A trip to grandma's

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A new spin on little red ridding hood.

Submitted: May 10, 2012

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Submitted: May 10, 2012



She sat by the window, looking down onto the courtyard. All beneath her, the others like her were running, skipping, merrily having a good time without a care in the world. How she wished she could be like them. Now that mother was so ill she bore the major responsibility of caring for her younger siblings, and now her grandmother. Right in the middle of college tours! So very inconsiderate of her whole family. It was bad enough, her mother kicked her father out right after he'd squandered away the family nest egg, putting Joycelynns future plans in a tailspin. Causing her family to move into the projects of New York City. It looked like all the things that they were used to were gone. Gone were the dance and piano lessons. Gone were the trips to the mall with her girlfriends. Her car. How Joycelynn had to learn how to survive in the jungle. To make matters worse Her grandmother, her loving grandmother who shuffled all the children to and from their appointments and dance lessons, while mom was busy making the money dad eagerly burned as soon as it touched his hands was in a battle with brain cancer.

But today would be different.

She could feel it. Joycelynn had been waiting for weeks to hear back from several choice schools about her college admittance. It seemed so selfish to her. Sitting there. But college was going to be her way out. She was going to go away to school and leave the ghetto she was dropped in behind. She was going to get her life back. Watching other girls get to have their boyfriends all over them-- and not worrying about bullets flying over her head just made Joycelynn want to puck in her mouth. Sucking face and getting their panties wet. While she had to babysit her not only her brothers and sister, but had to go play nurse maid to her grandmother. She kept feeling the pull of both emotions wash over her as flippant as the weather outside. A steady stream of clouds were moving by, and occaisionally they would block the sweet rays from the son from kissing her toasty brown cheek. She wanted to just get away from it all. Feel the sun envelope her body. Feel some heat. Feel safe.

So much for lolly gagging.

Joycelynn looked out the window one last time and glanced back at the seafom greem walls of the kitchen and let out a slight sigh. Time to get it together. It was all for the best anyway. The sun made another appearance as she swept through the kitchen, navigating around the island gathering objects her brothers and sister would need in order not to drive her grandmother crazy. Her mother had pulled a straw out of a hat and found some charitible company that was willing to send a home health aid to her house, but it was soon time for her to leave, so Joycelynn began to banter around the mid sized home yelling at the kids to get their asses in gear.

Once she gathered the kids

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