Almanek: The Village of Spellcasters

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Almanek is the secret village of the spellcasters. We see their ways of life and culture as well as some families and characters of the story.

Submitted: June 02, 2017

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Submitted: June 02, 2017



The stories of Enrail have now been passed as legend. It has been nearly 4 centuries since the unfaithful hours of battle.


However, peace has once again lifted the spirits of the wise and spoiled the spirits of the young.

Here in Almanek it was quite rare to see any outsiders enter the village. Most doings were kept outside the borders of the village. The village boasted room for all spellcasters. Young and old alike.


The huts built in parallel for miles on end. No taller than a tree yet wider than a boulder these huts were formed of simple material that was passed down from generations before. Simple materials such as limestone and wood were used as a simple foundation for these huts and were built with large stones as well as minerals to create a perfect protection from the countless insects and animals.


A perfect dirt road separated the two sides of huts and allowed chariots and cattle to pass through for simple access to the grand markets and all the way to the waters edge. The road was long and wide, nobody ever really traveled to the end for it would take nearly a week to travel. This road broke into many smaller paths as you reached further and further from the heart of Almanek. Some paths strayed into dead ends while others simply never ended and entered the think brush of forest that surrounded this large village.


However, most of the spellcasters decided to simply live around their own land and run to the markets for simple necessities such as herbs, bones and meat. They never really seemed eager to leave as they had all they needed in their very own huts.

At the central market in the heart of the town thousands gathered of all parts of Almanek to get a glimpse at what one would be selling to another.


Most were fascinated by the simple belongings of Edendor Santin. He was always one to entertain the kids with his gadgets and gizmos he collected from other parts of the land.

Another main attraction was El Nindrac. She came from the far reaches of Almanek, bringing with her cattle as well as pups to please young families and children as well as the wise.

Yes in Almanek families were mostly kept together as they all seemed to enjoy each others companies.


Most astonishing was that most families were the decent of a simple 2 families. The Roshirs and the Palentots.

Now we have Bigens, Pessels, Lonims, Potims, Sertacks, Mentraks, Santins, Nindracs and Tattledax.


Now we head to the top of the hill. Where the hut of Ranto laid bare. No neighbors around to bother and no unlikely smells to linger.

Ranto was one of the eldest of spellcasters. Some tell stories of him as a young spellcaster, serving the Grandcasters: Rish, Aga, Leino and Geiza in the long told legendary story of the great war of Enrail.


Some say he was the soul purpose to the survival of the spellcasters while some grumpy folks such as the Lonims called him a disgrace to the name of his heritage.

Whatever may be the true story he was known throughout this village as a figure that one would dream to achieve.


Of course now most of the commotion in his name is not of his past but of his decisions.

Not too long ago a young boy wandered into this village in the black of night. A young boy who knew not of his origin nor his past. He was no older than a dimecaster (10 years) and held no sign of life in his eyes.


On this night however lucky Ranto may be, he met this child just outside the Eastern border and took him as his own after realizing he had no mother or father.

This boy was named Elmak.


Elmak grew up to be a good child. Never second guessing his decisions and always willing to lend aid where he knew it was needed.

He surged in studies of potions and spells, learned the simple tactics of hand maneuvers and even was able to master combat in a moments notice.


He was perfect. Some say too perfect. Many families despised Elmak for his gifts as well as told their young ones to stay a distance from him for he may bring a burden on their families.

To this day his origin is unknown. The wise call him an angel sent to aid this world and the mid-aged call him a demon for his unknown talents.

The only true person who could know of the complete truth was Ranto and he fought any accusations that Elmak was not a spellcaster.


However, he knew that deep down, Elmak was more. Elmak was of different heritage and that the secret would not be able to hold out forever.

This troubled Ranto. He knew what his “son” was. He was a Meldane.


A perfect being that could learn almost all skills that this world possessed. A perfect being wiped out by it’s own creator. So he questioned himself everyday “why is there one here?” 

He never knew why but it never stopped him from loving him for he taught Elmak all he knows.

As well as getting up on time to not miss the final trip to Enrail.

He walks to his stairwell and yells “Elmak, hurry up you’re going to miss the hareiot to Enrail.”


Now this is where our story begins.

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