Sad Love Tale

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The sad tale of two young people who loved and indeed lost.

Submitted: January 22, 2013

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Submitted: January 22, 2013



Chloe and Kyle had been together since 8th grade. They were entering senior year at Weathermoore High School. They spent the summer in a cabin home, swimming, hiking, reading, eating, and just plain old loving each other. They indeed enjoyed each other's company very much. Chloe love the way Kyle talked to her and confided everything with her. Kyle loved that Chloe was smart and was thankful for everything that happened to her.

The couple were walking into the high school, holding hands and reviewing all the event that occured over the summer. "Remember that racoon that you tried to get out of the fireplace with a baseball bat? That was funny. You were so scared, you practically went on yourself!" "Hey you'd cry too if a 40 pound, beady eyed CREATURE jumped out at you and tried to kill you." Chloe smiled. "It was only hungry Kyle." "Yeah. For human flesh." They laughed out loud and made their way to their lockers.

* * *

After school, Kyle walked Chloe home. He dropped her off at her door and kissed her on the forehead. "Bye Chlo. Skype me later. Kay?" She nodded and leaned up to kiss him. As they waved googbye, she walked inside. Her parents were sitting at the table, stern looks on their faces. "Hello Mom, Dad. What's wrong?" Her mother put her hand out, motioning towards the chair. Chloe sat dow and placed her book bag on the floor. "We don't want you to date Kyle anymore. His parents contacted us and told us his brother had drugs in his room and the brother said he got them from Kyle. They are going to tell him the same thing; to not see you either. We are sorry, but we are only looking out for you and your well being. If he is doing drugs we don't-" "WHAT MAKES ANY OF YOU THINK THAT KYLE DOES DRUGS, HUH?! HE HAS NEVER DONE THEM, HE WOULD'VE TOLD ME! BESIDES, THEY WOULD'VE FOUND SOME IN HIS ROOM TOO!" "I'm sorry Chlo, but -" "NO! Don't talk to me." She ran upstairs to her room and shut the door. Tears streamed down her face. A life without Kyle, isn't life at all, she thought to herself. She finally had someone to confide in and she trusted this person and now, out of no where, this has to end?

Her laptop beeped. It was Kyle. She answered the video call.

Kyle- Hey...

Chloe *starts sobbing uncontrolably* I don't want to lose you. You were... the best thing I have ever had.

Kyle- I know. You were mine, too. Baby, let's meet up every night.

Chloe- *wipes tears* What do you mean?

Kyle- We meet up every night at your place. I sneak in through the window and we hang out until you pass out. Just lock your door every night.

Chloe- Okay.

Kyle- Then, it's settled. Go do your homework Chlo.

Chloe- Okay. Kyle?

Kyle- Yes, my love?

Chloe- I love you.

Kyle- I love you, too.

They logged off and did their homework. Simple assignment.

Kyle didn't do drugs. Never did. His brother was an addict, and he didn't want to get in trouble so he blamed it on Kyle. That was just down right wrong.

Every day for two months, Kyle climbed into Chloe's room and they spent time together. Then one day, Chloe didn't go to school. Her best friend Donna told Kyle that she was deppressed and was rambling confusing words about her world ending and her physical being tumbling down. Kyle's eyes bulged. He ran to her house and broke through the window, and sure enough Chloe was there... dead.

She was cut up all over. Her arms, face, legs and stomach were covered in blood. She had a note in her hand. In shock, Kyle bent down to pick up the note and read it out loud in a trembled voice. His eyes swelled with tears. "Kyle, you were my sanity. But, my parents told me that they knew you were with me last night. They were going to send me to my Grandma's house in China. I decided that I'd rather die than be living without you. I love you, no matter what, whether I'm dead or alive. Please. Don't forget me."

Kyle cried harder than her ever did before. He wept over her dead body and held her close to his chest. He remembered the promise he made to her when they first started dating.

He promised that he would never forget her, and he would never leave her side. He made a set decision. He'd kill himself, too. He grabbed the razor blade from Chloe's hands, and he started slicing his wrists. He did'nt do it right and he got frustrated. So, he grabbed a piece of glass from the broken window, and stabbed his stomach 3 times, and stabbed his neck twice, leaving the glass in the second time.

It wasn't until her parents came home to check on her, that anyone knew what had happened. Her parents took complete blame for everything, for not trusting Kyle and for forcing Chloe out of her elationship. Kyle's brother came clean about the drugs and went to rehab. Although there was no real happy ending, Chloe and Kyle were buried together, to never leave each other's side for all eternity.

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