It's The Little Things

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The poem I dedicated to my mother. She is basically my everything. Above all the evil in the world, I see her face and the face of my faith.

Submitted: March 02, 2013

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Submitted: March 02, 2013



Never under estimate the time you have with

Someone you love

Someone you adore

Someone who is etched deeply into your heart.

Words. They are just that. Words.

And mere words aren't enough to express your feelings.

It's the little things.

Making coffee for them on the morning.

Visiting them in the hospital.

Calling them not when you need something, but just to talk.

Making sure they are okay.

Saying I love you, isn't enough

It truely is

the littlest of things

That please others.

You don't need to buy a thousand dollars worth of jewelry.

A macaroni necklace made from the heart might just do.

You don't need fancy gizmos,

They may be well off with a painting.

So, if you understand what I mean,

Go, perform the little things for those you love.

It'll bring you that much closer.

© Copyright 2018 MuzikNurd. All rights reserved.

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