Alone (inspired by M. Eminescu)

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A poem inspired, in turn, by another poem by Mihail Eminescu - the first line is his, the rest is mine. A poem about love.

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012




Alone I am today, and lonely by the fire
My life completely empty without your desire
To think I once had you, amidst my arms yourself
My hands around your body, my lips within yours delve ...
The past alights my time as I watch it divide
The lonely hours' tide without you by my side ...
A sigh escapes your lips as you then me remind
Never to start to love your soul, your looks, your mind ...
For you don't think you're worthy of such eternal love
You look down coldly on me from high on, up above
And then a bitter laugh escapes your wounded soul ...
I wish you would just know I love you evermore ...
But that you won't accept, for life has made you hard
You only speak to me if you are ever en garde ...
And so our life's time passes, our hours trickle down
Old Father Kronos' timewatch, until we're old and drown
Into th'eternal ocean, our love forever doomed
Never to be once tasted, much less e'er consummed ...
I wish you'd understand we are but temporary
A fleeting flight of fancy, and then to the mortuary ...
So call and kiss me now, 'afore I'm dust and bones
I pick up now my fiddle, and play, in hushed tones
The story of our love, the memory of you ...
The thoughts about just scatter, the dance begins anew.
And still you ain't written, and still you ain't called
My body is quite slowly starting to gather mould
As I forever waiting retain my purity
I give to no one other that which I'd have to give
I've turned down Max and Sarah, Irene and others too
In case I ever heard some news just about you ...
And what do I then hear? That you have gotten married!
That in his arms another did you to his bed carry …
Ah well, that's not the problem ... I love you ever more
No matter just how oft you do betray my soul
The problem, I think, is that you think that I'm mad
That I'm a crazy bastard, that all that we have had
Have been hallucinations of a disturbed mind
Forgetting that you too were of the same design
That you have told me clearly you looked for "sanity"
Against what your heart told you when you had hugged me.
Ah well, why do I bother? You'll never call me back ...
This is just how life goes, it's just my rotten luck
That I should fall in love with someone just like you ...
So beautiful and kind, and smart, sensitive, too.
I still await your call, oh princess of the night
Please hurry up, my darling, before I lose my light
The one that does pulsate, as one might just expect,
Between my eyes but golden, your beauty to reflect.
For faith and hope and love, those three are last to go
Oh hear my cosmic cry, and call and say hello ...

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