Spare Time

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Sarah thought she knew Zach better than herself. That was before he started acting strange and missing school,and doing things he normally wouldn't...

Chapter1 (v.1) - Spare Time

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Sarah thought she knew Zach better than herself. That was before he started acting strange and missing school,and doing things he normally wouldn't...

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Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 18, 2013



Chapter 1:

I walked further down the street looking for him, but it had already been twenty minutes. My guess was that he forgot. He had promised that at one o’clock sharp he would be here. He’s not. I guess I’ll just call home. I thought to myself. I turned around and walked four steps when I heard someone yell, “Where are you going? I’m not that late am I?” I spun around to see Zach with his head stuck out of his mom’s 2010 minivan.

“Where were you?!” I jogged to where he was.

“Sorry.” He said bluntly. I gave him a look.

“Well you don’t seem very much like it.” I said as I climbed into the front seat.

“I am really. I got caught up at work.”

“Well I’ve been standing here in the cold waiting.”

“Hey, I said sorry! So anyway, how was it?” Zach said, quickly changing the subject to me.

“It was pretty good. Now I have to see if I have the time for it. They pretty much gave me the work.” I had just been at a dog pound looking for volunteer work. I looked at my volunteer form. Sarah Gibson. Volunteer form for 10-19-2012. I pulled my phone out of my bag and checked for messages. “How was your day at work, considering you were late, it must have been pretty exciting?” Zach is my guy best friend. We’re super close, even though he’s two years older. We often are mistaken for brother and sister, but I don’t think we look anything alike. We’ve never dated, but he’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a real boyfriend. I’m a sophomore and he’s a senior, so after this year, it’s off to college, and I’ll be all alone.

“It was OK, but an old lady came in to buy some paint, and didn’t have enough money, she was only about 2 dollars short. My dad wouldn’t let me pay for her, so I had to decline her purchase and make her leave. I felt terrible.”

“Aw! Poor thing! Your dad can sometimes be mean, but that’s a new low. I know you’re tight on money, but 2 dollars?”

“Yea, I know. So, do you want to grab some lunch on the way home?” Zach said quickly changing the subject again.

“If you don’t mind. That would be great.”

“Sure!” Zach kept talking as he made a right at the stop sign and looked out the window.

“Zach, look where you’re driving. I’d like to make it home alive.”

“Sorry. Where do you want to go to eat?”

“Just wherever is on the way.”

“So, tomorrow you want to go to the mall or something? My dad is letting me have the day off.” He said.

“I’ll see. It depends on if I feel like getting up just for you.” I said, playfully pushing his arm. He laughed.

“OK. Well text me about it.” We got some sandwiches from Subway and decided to eat in. We got up to leave and as we were walking out of the door, I noticed Zach was rubbing his teeth with his tongue, something he does when he’s paranoid or nervous or upset about something.

“Are you OK?”

“What? Oh, yea I’m fine.” He said quickly looking away. We got in the car and I turned on the radio. We drove home pretty much in silence besides the music. I live more out of the city limits than in them, so the fastest home is the interstate. We got on and sped up. I looked up and saw a small Toyota driving in our lane behind us, going super-fast, and didn’t show signs of slowing down to pass us.

“Zach!!! Watch out!” He tried to stop and swerved to miss the car, and but he swerved to the right and sped into the median. The white car hit our tail end, pushing us farther into the grass. Everything finally stopped moving. I looked up to see the little Toyota car driving away speeding up more and more. Did they even see what happened? Hopefully they don’t hit anyone else. I looked over at Zach who had his hands wrapped around the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles were white. He was breathing really hard as he looked at me, and his mouth fell open.

“Sarah?” I looked down to see my lap filled with blood, and my arm filled with cuts and bent in a strange way. That’s when we heard the ambulance.


Doctor Zambolli to room 330, Doctor Zambolli to room 330. The pager was the first thing I heard when I woke up. I looked around my room to see Zach in the chair looking down. “What happened?” Zach looked up. His eyes were red and his face was tear-streaked.

“We, um, we got in a wreck.” Zach’s voice was hoarse, almost gone, like he had been yelling. “Your arm was sprained or something, not too bad, and its fine now, but you had glass in your eye, and it needed surgery to get it out.” I looked in the mirror. I had an eye patch over my eye.

“When can I take this off?”

“The doctor said to change it about every four hours. It’s only been about one since we changed it last.” Four hours?

“How long have I been asleep?”

“Well, we got in the wreck at 2:30, and it’s 9:00 now, so you were asleep for about seven hours.”

“Are you OK? Where are my parents?” I said noticing we were alone in the room. “They went down to the cafeteria for some dinner a little while ago. Then your dad was going to go home and get clothes for your mom.”

“Oh…OK. Well are you OK? Do you know anything about the car that hit us?” I said hoping they found him and put him in jail; or give him some tickets at least.

“Yea I’m fine. My arm is just a little bruised up. The other car, well the person that hit us was fine I guess. The police said they’re going to try and find the person, but because we were on the interstate, it’s a small chance it’ll happen because they don’t know where he was going.” Zach started rubbing his teeth again.

“Well, they’ll find him, and he can pay to fix your car!” Zach looked away and I saw some tears start to fall. “Hey. Hey, this isn’t your fault. You know that right?” I said after I noticed Zach’s distress.

“I guess so. I just feel like if I had been on time picking you up, we wouldn’t have been on the interstate at that time and we would be at home right now.”

“No, no! It was the white car! They were speeding! There was no way it was because of you! We weren’t doing anything wrong.” I all of the sudden got really tired.

“You don’t know why though. I didn’t tell you why I was really late.” I looked at him in confusion. My eyes got heavy and I slipped back into sleep.


The next day I woke up with sun streaming into the room. I had waked up no less than eight times during the night. I looked over to see my mom on the chair, asleep. I looked in the mirror to see my eye patch still on. I moved around trying to find the remote. My mom woke up and looked at me. “Are you OK?”

“I’m fine. I’m just looking for the remote.” I pulled it up from under the pillow. “Where are dad and Zach?”

“Dad is at home and I guess Zach went back to his house.”

“What if the police can’t find the car? How is Zach’s family going to pay for the car?”

“I’m not sure, but they know if they need us, we’re here.” I let it all sink in. That one car that was going a million over the speed limit for whatever reason, caused all of this, and they’re fine! It’s not fair.

© Copyright 2016 musicjoy98. All rights reserved.

Spare Time Spare Time

Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction



Sarah thought she knew Zach better than herself. That was before he started acting strange and missing school,and doing things he normally wouldn't...

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