Something went wrong...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

as a teenager Sam finds herself in a world different from others. she learns secrets like no other person can.

Love, hate, friendship, enemies, war. vampires werewolves demons and even angels. many things mix together, and she finds herself lost...

what went wrong? what is she?

why did she end up in this mess?

Table of Contents

Something went wrong...

as a teenager Sam(Samantha) finds herself in a world different from others. she learns secrets like no other person can.

Love, hate, friendship, enemies, war. vampires werewolves demons and even angels. many things mix together, and she finds herself lost...

what went wrong? what is she?
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the moving

Well after the huge yelling for breaking Briannas nose and kicking the crap out of Gavin I still went to practice. Hey. I like volley. A... Read Chapter

damiens POV

Damiens POV “There she is” Harold said pointing to a crowd from the window of the car. “Samantha Rose Hale” As I looked ... Read Chapter

the first day

I woke up with a start as my phone began to ring. I didn’t want to wake up. I was so tired. I snuggled into my blanket realizing i... Read Chapter

the party and more

Sam goes to party with Dawn... unexpected things happen tho...

maria helps
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What a night

Why? Why can't i have a good sleep at least once? Since I had that fight Monday i couldn't get in my pajamas and fall asleep in my bed... Read Chapter

grounded? no way. the secret

"Aw man, this is't fair" i heard someone from far away "He got all the good chicks again" He moaned, ahh this was Justin. i heard them co... Read Chapter

let's get you a dress

I woke up at the sound of my alarm going off. My head hurts, and it's not just form the hangover. I went in the bathroom to take a hot sh... Read Chapter

you live here? strawberry daiquiri

Everyone got ready by 5 so we could finally get into the car and go to the so called party. Harold was dressed formally in a dark three-p... Read Chapter

the garden. Duncan

"So how's your night so far?" Dan smiled "Good. Pretty good. but I'm getting tired..." i smiled sighting. When we finished dancing... Read Chapter

what a great afternoon

Next day i woke up felling...hungry. Damn, i was starving. My stomach growled several times just as i pushed the covers off of me, but th... Read Chapter

the carnival

"I'm looking for her" he said with a smile on his face getting up from the hood of the car and pulling me into him and kissing me "Hey ba... Read Chapter


Friday was... to say the least, tiring... I went to school, then after a long and painful basketball practice i went to Broken Wings. The... Read Chapter

the game

“Where are you going?” Justin asked as he saw Damien rush down from the meeting and running down to his car, throwing the black ... Read Chapter


“So you’re here for 10 days? Are you kidding me?” I asked in awe as we sat in the pizza place after the game with everyone. I ... Read Chapter

getting ready

...........Waking up to the alarm clock in the afternoon was tiring. We moved in an extremely slow mode and we barely moved. After w... Read Chapter


"What took you so long?" Dawn shrieked when i finally went up to her room. "Nice to see you too" i smiled hugging her "Now where... Read Chapter


............ It was already Wednesday afternoon. The week passed by so quickly since Lucas arrived. Every afternoon was fun and ... Read Chapter


...."Oh My God?!?! What the hell happened to you? Dawn asked running up to me in the supermarket just as i put the last things in. ... Read Chapter

at the lake. We won't brake the habit

"Yeah, i'm fine" i said pulling away from him and going in the kitchen. He came after me getting a drink for himself. Of course the ... Read Chapter

like a wet dog

The weekend at the lake was so amazing. We made many photos and even more good memories, but it all had to end, leaving us on the airport... Read Chapter

duck duck goose

"Hey dude, why are you grinning like an idiot?" Justin laughed at Damien when he got out of his car "Oh nothing, just playing... Read Chapter

you're not my sister

I woke up in the morning with a start. It was that stupid nightmare again. I didn't see more then vivid yellow eyes. Not the gol... Read Chapter

You heard me

I slowly turned from my back on my stomach, first on all four, then slowly pushing me off of the floor. "What?" i choked out h... Read Chapter


Beep. Beep. Beep….     The oh so familiar sound we always hear in a movie where something bad happened.  ... Read Chapter


?I slept through Sunday, and tiredly, numbly went to school on Monday morning. When I woke up, Damien wasn’t there, but he called to te... Read Chapter


“Duncan!” I smiled. “What are you doing here?” He smiled at me, his eyes twinkling with mischief. “Hey. I came down her... Read Chapter

it wasn't supposed to be pink

“Are you ready yet?” Damien yelled through the door I was standing in front of the mirror looking at myself. Never, EVER in m... Read Chapter

carnival of rust

“Why are you so red?” Maria asked as we walked through the door “Did something happen?” “No!” I said way too fast, blushi... Read Chapter

ice cream

“You smell like a-“ “Dog?” I interrupted Damien as I sat in the car. Soon after Mitch left me, I finally pulled myself togeth... Read Chapter

lousy brother

“Hello?” i said flipping my phone open “Hey baby” “Oh, don’t you baby me. We didn’t talk for weeks. What do you wan... Read Chapter


“Hey,” I said looking out the window “Is the pool heated?” I asked tilting my head to one side “Yeah, why you ask?” Damie... Read Chapter


“What the fuck?!?” I said to myself when I went back in to get some drinks with Dawn Michelle was walking out of the office with ... Read Chapter


“What the hell” I exclaimed when we got to the event I just got out of the Bentley when I saw that we were at a huge castle like ... Read Chapter


I wanted to scream for dear life, but no sound came from my throat. I closed my eyes and waited for the impact, waiting for my l... Read Chapter


Beep Beep Beep ..Oh man, not again I brought my hand to my face , and slowly opened my eyes, seeing an unfamiliar hospita... Read Chapter


For the next week I have felt horrible. I couldn’t sleep properly. Eventually eat properly. The nightmare started to become a d... Read Chapter


I was just walking down the street from Broken Wings to meet Aiden in an hour or so when I saw a familiar figure walking toward me ... Read Chapter

damien's pov

Damien’s pov “Stop” “No” she moaned “Stop!” “No” she moaned kissing my neck “Fuck off already Mic... Read Chapter

what's happening?

Argh. My head. What’s happening? I tried to remember what happened to me, but everything was hazy. I was dizzy, and my head hur... Read Chapter


As he stood there, fear filled my body. No. NO! My body felt weird. It felt like thousands of needles pierced my skin every second ... Read Chapter

justin's pov

Justin’s pov “What the fuck?!” I exclaimed as I got to the alley Tyler was telling me about “Help me” I man cried. Not ... Read Chapter

the past

Someone. Someone please help me Please Please Please… “Sam” I heard a voice “Oh Sam” I looked around to... Read Chapter

they're coming

“What…?” I whispered slowly bringing my hand up to my face. My fingers slowly touched my cheeks, and I felt the warm liquid. The fa... Read Chapter

the start of something and the end of something else

Something’s hapening. I could feel the cold blood gushing from my wounds, the blood droplets rolling down my cheeks. I just smiled a... Read Chapter

let it end

My body is numb. I can’t even feel the pain anymore. It’s all over. As i lifted my head and looked around, i only saw blo... Read Chapter

save her

Ethel’s POV „Vampires!” someone yelled coming towards the castle „Where are they?” Lewis asked not even turnin... Read Chapter

Lewis's POV

Lewis’s POV I’ve been running around for quite some time now. It started snowing hard, covering every footprint and every tra... Read Chapter

what's going on?

…I was running again. Running, but this time not from something, but rather to find something, someone. I was running after someone, ... Read Chapter

Red beanie and scarf

“You’re insane” Damien said after he slammed his fist on the small wooden coffee table in front of him that immediately c... Read Chapter


Opening my eyes I met the dull darkness of the night that only the moon and stars could lightly light up. Snow fell covering ... Read Chapter

the decision

The wind outside was blowing and the sun was just coming up. That's when Lewis came to the room to check up on me, but when seeing i was ... Read Chapter

the place in my dreams

It was December and all the Christmas decorations were up in the city, however, Damien was still not in the spirit. Justin ran past a sho... Read Chapter

The feeling

  Chapter 54   Have you ever felt the rain? I mean, not just the feeling of getting wet, but just sitting in the ra... Read Chapter