eyes that peirce

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eyes full of hatred, disgust, annoyance, anger, and pity. eyes that peirce and burn. eyes that cannot lie. the story of how a parniod girl is seen by the people around her.

Submitted: September 02, 2012

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Submitted: September 02, 2012




-eyes full of hatred-

they scream at me

"why are you still here?"

they make me wonder

am i really needed here?

make me think

if I'm only here to be looked at

by those hateful eyes


why am i still here?

-eyes of disgust-

"liar are you even human?"

was i seen through?

did they see through my innocent mask?

even though they are just like me

do they hate me?


"shut up already"

am i reading into it too much?

maybe these are the delusions

of a paranoid person

paranoid like me


"get away from me"


why do you look at me with those eyes

eyes that pierce

eyes that burn

and set fire to me delusions of friendship and happiness

eyes that tear holes through my very being

eyes that wont go away


"how sad"

who are you too judge

what is pitiful

and what is not?


"don't look at me"

why do you try to hide

when you really want

the pity of others?

why do you feign innocence

and try to hide?


these are the eyes

the eyes  that burn and pierce

the eyes

that i realize,

hate me

for being me

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