The Unpredictable Life

The Unpredictable Life The Unpredictable Life

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Two girls think they have a regular normal life. Parents are gone and they live with their aunt. One girl was raised into the family she looks nothing alike, her friend, and the grown up that is raising her. Does Alex have a past that she doesn’t tell anybody and for what reason? The boys have the same problem. Jake and Eric go to school like every other guy at the school. The girls stare at them every day. Are they Familiar? Or are they seeing things? Do the boys hide things? The Ending will leave you breathless... They are running from someone. Someone very dangerous!
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Two girls think they have a regular normal life. Parents are gone and they live with their aunt. One girl was raised into the family she looks nothing alike, her friend, and the grown up that is raising her. Does Alex have a past that she doesn’t tell anybody and for what reason? The boys have the same problem. Jake and Eric go to school like every other guy at the school. The girls stare at them every day. Are they Familiar? Or are they seeing things? Do the boys hide things? The Ending will leave you breathless... They are running from someone. Someone very dangerous!

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Unpredictable Life

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Two girls think they have a regular normal life. Parents are gone and they live with their aunt. One girl was raised into the family she looks nothing alike, her friend, and the grown up that is raising her. Does Alex have a past that she doesn’t tell anybody and for what reason? The boys have the same problem. Jake and Eric go to school like every other guy at the school. The girls stare at them every day. Are they Familiar? Or are they seeing things? Do the boys hide things? The Ending will leave you breathless... They are running from someone. Someone very dangerous!

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Three Years Ago

Dear Diary,

People are crazy; they would do anything to get into a club. Trust me, I know. I am one of those people, both me and Alex are. We went in my aunt’s car with our cousin; our mom shipped us out for the summer. She didn’t want us around anymore. Every time she would yell at Alex and me for not being cautious. We were too rowdy, too loud, etc. We weren’t sure what she was talking about because we were only early fourteen age and we never understood things very well. She never told us anything really, she just said that the world is a dangerous place. Alex and I are in ninth grade. We don’t have much common sense. Our cousin is trying to get us fake ids so we can go into a club. As much as I want to, I have a bad feeling about it. Alex is totally against it and well, our cousin’s mom . . . doesn’t know a thing about it. I’m just afraid we will get caught even though we look really mature for our age. Who knows maybe we will get lucky and meet some guys there? I just hope we don’t get caught. That’s what we are really afraid of.  The club is just two blocks around the neighborhood where she lives. It’s called the Midnight Wing.  People stay there past midnight all the time. Tomorrow is the big day! I can’t wait to go to the club and have some real fun. Wish us luck! Madri! <3


They got their fake ids and started to head down to walk to the club. On the Side walk they saw a group of guys across from them staring at them from across the street. Alex kept looking at them in a suspicious way.

Madri tried to ignore them too but it was impossible. The guys looked much older than fourteen. They looked as if they were in their twenties maybe. They had on white shirts and jeans with a stud black belt. They were walking like they owned the place. One had chocolate brown hair and he kept eyeing Alex. The blond kept eyeing Madri. Of course that left the other guy eyeing their cousin. He had long, greasy red hair. They looked like a gangster group. The guys had a bad boy attitude when they walked like they owned every single path here in Washington State. The older guys had finally gotten one of the girl’s attentions.

“Hey!  Want to come join us hot mama!”

Alex just ignored them, or tried too at least. How could she though when they were walking up to her? She got all flustered and nervous.  “Um guys! I think we should run.” Alex whispered to her cousin and sister. They did! They all ran as fast as she could, not once stopping. Alex wasn’t fast enough, her cousin and Madri might’ve been used to this but she wasn’t. She tried to catch up to the girls but the chocolate brown hair guy got her and started pulling her from the girls. He did stuff that a twenty two year old guy should not do to a fourteen year old girl. She lay cold in the road that night. Madri and her cousin ran thinking that Alex was behind them. When they got to the club she wasn’t.

“Maybe she just got scared and went back its fine.” Madri said running out of air.

“Yeah probably, she’s a wimp.” Her cousin said a rude comment that she couldn’t believe it came out of her mouth.

A little boy came down the sidewalk and noticed someone on the ground. It was Alex from his math class; he wondered how she got here. Alex looked up and saw that the boy above her was Brian. He was her hero that night.


Chapter One

Three years later

Alex got her stuff packed and ready. She was all set to go back to school with Madri. They were Seventeen, young and naive. It was also their first day of Junior high school.

Here we go! Junior year I’ve heard, is always full of drama. I wish high school would be as simple as flicking a wand.

Alex was franticly looking for a tampon but couldn’t find one in a single cabinet. She was really mad because of course; it had to have happened on the first day of school.

“Damn it!” Alex yelled and Madri over heard.

“What?”  She entered the room. She could tell her sister got her period. She held a tampon out in front of Alex. “You’re so lucky I had one on me, otherwise you would be screwed.”

“Thanks, but do you always have to hack into my thoughts?” She said very annoyed but thankful.

“What can I say? I’m known for that. You should know me by now Alex.” She said slyly as she walked out of the room and had a grin on her face. “Now come on! We’re going to be late if you don’t hurry your butt into my car! Remember if you want a car you are going to have to—” She yelled from outside.

“I know I know prove to mom. Okay okay, I’m coming, God!” They got in their mother’s car and drove off to their first day of high school.?

Chapter Two

Alex rested her feet on the dashboard while Madri sat in the back as her mom drove the two of them to Water Bay High. They stopped at McDonalds for breakfast on the way, because they had woken up late for school. That was really rare for them because, they are normally early risers. Their alarm clock didn’t wake them up this morning at seven a.m. when they wanted it to. In the car they were blasting music on volume thirty-five or more. It was getting on Alex’s nerves because, it had hurt her ears. Madri would not turn down the volume even if her life depended on it. Music was her life! If someone took that away from her she would be really angry.

They got to Water Bay High School finally after all the bus traffic. They got out of the car and headed to their locker. The hallways were so crowded that one person could only fit though to get to the classrooms. The kids in the hallway were fooling around like they were still in seventh grade. This school blew Alex’s mind! She thought this school was so mature, nice and caring. She was dead wrong. One guy got her eye wearing a lime green shirt and jeans. He was slamming and cursing at his locker over and over because it kept popping open and wouldn’t shut. She tried to ignore the people and got to her locker after fighting here way through the group in the hallway.

“Next time, don’t put your feet on my dashboard!” Madri said coldly to her sister. Alex just rolled her eyes.

“Whatever.” She said as she saw Lindsey just three lockers down from hers. She went to go talk to her. They were talking about the weird kids that go to this school and how neither she nor Lindsey expected it to be like this. She looked around the corner and saw a familiar face in a group that didn’t act immature. They were all boys in the group across the lockers around the corner. One looked awfully familiar with is black hair, white shirt, and denim jeans. She spotted another guy which looked HOT! He stood out to her like a sore thumb, probably because he was wearing blue. Blue was her birthstone and her favorite color.  She hadn’t realized that she zoned out on Lindsey.

“Yah?” Alex said still mesmerized by both guys. One she could’ve saw before like she saw him in elementary past or something. “Hey, uh... Lindsey? Who is that in the white shirt and denim shorts over there?”

“Oh! Let me introduce you guys he is a sweetheart! Him and my boyfriend! Not like the other people in the clique. Lindsey started to lead Alex towards the group of people pushing her way through the hallway of the other idiots in this school.

“HEY bad asses?!” They all got quiet and looked at Lindsey annoyed. “Can I talk to the quarterback alone please? Even you sweetie, sorry” She pointed in the direction of the cafeteria and shooed them all away. They all understood and left her to talk with him.  They all left except for Lindsey’s boyfriend.

“Eric, Come on! I’m not playing.”

“Okay, gosh! I’m leaving.” He quickly kissed her and walked away.

Well, that ruined my chances. After all he was going out with a cheerleader.

“Hey, Alex meet Jake, Jake . . . this is—” Jake cut her off,

“I know,” he smiled, “I know who she is Lindsey.”

“Um . . . Okay, do you guys know each other?”

He giggled, “You could say that.”

“Okay, well, I’ll let you two talk then . . . I guess,” she walked away.

Okay, how could he know me? I mean, he does have a familiar face but even if we did know each other, how could he even remember who I am?

“So, how’ve ya been Alex?” Jake said, as he leaned with his bad boy attitude against the locker.

“Good??” She seemed shy. She looked up in his eyes and realized who he was, although she wasn’t too sure. The whole thing threw her off. I mean she could’ve sworn she had seen this guy before. He was kinda hot to her.

“You don’t remember do you?”

“Oh . . . I remember all right.”  Alex said nervous.

Oh yeah that’s right. Great! I ran into my very first crush from Woodsparks Elementary School.

“Huh? . . . ” Jake sounded confused.

“Uh, never mind I think I know but I don’t want to make a fool of myself.”

Too late for that Alex! Greaattt!!

“Who said I would care? I’m Jake by the way.”

Oh! He was smooth. I bet he’s never made a fool of himself in front of people like she did.

“Uhh . . . insecurness  makes me nervous I guess.” She shifted to the other leg and smiled. “Okay, well then Jake, if you know me so well then what’s my favorite color?”

“Blue. You know you can shoot the questions all you want. I’ll have all the answers to them.” He smiled at her. She continues anyway.

“What’s my last name and when did I move here?”

“Smith and you came in this town in the second grade.”

Town! How did he know I lived in another town before? Uh-oh cover blown! Great, I really need to watch what comes out of my mouth more often.

She shut her eyes, wondering how in the world he would know about that.

“Alex,” he continued, “I was your best friend, remember now?”

“OH MY GOOOOOOOOD!” she just realized, “Barnes! You’re name is Jacob Barnes!”

“Yeah . . .?” she jumped in to hug him. Surprisingly, he didn’t pull her away. I guess he missed her secretly too, with no one knowing a thing.


Chapter Three

“Alex! What’s with you? You never used to be this before?”

“Never used to be what?” She said as they returned from the very long hug.

“Well . . . this!” He said pointing up and down to her outfit. She was wearing a purple tank top that showed her stomach and a gold skirt with black boots.

“Well I guess people change in junior year.” She said trying to focus on the conversation but got distracted at a guy in the corner of the cafeteria window.  

“Alex?” Jake said trying to get her attention. “What are you . . .” It just hit him then of whom she was zoning out at.

“Nothing sorry, I can’t believe it’s you Jake! I can’t believe it’s been this long.”

“So? Got your eye on the linebacker I see huh?” He changed the subject so quick. He wanted the dirt! That’s what he was always known for, and wanting to know every single detail.

“What?! NO! Puff, I mean . . . OH CRAP!” She stuttered so much Jake could tell she was lying and was afraid to admit it. She laughed.

“I see the way you look at him and don’t try to deny it.” He said smiling at her but making a point she didn’t want to admit. When she admitted things, it was bad. Alex rolled her eyes; maybe she should just give up on this whole fitting in thing. She wasn’t fooling anyone.

The bell rang for class and the bell rang at least four times with an announcement saying we should get to class on time.  Seriously! This school had waiting problems! When she waved goodbye to Jake and said she’ll see him later she hid a smile. There was something about him that made them become best friends in the first place, but she couldn’t place her finger on it. When she turned around she ran into the linebacker. What luck right?

“SORRY!” She said in a high squeaky voice and quickly walked passed him. Jake was secretly watching and started cracking up so hard he almost fell on the floor.

Alex took a seat in the back of the room. When class started she wasn’t paying attention and the teacher was talking to her.  “Alex can you tell me when the civil war took place?” Mr. Barnes had a serious look on him face. Alex shook her head. How could she be so stupid? She daydreamed about boys on her first day of school! “You need to pay attention in my class Miss Smith.” He said “So do you know the answer?”

“It’s 1861 to 1865 Mr. Barnes.” She turned back around behind her and saw it was Jake. He smiled at her and nodded when she mouthed a thank you. She felt so stupid! She embarrassed herself in class a lot! Good thing the linebacker wasn’t in this class. Jake was though, but she figured he’d be used to her doing that.

“Well at least someone was paying attention in my class. Thank you Jake.” Jake wasn’t though. He never paid attention, especially in U.S. History. Alex was so confused, why does he start now?

“Hey-” Before she could even talk to Jake she heard the stupid announcements again! She got called to the main office for something. It was probably her step-mom and Madri probably forgot her lunch or something. “Ugh! I’ll be right back!” She walked away cursing but mumbling it, at the same time.

Jake went to go meet with his football buddies. He started to smile about Alex. He didn’t realize how long he was gone from his best friend. He met up with his  so called brother at their table. Jake and Eric were talking about their day. Jake wanted to kill himself. He was hearing Eric talk and talk. It’s like he wouldn’t shut up. Eric paused for a moment and set his fork down from eating. He saw a girl look familiar at a table just across from them.

Eric went up to go talk to her and when he got to the table he saw her holding a picture of a girl and boy together with a happy seventh banner. He looked at the picture closely. Oh my god! It was him! He was in the picture with his best friend.

“I never told you this . . . but I’d rather be with you than my crazy step-dad any day.” Eric said as he sat down across from her.

“Who are you . . . ?” Eric gave her a look like she would know what he is getting at. She gasped

“Eric! Oh my . . . is that really you?” She got up and went around the table and hugged him so tightly. She couldn’t believe her eyes. I mean her best friend from elementary was standing right here in front of her. It was amazing. Nothing could ruin this moment here and now.

“Hey Eric! What are you doing over there?! Come back man! And bring some babes!”

Except for that “Yep, it’s really me and sorry about that” He locked eyes with Madri’s. “Jarred doesn’t know when to SHUT UP!” He shouted so loud Jake started to crack up.  “Come on, you can meet Jake.”

“Oh, uh . . . it’s okay. Uh I won’t really fit in anyway.” She would stick out like a sore thumb in that group She’s not about to embarrass herself I front of the quarterback.

“Come on you be fine, Trust me.”

“Fine, but the second I hear Jarred talk smack, I’m out ok?” Who was she kidding? She was already fitting in as it is. They walked over to the group and started laughing and talking the whole entire time. Not once did Madri’s gaze leave the quarterbacks.


?Chapter Four

Madri soon became close to the group.  So close that if they were girls, they might as well have a sleepover, but they were guys. Although, she would really love to get close to the quarterback.

The school parking lot was very crowded with millions of people. Madri was having trouble finding her royal blue bug. The car was so small it was like finding a crumb on the ground. Compared to all the other cars in the parking lot, hers was a notch down. She could never ever find this car, even if her life depended on it.

As she walked around the lot to find the small car, she felt the sun’s beating rays lay down on her head and sink through her scalp. It was over a hundred degrees outside Water Bay High School. Before she left for school she could’ve sworn the temperature would’ve been a lot cooler. For Washington State, their temperatures that they have been having were really high.

Finally after searching for twenty minutes, she found her car with her window broken. She was examining the window that must’ve been shattered into a million pieces until something caught her eye. She leaned forward even closer to find a piece of glass smaller than dice. She took it out of the window and found a finger print from dirty hands. Common sense then hit her hard, she looked around to see if anyone was watching her secretly. She looked back at her car wondering how it could’ve happened.

There were no other pieces of glass on the asphalt nor’ the driver’s seat of the car. She looked across the parking lot one more time, only to find a man with khaki pants and a white shirt sprinting across the parking lot. She chased after the man as fast as she could without slowing down or stopping, but the sun was incredibly hot. She didn’t get to him in time, but she did manage to see his blond hair. Everything around her started to spin. She saw double of everything, including a piece of cloth. Before Madri could think anymore, everything went black.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jake and some of his football players were outside under a canopy talking about Madri and her sister. Later in the conversation, Jake gets everyone’s attention.

“Hey guys.” Jake yells “Uh, I got to go . . .” The guys don’t mind and go back to talking about Madri and Alex as if Jake had never interrupted.

Jake walked across the school parking lot, still keeping his eyes on the victim on the ground. As he got closer with caution, he noticed the familiar black hair. It was Madri, the girl that they had been talking about just minutes before. He knelt down beside her and picked her up with no problem.  Looking at her face, it would’ve been perfect and gorgeous without the scrapes from the asphalt. Still in his arms, he carried her to his silver BMW. Struggling to open the backseat door, he got in and put her down laying diagonal.

He shook her gently to wake her up. Jake climbed out and opened the door t his passenger seat and retrieved from the glove box, homemade healing cream his grandmother made him from when he was a boy scout.

Madri groaned in pain. Her head was throbbing a mile a minute. She was starting to wake up from the opening of the glove box. Now she was beginning to see unfamiliar things.

Who’s car in my in? Who is this person and what does he want with me? Is this the burglar that hacked in my car after school today?

Jake comes out of the passenger side and goes around the car to the left side. He opens up the backseat door. He realizes that she’s awake because of her glistening hazel eyes darting back and forth in confusion.

“Hey good you’re okay, you’re alive! I was beginning to worry.” Flinching and springing up Madri looks back to see Jake, hiding a flirty smile through terrified eyes.

“Oh crap!” She puts her hand on her chest t feel her beating heart and relieved. “Oh, it’s only you.”

“Are you sure you’re ok?” Jake chuckled.

“You think?!” Madri said flipping out.

“Here” Jake said ducking under the roof of the car t sit in the seat beside her, dabbing gently on her face with the cream.


After a while of healing, they moved o the front seats of the car. He then took her to his car which wasn’t far.  They got out of Jake’s car, and he helped her get settled in her car. He then offers to bring her home so she can get her home safely. Jake examined the car before driving her home in it to make sure everything else is safe. He backs up the car and as he I backing up, he finds a white piece of cloth.

Jake gets out of the car, kneels down and picks it up and see’s that it has blood stains on it.

“What the hell . . .? He looks back at the car and see’s that Madri fell asleep. He wonders if the cloth he picked up is hers. He was getting super confused now and was even more curious than he was before.  Jake got back in the car and stole a glance at Madri, who was sleeping in the passenger seat. All he could think about was her lips, wondering, when he was going to make his first move with Madri.


Chapter Five

When school was over, Alex went outside to go find her sister’s royal blue bug. She searched and searched until she couldn’t stand the heat anymore. She heard a snap, she looked down hoping it wasn’t what she thought it was.


She walked all around the parking lot in the stupid heat. She wasn’t about to take another minute of it. She saw her boyfriend Brian heading her way. Brian snuck up behind her. He grabbed her and spun her around.

“Hey babe!”

“Hey Brian”

“You haven’t gone home yet? It’s almost five o’clock.”

“No, I’m looking for my sister now.”

“Oh, well I have to run so I’ll call you later.” He gave her a quick kiss and hopped in his Honda car. “Love you!”

Before she could say anything more he was off.

What a good boyfriend he was. Well, at least he didn’t notice my broken heel.

She walked up and down the parking lot one more time Madri’s car was not in sight. She saw Lindsey in her car ready to leave for school. She walked up the lot to her with a broken heel killing her every time she stepped.

“Lindsey, are you going home?”

“Yes I am”

“Can I have a ride?”

“No, sorry I’ve got to be home in twenty. My parents will kill me if I’m not.”

“But-” Before she could finish her sentence Lindsey drove off. Why is everybody ignoring  and avoiding her? What was she doing wrong?

When she turned around on one foot, she saw Eric standing right in front of his white truck. His arm was leaning on the pickup part of it.

“Need a lift huh?”

“Uh . . . thanks.”

“So uh…” Eric said obviously wondering what happened to Alex. “What happened to you?”

Alex wanted to say shut up, don’t look at me like that but she couldn’t no matter how hard she tried. She had been having at least the worst day at school before and after! Now the one day she didn’t want to see her crush she of course had to spend the rest of the car ride home with him.

“Um,” Alex’s voice was high “you know . . . I’ve just been having the most tragic day.”

Alex told Eric everything that happened. Okay, not everything exactly, mostly all of it though.

Eric chuckled “So, is this your house?” he pulls up a familiar driveway with a huge townhouse.

“Um. She looked down at her broken heel and smiled to herself. She then looked at him, completely forgetting about her smile and he prissy attitude. “Yeah that’s my house. Thanks”

“Anytime,” Eric said getting out of his car to help Alex out. They both walked up to the door and both secretly gazed into each other’s eyes.


The front door clicked open. They both jumped and waited for the slow opening door to show the person who was opening it. No one was there. The voice came first, it was Madri.

“Since when did you guys have a thing?” Madri asked surprised.

“Since you left me in the parking lot alone!” Alex said. Alex stopped and just realized what her respond was. What thing? We do not have a thing! Eric came in with another chuckle.

“Well anytime you need a ride call me.” He winked at her then turned and headed to his white pickup.

As Alex watched Eric leave to go to his car, she was telling herself don’t fall for him, but it was so hard she just couldn’t help it. Every time she looked in his eyes, it was like fireworks hit her.

“We do NOT have a thing.” Alex tried to convince her sister.

“Well, that normally doesn’t happen with him you know.”

“What doesn’t?”

“Him going after a girl like that.”

“Whatever.” she said smiling. “What happened to you anyway? Did someone trip you or something?” she changed the subject.

“No look it’s a long story. Someone tried to break into my car I tried to chase after them, next thing I know I’m sitting in the quarterback’s car. . . I think he has a BMW? I really don’t know what happened.”

“Whoa! Some first day for the both of us right?” Alex giggled.


They went inside and took turns in the shower. While Alex was waiting for Madri to get out she gathered her stuff. She went to her bedroom on the other side of her bed and got her pajamas and toothbrush. She banged on the wall through to the bathroom.

“Hurry up! I need to get in there!”

“Sorry you know us girls!” She laughed.

She heard her cell phone ring, it was Lindsey. She missed the call but was able to catch the voicemail left on her phone. She plugged in her password and waited for the right voicemail to come up. She had so many messages on here from Brian it wasn’t even funny. There was probably about twenty from him from over the years.

“Hey Alex, what’s up? Sorry I had to be the one to break the new to you, but Brian is no longer your boyfriend if you know what I’m saying. He cheated on you the other night. I tried to stop him. I really did, I kind of like him though so it was hard for me. Don’t get mad but, he cheated on you with me. I really didn’t mean to do that to you I’m so sorry. I hope that –”

She hung up before the message would finish. She was looking through her contacts. She went to a number of her friend and dialed. She knew his number by heart, but she wouldn’t dare to think right now. Her brain was cluttered.

She couldn’t stand the fact that he would do this to her! They’ve been going out since the seventh grade! All this has been hitting her so hard today. First, making a fool out of herself in front of her best friend. Second, not paying attention in class and Jake having to answer for her. Third, her heel broke. Fourth, spending time with her crush on her way home which she had no idea what to say to him, and now this! This day couldn’t get any worse. She should just give up on her life maybe forever.

Alex had a sign in her room saying DON’T ENTER OR ELSE! She had her head in her pillow crying muffling her sound so her sister couldn’t hear her. Her sister got out of the shower and she hopped in and went straight to her room with her lights turned off right after. She tried her friend again, and finally, after the fourth ring he picked up.


“Hey, sorry Alex, what’s up?” He said wondering why she would be calling at nine o’clock.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know who else to call. You’re like my only friend and-”

“Alex its okay, what happened?” She heard the wiriness in his voice.

“That Ass Brian that’s what happened. Sorry did I wake you?”

“Yeah, a little but its okay. Hang on . . .” he hung up the phone.

Greaattt! Now two more people hate me!

Jake left his house without Eric knowing. He drove up to Alex’s house and rang the doorbell. Madri was in bed reading so she was wearing her earplugs so she could probably drown out Alex singing in the shower. So that means Alex had to get the door. Maybe she wouldn’t have called him over here if Madri didn’t take an hour and a half freshening up.

Alex went up to get the door. She opened it and saw Jake was standing there. She did not expect him to stop over like this! They stopped and stared at each other for a moment. It felt like they both connected, it was a moment she would not want to have taken away.

“Oh god!” Jake came in and took her in his arms and comforted her. Like he just knew . . . she needed comforting. Alex rested her head on Jakes shoulder bawling her eyes out.

Alex looked so cute when she cried. It was like staring into a long lost puppy looking for somewhere to stay.  What! No! What was he thinking?! Does he like Alex . . .? No he couldn’t have, they are best friends and nothing more.

Alex realized she probably looked like an idiot! Crying on her best friends shoulder like there’s no tomorrow! He didn’t seem to care though. He just held her tightly with his broad muscled arms around her fragile body. This was the closest they’ve ever been.

It felt . . . different.

“It’s okay, shh, it’s okay. He’ll get what’s coming to him.” He whispered gently, softly, and sweetly in her ear. Her heart sank as he said that and she slowly started to calm herself down saying everything will be okay.

Will it though?

Will everything be okay like he says??


Chapter Six

Jake secretly brought her up to her room. He thought I would be hard, but he figured it was the door with the Do Not Enter Or Else sign.  He put her on the bed and covered her up. Jake looked at his watch, It was almost eleven o’clock. He hoped Eric hasn’t woken up and noticed Jakes disappearance.

Jake looked at Alex in her bed, She sighed and got comfortable. He could feel how much stress she was having for her first day of high school and felt bad leaving her like this. Jake kissed her on the forehead and was just about to walk out she stopped him. Alex could normally sense when Jake was not in the room. She wondered why. . .

Tonight he felt really close to her, like he was always there with her. They were closer than ever, and decided to stay with her. He looked around for a blanket and pillow to make a bed on the floor.

He couldn’t believe she wanted him to stay. He couldn’t believe that she called him to talk about this. If anything Jake thought if be Eric that she’d call. It was easy to tell that Eric liked her. She was the only girl in school that he never really talks too. At least it seemed like it too him.

As he hopped in the bed he made on the floor, he heard Alex talking in her sleep. It sounded like she was trying to push someone away from her. Jake tried to shake her gently without scaring her more. It took a couple of tries because she is a deep sleeper sometimes when she is really tired.  Jake didn’t blame her after the day she had today.

Alex was walking the streets to go to a club. She could’ve sworn she had seen those guys before. She kept staring at  them, wanting to know. She had to know where they were from. The guys kept looking over at her and staring. They were whispering about something. She couldn’t shake the feeling for being  scared. She tried to over hear them whispering but it was hopeless. It was like they were following her though, ever since she left her house with her sister and her cousin. She tried to warn the girls, but they didn’t listen the first time. She warned the girls again. This time. . .

They ran!

As fast as they could with no one stopping them. Alex got pulled back by one of the creepy guys. Madri and their cousin were up ahead more. He had yellow messed up teeth when he smiled at her. She tried to scream but nothing came out. Her words got trapped by another guy holding her mouth and nose.

She woke up gasping for air like someone was trying to keep her from breathing. She started breathing heavy, and her hand was on her heart in relieved, it was only a dream.

“Alex, are you okay?” Jake whispered trying to calm her down.

“I keep having. . . The same night keeps playing over and over in my head. . . I can’t get it out.” She cried

“Shh, it’s okay, tell me about it tomorrow.” He said trying to calm her down with his hand on her cheek wiping the tears that slid down her face, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to tell him what she had dreamed about, although, he did want to know how she met Brian. He grabbed his jacket and started to leave.

“Jake, do you mind if you can stay?” She said her eyes still watering.

“Sure” he smiled. He set his coat back on her desk chair and hopped in her bed. She cuddled up to him feeling his well muscled chest. He put his arm around her and let her get comfy. Within twenty minutes of talking she fell asleep, with not one bad dream in her head. It was clear as day in her mind, and it felt like he just took away all the negative stuff running through her brain.


Madri woke up from her phone ringing. She had her volume on extra high and forgot to turn it off when she went to bed.  She looked in her bed beside her pillow, her earplugs fell out!

Stupid things! I can never rely on these!

It was Eric . . . what did he want at this time of night? She picked up the phone.

“Hello?” Madri said into the phone. She heard people talking in the background. It sounded like Lindsey. Lindsey! Lindsey was over his house this late at night? Doesn’t their mom have rules in their house at all? I know our step-mom does.

She didn’t know what to do so she blasted a bullhorn into the cell phone to get Eric’s attention. Well not an actual bull horn, an app on her phone. He still didn’t hear it!


She just hung up the phone and went back to sleep until six a.m. came ringing on her clock. It was four-forty right now she figured she’d try and go back to sleep and get what she can. She turned off the light, put her earplugs in and went back to bed.


Alex woke up still to find Jake with her. He was still here? Surly he would’ve left by now? She would have thought he would leave while she fell asleep. Alex smiled at the thought of him still here. After she checked her phone, she snuggled up against her best friend’s chest. She inhaled deeply, she had received twenty calls from Brian Lewman. She swears he is going to get it one day. When she was closer to Jake she felt complete, like all the negative facts in her life faded. Brian felt totally different, and felt as if he only cared about one thing in the whole world. Himself . . .

What is it about Jake!! Damn! It’s like I can’t keep him from running through my head.  There’s something about him that sets me off guard! 

“Hey, good morning Alex. Did you sleep okay?” He said as he rubbed her back to make her feel better.

“Hmm . . .” She said as still in her daydream mode. “Oh, yes I did. Thank you for coming Jake.” Alex looked up into his big brown eyes. AMAZING! It was like he had that sparkle that set the fire inside of her. Alex never really paid attention to that before. Then, turned her head so she couldn’t see his beautiful eyes anymore. Alex hated getting sucked into pretty eyes, because there is no way out. It was like being trapped in the forest with a bear! You know what the ending will be. You know you’re going to get ate if you piss the bear off enough. With Jake, she knew she was going to want him sooner or later. Jake liked Madri, that would be a problem. OH! How she loved his big brown eyes. Couldn’t seem to escape them no matter how hard she tried. When he looked at her in the hallways at school, Alex could swear that they both feel like they connect. She wanted to be with him so bad. Too risky, she would like to try one day though.

Her biggest dream was to find that special guy that treats her right. No cheating, no beating, no swearing at her. The perfect guy! Which Brian Lewman was not. She felt stupid falling for Brian, It seems like he only felt sorry for her. Seemed like he didn’t love her. Jake was much better, she thinks he would be an awesome boyfriend for Madri!



Alex went downstairs to see what the loud thud was about. She didn’t realize that she didn’t want to get out of bed after the crazy day she has had. When she walked out of the room she saw that Madri was not in her bedroom. Probably went out, Alex went into the kitchen to get breakfast, when only to find Madri cleaning up the microwave.

“What happened?!” Alex said as she entered to kitchen. She walked around to see if anything was messed up anywhere.

“ I put my food in the microwave for too long.” Madri pointed to the microwave where her food had exploded in.

Stupid Directions!! I hate directions . . . It says three minutes! I put it in for three minutes and it explodes on me!?


“How long did you do it for Madri?”

“Three minutes which is what he stupid thing says!”

Alex shook her head and laughed. Her day begins. . .

“Alex, you know that yesterday was Thursday only right?” Alex looked at her weird.

“So, what’s your point?”

“Meaning we have school today. . .” Before Madri could say more Alex was rushing up the stairs.

“SHIT! Shit shit shit!” Alex said rushing up to her room to get ready. “I completely forgot!” Alex got ready as fast as she could, moving and throwing stuff around in her room.

“What is wrong dear?” Her mother came in saying having a curious look on her face as she leaned against the door.

“Not now mom!!” Alex said looking for her hair brush. “I’m busy!”  Her mom left, wanting to give Alex some down time. Alex slammed the door behind the mom and franticly started to get ready, except she didn’t have time to do one thing. . .


Madri wouldn’t drive her so she had to walk to school. She didn’t know why her mom wouldn’t let her drive! Madri drove. . . they’re the same age! It was really unfair, maybe she would change her mind? She thought she was a very well driver. Not that her mom would know that she got an A in drivers Education last year.  Madri was the first one out of her family to get in a car crash in sophomore year. It had made Alex mad that her own mother didn’t trust her to drive.

When Alex walked into the school she noticed everyone was staring at her. She thought she looked ok for someone who rushed to get to school.  Turns out she was still in her pink pajamas with blood hounds on them. She made her way to her first block history and sat in the first row. As class started she heard someone call her name in class.

“Alex, please tell me why you are in your pajamas?” Mr. Barnes had said from the bored yelling it that it got everyone’s attention.

“ Oh What! No!” Alex  yelled she had no idea that that’s what they were laughing at her for that!

“Detention for back sassing. Now talk to me after class back sassing is not used in this at a teacher.” He wrote her a pink slip and slapped it on her desk.

“But. . . Uh. . . WHY?”

“After class” He said as she leaned her head back wondering how in the world this could happen on her second day of school! She ended up dosing off again during class. Her mom would kill her! This was her first detention slip she’s ever gotten! How can you get one for cussing! Everybody cusses, well except her. What was going on with her lately?

The bell rang, she entered the hallway where she heard Jarred and the football group. Jarred was the loud obnoxious one, it was easy to spot him in the crowd. He was such a stupid kid and she hated his guys.

“Hey guys did you see the girl in class today?! She looked like a hobo!” Jarred whispered than laughed. Jake punched him in gut right after with his elbow.

“DUDE!” Jake yelled at him.

“What?! Why would you care Jake?”

“Go to hell!” Alex barged in yelling at Jarred.

“What did you just say to me?”

“I said. . .”

“No, I know what you said but. . .”

“You know what?!! You should learn not to be such a prick!” Alex said coldly and then turned the opposite way into the bathroom. She had to recover herself before her next class.

Jake comes into the girls bathroom to check on Alex even though it’s not very common for the quarterback to come check in the girls bathroom. She was in the big corner stall trying to calm herself from her day so far.

“Alex. . . Are you okay? Did anyone hurt you?” Jake said with a caring voice. There was clients in the bathroom for a few seconds before talking again. “Alex I know you’re under there. I can see you cute pajamas” Jake smiled to himself thinking who would make fun of her. She’s cute, in a funny way but not enough to be mean. Just enough to make a little joke out of that even she can laugh at.

“Oh man! I should’ve put my feet up.” Alex came out of the stall and looked at Jake. “This was supposed to be my special day since yesterday wasn’t too well.”

“ It wasn’t good yesterday?”

“No, it wasn’t and Jarred just made it worse.”

“Yeah sorry, he’s and ass,” Jake chuckled “we call him jack ass Jarred.”

“pfft! Yeah that’s a good nickname for him.” Right when Alex said that Lindsey walked in.

“Hey I need to. . .” Lindsey stopped and stared at Jake. “What are you doing in here do you realize this is the little girls room?! Right?”

Alex ignored that. “What are you doing here anyway?”

“I need to talk to you.”

“You can say whatever you need to say now”

“ Why! He’s here, he’ll here.” Alex didn’t respond.

“Fine, what happened with Brian and me. . .

“yeah right…” Alex said not wanting to hear another minute of it. She walked out of the bathroom. “See yah later Jake.” She smiled at him and then left to go to Algebra two. . . Here we go more drama.


Alex took a seat in the classroom Eric was across from her. Just her luck too, that is just what she needed. “Nice pajamas.” He said trying to make a joke out of it which obviously Alex didn’t get it.

“I’m not in the mood okay. Not having a good day so if you could not say that thanks.” Alex said embarrassed and aggravated. She turned to get her binder, this homework she had. Why was it always history class where she forgets assignments? It drove her nuts!! Every time it happened.

As class continues Alex zoned out and wondered why Jake had come into the girl’s bathroom to see if she was okay. I mean her of all people. While Alex was in the middle of her daydream the teacher made her jump by slapping a ruler on her desk to make her pay attention. Now she was paying attention. She felt so stupid for dosing off!

Madri was in English class and she was focusing on the boy two seats behind her. He was the quarterback she had talked with the group the other day. She was taking notes on her cell phone. She was focused in class when she got a text message from someone that said:

Want a Boyfriend? –Guy in back row

She thought it was Brian so she looked over at him. He shook his head and pointed to the left of him over at Jake while shaking his head. Jake waved at her and pointed to his phone. She replied “how’d you get my number?”

“Eric gave it to me”

“Oh. . . .” Okay he was going to be so dead at lunch after this class. She was going to track him down whatever the cost. Even if she has to put up with the stupid retarded Jarred.

“So? Do you want to go out?”

“Uh. . . I guess. You’re cute. :)” By the time she replied the teacher saw them texting on their phones! The teacher took the cell phones away until the end of class.

Lunch came around Madri went to Eric to talk to him. He was in for a surprise, she dodged all of the people in front of her and made her way to Eric talking to her sister at one of the tables. “You gave him my cell phone number!” she yelled “I’m going to kill you, why did you do that?”

“Uh. I have to go Alex.”

“No you’re not going anywhere.”

“Ok fine, I gave him you number.  You know you two like each other. I’m trying to help because none of you are doing anything about it.” Eric explained “I’m just trying to help out a best friend from second grade. I got to go see yah later babe.” He said to Alex as he walked away. Wait! Babe! Since when did they have a thing? Looks like Madri was worried about nothing between the quarterback and her sister.


?Chapter Seven

After school was done Alex had to go to detention. Stupid School!  She swore, one more year then Alex has had enough of this. She’ll be moving into collage, and she didn’t really know what she wanted to be yet. I mean she was a junior and she had no idea what’s so ever. Alex really needed to step up on her game. Maybe a doctor? A vet? She had no idea what to be when she wanted to grow up.

Alex decided to skip detention. She wanted to see what it would be like to skip every once in a while. She was walking down the hall she saw Brian. She was trying to move past him. She walked a little faster.

“Aren’t you suppose to be in detention babe?”

“Don’t call me babe!” Alex shouted at him “And I have better stuff to do than to sit and be quiet in a classroom.


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