grow-We were

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Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




Trees start off as nuts

Through nurturing and neccessary nutrients

such as clorophyl

and sunlight

Wet earth

and rain

the tree starts to grow.

The tree starts to grow

As a shrub

without constant attention

without intervention

the limbs run wild

Crowded in shade

from other trees in the canopy

This shrub struggles to grow.

It struggles to grow.

It needs sunlight

and wet earth

It needs space to breath

a place to be

So that i can grow.


You and I were ment to grow.

We need attention

love and space.

We need our own space

so that we can have room to grow.

You need the light and emotion my love can give

I need the nurturing from you

to help direct my limbs

This enfancy stage of love is ment to grow

We can't let others crowd out the light

we shine on each other

crowd out the attention we give each other

It must always be obvious that we love each other

we need time and paticence

so that we can have time to grow

grow with me.

You and I were ment to grow.

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