Action and Job Satisfaction

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Every job can be done, Consider it not as a burden, Few more hours taken, Toughness can be broken, Relish doing it often, By regarding it as a fun, Surely you will succeed, Having happiness to lead.

Submitted: September 21, 2012

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Submitted: September 21, 2012



O- God- Give me the power to work
Shirking work is never at all right
Let me do more than is required
Due to this, Angels will favor me

That work which is known to me
Can be by me performed well
And let me do it with great interest
As I will be justified by the reward

An unknown work if is done often
That will soon become familiar
Perfect concentration is needed
To gain expertise and dexterity

Cry not when the work is tough
Plunge into it with determination
See to that you understand it well
Mastery is after it is well-understood

Any job will have its own intricacies
We must analyze it systematically
Only by repeating it often we win
Our greatness lies in fine learning

Every job will have a difficulty
And it will have a sure remedy
We must find out the method
To discharge it nicely, efficiently

Discover all the ways to perform
Note them down and memorize
Do them practically to gain skill
One hundred percent, one wins

Fearing a job is not correct at all
We must boldly face the challenge
We must try to master it with love
Then that job will be never tedious

In case we build ideas that discourage
We make a serious blunder foolishly
Everything on this Earth has a solution
Our incumbent duty is to locate it

Do no retreat and without guts flinch
Improve your knowledge and try to do
The more and more you execute often
The better will by your satisfaction.


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