Finding A Troubled Path

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A very short story about a young woman who tries to find her way.

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013




Once upon a time at summer camp, there was one story that I heard that greatly affected me.

Now kids, once in your life (maybe more if you’re lucky) there will be one story that will change your aspect of the world. When I heard my story I was 17, free as a bird, nothing tying me down. But this story made me realize that life is more special than people thought.

My tale was filled with courage, dangerous choices with consequences, and folks who did not find their happily ever after. But that was ok for them, for their happily ever after was too far-fetched to happen.

But that should not scare you.


Once upon a town, there lived a girl of around eighteen who had a problem. Her issue was that she literally had good and evil fight inside her every day. The girl’s name was Alayna and she had multiple personality disorder. Although there were no doctors to diagnose it, it was true. Whenever her feelings ran too high, her other side “April”, as she demanded to be called, showed its face. Alayna could do nothing to prevent it.

One day, without warning, Alayna’s older brother by 2 years disappeared. In 1883, there was very little anyone could do to try and find him. But Alayna knew in her heart that something was wrong and was about to set out when the unthinkable happened.

Her heart turned on itself, and

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