptin Kill as he emerged from nowhere. He went behind Ceaser and grabbed him.
They had a long brawl filled with "POW" and "KAPOW'S" and even "BOOF"! After a long hard battle Dr. Ceaser retreated to his hideout to plan his next attack!
Kaptin Kill Recived the Medal of Honer for saving the President! Kap retreated to tell Dr. Jane and Elmer about it. From this moment on Kaptin kill and Dr. Ceaser shall become

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