How much can you take?

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Zane's dad is a drunk. He's been drinking for about nine years. Zane mother died when he was seven, leaving him to take care of everything, while his father lied on the couch with a bottle of jack. He's getting older now and is unsure how things are going to happen. Will his father ever give up alcohol? Will Zane ever forgive him or did he already reach the point of no return?

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012



"Hey, Zane! Want a smoke?" Dylan offered. Dylan was a dark haired boy with bright blue eyes. He was a little chunkier than boys his age, but he's extreme height made it less noticeable.

"Sure." Zane answered. He reached out and took a cigarette from the box. He lit it up and began puffing. He was stressed out and maybe a cigarette was what he needed. He dreads coming home, because it will always be the same. His father is an author, a really good one. But when he isn't writing, he's drinking. He even drinks while he writes. Zane only sees his father sober once or twice a year and it is only for a few hours.

He walked into his home and already knew what to expect. There were four empty bottles of tequila displayed on the kitchen counter and a whole pack of empty beer cans on the couch. Sitting in the recliner was his father, Kevin Darren. He was laughing his head off at the Spanish soap opera. It made no sense to Zane because his father doesn't speak Spanish and some guy just got shot, but he knew it was the alcohol.

He collects all the empty bottles and cans and threw them into the garbage pail. He sighed when he saw the carpet full of stains. He kneeled on the floor scrubbing it as hard as he could to get the stains out. He then entered the kitchen and began to wash the dishes. Finally he locked himself in his room and started his homework. "Ha! That what you get suckers!" He heard his father yell.

He got up and went into the living room. "Dad, I'm going to the supermarket. Whatever you do, don't leave the house." Zane said.

"Blow up his head!" His dad yelled at the TV.

"Whatever." Zane thought. Talking to his dad was futile. He climbed into his truck and drove off. He bought some bread, milk, and Gatorade. When he returned home, he knew his father didn't hear him. The television was blaring though no one was watching it. Zane checked every room in the house. No one was there, meaning his dad left.

Zane jumped into his truck and began searching for him. He drove all around town when finally he saw his father. He was sitting in a corner yelling at the people who passed by. He had an almost full bottle of rum in his hands.

Zane hopped out of the truck. "Dad, give me the bottle and get in the car."

"Never!" He yelled. Zane grabbed the bottle and quickly pulled it away from his father."Give that back!"

"I can't drive with you waving an open bottle of rum out the window. Now get in the car!" Zane said trying not to scream at him.

"Fine them, then." His father spatted. "I may need help getting up." Zane grabbed his dad by the arm and practically threw him into the passenger seat. His dad spent the car ride muttering to himself nonsense. It hurt Zane that his father was like this. No matter what he did he couldn't get his father out of his addiction.

His father wanted to be drunk, wanted to feel and see nothing. Zane spent so many years trying to help his father and it was all useless. Nothing ever worked. All he wanted now was his father to stay out of trouble.

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