Take Me Away Episode 1

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'Take Me Away' is a teen drama that I am currently in the process of writing. This series is written in episodes, and the episodes are written by seasons. I hope you enjoy! (:

Submitted: April 28, 2012

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Submitted: April 28, 2012



(Scene 1)

Deni: You promise to love me forever?
Caleb: Until the end of God.
Deni: But... that's forever!
Caleb: Because I love you.
-Deni and Caleb kiss.-
-Enter Jessica.-
Jessica: Well, well, well.
Deni: -scared- Jessica! What are you doing?!
Jessica: Bad idea to be out with Caleb at this time, Deni.
Deni: What do you mean?
Jessica: You know.
-Jessica scrutinizes Deni.-
Deni: -nervously- No...
Caleb: Leave Deni alone, Jess!
Jess: I will make your lives and relationship a living hell!
Deni: But why?
-Jessica exits while Deni says 'But Why?'-
Deni: Caleb... What will we do?

(Scene 2-The Next Day)
[Scenario: Jessica is sitting at a table at a small cafe.]
Jessica: -sighs- At least I still have James.
-Enter James.-
James: Jess?
-Jessica jumps out of her chair.-
Jessica: -excitedly- James!
James: We need to talk. NOW.
-Enter Deni.-
-Deni walks by and sees Jessica and James.-
Jessica: Fine. Talk, then.
-Deni walks away, deciding to ignore them.-
James: Jess, I'm breaking up with you.
Jessica: -surprised, in tears- Wha... why?!
James: Because you're blunt, and only care about yourself. I can't take it anymore.
Jessica: But... I care about you!
James: -sternly- No, you don't. We're through.
Jessica: -angrily- Fine! I want nothing to do with you!
James: Fine with me... Plus...
-Enter Elijah.-
Elijah: We all know what you said to Deni.

(Scene 3-Hours later, Deni's house.)
[Scenario: Deni is laying in bed, and she hears a knock on her door.]
Deni: -stands up-
Deni: Come in!
-Enter Elijah-
Elijah: Deni?
Deni: Eli! How nice to see you!
Elijah: Deni, I need to tell you this...
Deni: Of course, Eli. What is it?
Elijah: -confidently- I love you, Deni. A lot.
-Deni shockingly stares into Elijah's eyes.-
Deni: -calmly- Honestly, Eli... I love you too.
-Elijah smiles.-
Deni: Eli, let me tell you about my life.
-Elijah winks at Deni.-
Elijah: Deni, you know I'd listen until the end.
Deni: Love complications and boy problems seems to run in the females of my family. And also abuse...
Elijah: I don't care about that, Deni! I love you, no matter what your life was like!
Deni: I was sexually abused, Eli!
-Deni cries.-
-Elijah gets closer to Deni, and puts his arm around her.-
Elijah: I'm so sorry... Who did that to you?!
Deni: ...My father...

-End of Take Me Away #1-

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