A Day to remember

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we all have memories good ones and bad ones, but what happens when you dont want them?

Submitted: January 22, 2008

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Submitted: January 22, 2008



Mana looked up upon the sky in despair, 'three memories I've hated and never wanted but why cant I forget?' she asked herself in her head. Above her head millions of glittering stars peacefully rested as though the world was finally at peace, but that was not true, the three hated memories ran though Mana's head


Memory 1:

it was just after Mana's 4th birthday she was so happy cause she had finally gotten that 35 colour pencils pack from Nick her best friend, she was so happy life couldn't possibly get better. Until that afternoon, she was happily skipping down the lane surrounded by tall trees. She crossed the quiet road without a care cause she was so happy, big mistake! Just as she was crossing a huge truck driving at 40KM/hour came rushing down the road, straight at Mana, but before the truck had made impact a blinding flah pushed Mana to safety. Unfortunately the "flash" was her mother and the ear piecing scream was her mother slowly getting run over by the huge truck. Later that day the doctors announced that her mother at the age of 38 had died from that hit n' run.


Mana signed, ever since that day her father wasn't the same it was like there was a piece of his soul missing or a dark hole in his heart, he didnt smile ever again and for all she knew he's probaly in his room sulking right now. She didn't cry anymore her mother had been dead for 9 years which meant that Mana was now 13 years of age, and crying over someone who was dead for 9 years was kinda stupid in her mind. 'Still...' she though, but she shook the feeling away and concentrated on something like the second memory


Memory 2:

Mana was a young 10 year old, finishing school and heading home with Nick chatting away happily, although Nick wasnt talking much. "Hey Mana, Do you want to see something intresting?" Nick asked out of the blue. "Sure!" Mana answered still hyper, she soon followed Nick to a huge tree, "Wow!..." was all she could say. "Um... Mana? I need to talk to you, its important... Very..." his voice had trailed off. "Yes! What is it? Do you have a dog? Do you like someone? Huh! Huh! Tell me!" yelled the excited girl, "Its nothing like that... Mana the truth is...I'm moving away!" Nick suddenly blurted out. Silence lingered for a few seconds, the once hyper, bubbly, and happy girl had gone pale and became distressed. "No...no..." Mana started but couldnt finish her sentence "this is true, Mana in 2 days I'll be leaving for USA... I'm sorry" Nick replied, "NO!" Mana suddenly yelled, she aways had feelings for him but never had the nerve to tell him,she did what she could she ran all the way home. Her father didnt care he was sitting on the couch sulking all day and night, even at work, up the hall way and into her room she ran. 2 days later Nick left without a goodbye, just a note a simple note saying: Sorry


Mana laughs, 'I should have confessed to him, before he left' she thinks sadly, 'all well whats done is done'. Mana hasn't see Nick for 3 years and she missed him dearly and despite all that happened she still had feelings for him. Now she really felt dumb cause he has probaly forgotten about her already cause he would have written if he missed her, 'Why! Why do I still like him! This is so ilogical!' she thinks to herself once again, before continuing once again down memory lane.


Memory 3:

This memory happened just a day ago...

She was having a fight with her Best friend, "GET LOST!" Emi yelled, "NO YOU GET LOST" Mana yelled back the to ex-friends continued to bicker until class started. Though class both Emi and Mana shot deadly glares, though after recess Emi just sat patiently, this gave Mana an uneasy feeling but she shook it off.  After school has finished Mana heads home, she walking peacefully until, suddenly out of no where the school bullies pounced on her! Struggling painfully she tried to breakfree from there grasp but couldnt, the 3 boys draged her off threw here into a huge fountain and hid her homework and school books in the trees close by. After getting out the fountain, still dripping wet Mana went to retrive her books, which she found after 2 hours! Finally at 5:00pm she headed home freezing cold and soggy, as soon as she got home she realised that because Emi would do that to her she had lost the one only friend she had.


Mana packed up her bag and headed home, ''Dad would still be sulking in front of the TV when I get home nothing will be different" Mana signed to herself, ever since the loss of her friend she has been talking to herself on a regular basis. Mana walked down the street she called home and saw her house, a beige building with a cream blue roof and a wooden door.


when she got in, she saw somebody else shoes 'I wonder who?' she wondered, dropping her bag in her room, Mana suddenly realised how hungry she was so she headed for the kitchen for dinner what she saw next changed her life. It was... Nick,  Mana stood there gaping, Nick had light brown hair, tanned skin with blue eyes, he was the same as she remembered. He took a step towards her "Hi Mana, I'm back" and from that day Mana knew life was going to get much better memories or not...

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