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On Going On Going

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Genre: Literary Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction



A steamy shower, gets really hot.
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A steamy shower, gets really hot.

Chapter1 (v.1) - On Going

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A steamy shower, gets really hot.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 12, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 12, 2012



The trees were swaying back and forth. As if someone moved a hand across them and made them ripple like the ocean. She gazed out from the window to watch a small gray squirrel hop from tree to tree. Stopping to assess the environment around him, and merrily continue to hop. Round. Everything about her was round. Her eyes were the gateway to her soul, look through them and you would learn everything about her. She was a pear shaped girl. Nothing spectacular to look at. Although thats what she loved to do. She loved to watch things. Anything really. As she was doing right now, so she did everyday. She watched.

He never came by without her asking. But she looked anyway. Perhaps just as the squirrle rounded the branch on the second tree he would be walking down the street. She looked. Turning her head to the side of the window, she looked as far down the street as she could. Only able to see the next two houses on her side of the street and three houses across the street from her, she still didn't see his typical tan jacket swaying side to side down the street. He never came by.

She walked away from the window towards the stove. Her round hips hit the side of the chair as she tried to squeeze in between the chairs and the wall. The kitchen she walked into was dimly lit. Not modern by anyones standard, most of the appliances were covered with grime. She walked to the stove and lit a ciggerette. The embers on the end of the rolled paper glowed brightly. Light whiffs of smoke filled the air. She just looked at the end of the ciggerette burning, and wordered why he never came.

Watching the embers slowly go out, she placed her wide blacked lips on the filter of the fag. As she inhaled, she started to turn around in a staggered circle, thinking to her self why he had never showed. Eventhough it made perfect sence, she had to wonder. With the ciggerett in her hand she turned swiftly towards the window. She creaned her head towards the living room window. Did she hear the gate open, she wondered. She dashed towards the window, snagging her tight leggings on a stray nail on the side of the dnning room table. Fighting to loosen her self, she struggled to look towards the window. She hopped that would be him. Please let it be him. Because, she thought to herself. If it werent, the house of cards that she built, would come crashing down.

Thats how I ended up here. Waiting for the answer. Waiting for everything I gambled on to come true. Let me just introduce myself. My name is Kacy Ann Stevenson, and I am committed. I've been in Brookdale hospital now for lets see... four years, two months, twently nine days, eleven hours, and some random amount of minutes and seconds. It's unfortunate you see that this girl, well that girl that you were reading about, yes me, that I am here. I am rather lucky. I rather be here than where I could have ended up. It happened so near, but yet so long ago that I often chuckle and cry at the same time when thinking of what got me here. It's a really long story, but seeing as how I have nothing to do I guess I ought to tell this story. You see they don't trust me. Thats why they have me in this padded room without any kind of furniture. They think I am a danger to myself and others. Maybe I am.

He didn't know much about her the day he agreed to meet her at 42nd street. He had seen her picture, and spoken to her a few times on the phone, but he really didn't know much about her. She seemed bubbly, funny, and personable. He guessed those were qualities every man should look for in a woman. He guessed.

He waited for her in front of the theather. There were so many people walking up and down the street. Vendors on the right of him, tourist stoping and taking pictures, pointing at things. It would be hard to find her even if he werent looking incredibly hard. He started to pace in front of the AMC... figuring if he moved around a bit he wouldn't be so nervous about meeting this girl. One of the vendors a few steps up had a bucket full of single stem roses. He figured if he got one for her, perhaps that would give him a better chance of getting to second base that night. Eventhough he's just meeting her, anything is possible in this city.

She thought she saw someone who looked like him, but it was too far into the distance for her to really tell. People were crowding the streets, rushing past her, standing in front of her, all so much that it was rightfully annoying just trying to get in front of the theather. But there he was. He had such a wide smile on his face, that she knew this had to be the guy that she was talking to. This was him. They spoke a few words, and stopped to gaze at each other as the busy Manhattan street surrounding them continued to exisist. They spoke the usual introductory words to each other that people normally say when meeting for the first time. The his, how are yous, and so on and so forth. Nothing was unusal thus far. They walked down the jam packed street towards 41st to waste time before their movie started. Both exchanged quick glances and continued to speak words that in the end would mean nothing. Does anything mean anything anymore? No one can really answer this, unless they were filled with some sort of higher meaning. Which neither of these two possed.

Eventually they would find themselves in the Lowes theather seated next to one another, watching a movie that she had already seen. She found her self struggling to fight off sleep, in between sceens of action and romance. Oddly enough, just as Angelina Jolie shouted "You still alive baby?" she felt something run across her toe. She jumped back into her chair thinking that a mouse had ran over her foot. But when she looked down, she saw that it was his socked toe outside of his shoe. She was entirely confused. She didn't know whether to kick him or let it continue. It was just all so wierd for her. Perhaps that inaction is what lead to to eventually be where she is know, locked away in a mental institution for killing the man next to her. But she let him continue to touch her wedges with his socked feet. She glanced at him, and him back at her and just maybe she would love this guy.

After the Angelina and Brad realized they actually loved each other and the movie ended, her date...well my date and I walked around Manhattan. It was rather interesting really, because I really just couldnt leave him. He has this look in his eyes that peirced me in my soul. It was hard looking him in the eye. His dimples, the gleem in his eyes. The way he stared directly into her eyes I felt like I could melt. We walked around, up and down and I just couldnt beleive that this guy was for real.

"So what kind of music do you like" he asked as we walked in front of the Virgin Mega store. I traced circles around his hands that were intertwined in mine. Giggling like a school girl, I batted my eyes and replied "Why don't you let me show you."

We walked into the huge outfit and headed straight for the rock section. I noticed all the other couples around us, and thought how good we would be together. I could really see myself with him. Yes I know this was the first date, and yes I was prolonging it by continuing on random excursions, but I could feel something brewing. He wasn't rushing to go either. He was the one rubbing his feet on me. He was the one magically pulling flowers out behind his back to impress me. We walked around arm and arm listening and discussing different genres in music, and I all could think about was should I let him kiss me.

As the months grew things between the two began to evolve. She started to feel closer to him with every breath she took. This feeling was strange to her, becasue sehs never felt this sort of connection to anyone before. She never felt as if a person was acutually apart of her soul. But he was. The more time they spent together, the more she was unable to separate herself from him, and it would be to his detriment.

She lay on her bed thinking about last night. He had come over to her house, and she cooked for him. This was totally out the ordinary for her, but after all she was trying to impress him. She lit candles and placed them on the table, cooked a whole succlent chicken and popped open a bottle of pignot grigio. Before he could sit down to eat, she ran into the bathrroom and showered. He peeked his head into the door, and she smilled. She wondered if she would be able to get him to join her.
"you want to come in, the water is warm." She did her expected eye batting thing, which she knew he could not resist. He looked at her, and put his hand behind the curtain. Behind the curtain was moist with hard droplets of water spraying from the shower head. She held out her hand that contained the loofa for him to sponge her, but instead he put his hand on her already taunt nipple. She leaned back further into the shower making room for him to join her. He was still standing partially outside of the shower with his clothes on. While rubbing her nipples, he kicked off his loafers and pulled back the shower curtain.

She pulled him into her, and while the water was caascading over them he slid his hand from her nipples to her already wet core. He was still fully clothed, but she didn't care. The animal lust took her over and eventhough the water was pelting her, he could feel that she was wet. He growned in her ear as he slammed her against the wall. While she was tearing off his shirt, he had one hand on his zipper and the other steadily stroking her pussy. His dick wanted to explode. He had to slow down. She finally had off his shirt, and some how managed to get his pants off. He reached behind the curtain to turn off the light. She grabed his hand.

"No. I want to see you."

She pulled his hand back to her pussy and began to grind on his hand.

"Stroke it for me" So she reached out her hand and felt his hard cock. It pulsed under the beating of the water, and she felt her own pussy start to throb. The passion was heavy in the air. Steam filled the room and pushed out the sighs that were coming from behind the shower curtain. Both so wet. Both pumping on to each other. She could feel the tip of his hard dick press on her clit and she yearned to have him stroke her. He pushed her hand aside and slid down to his knees in the shower. She was shocked, but releaved. The feeling of his hot mouth, the water tapping her nipples, his finger in her ass. She wanted to ride his mouth like a cow girl.

He licked and plunged deep in to her bumhole. He bent his finger and stroked her from the inside. She made sitting rocking motions beging for him to continue. She wanted to touch him to feel his cock rupture her from the inside. She wanted to feel his hot load burst inside her.

He reached up and grabbed her by the throat. Kacy Ann didn't want him to stop. The pressure from his hand, the pulsating beat of his dick on her clit, her heart was racing out her chest. She needed air or she would faint. The air was so heavy. She quickly began to feel the mood of the room change. His hand and his grab was more urgent and threathening. With the grip of his jigantic hand circling her throat, she tried to get out--leave the shower, leave the bathroom getting to a space where she could breath.

"where you think your going" He gripped her to the wall and turned her to face the hot wet wall. She tried to say, she couldn't breath, that she wanted some air, that she needed to stop. But his hand came swooping down on her mouth. She tried to push back, but he pinned his body to hers.

Then it all went black.

The floor was wet underneath her, she could feel beads of a salty liquid roll off her brown. Kacyann touched her hand to her head, and felt the puddle around her. She was dizzy and she didnt know why. As she struggled to stand up, she knew she was hurt and something was seriously wrong. In the kitchen she looked around and show how ransacked her apartment was. Dishes were shattered and on the floor stained with speckles of blood.

She managed to drag herself further throughout the house to inspeact. As Kacyann moved, her head and body ached to high hell. She growned with each movement. She suddenly placed her hand to her breast plate where she realized was a source of most of her pain. Did he stab her? Was he stabbed? Was he hurt, was he even still here?

Kacyann fell to the floor. This could not be happening. She saw the box containing her months earning scattered to the floor and the rest of the containts of the dress draw open and on the floor.

This is how the plotting began.

She didn't know his involvement.

She didnt know if he planned it.

But what she did know, was that if he was a live, for today "Romeo was going to die"

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