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A classic take on the every day love life of two American teens. Sam loves Rayne but he thinks she hates his guts. Rayne loves Sam but thinks he's out of her league entirely. This is to come in parts all even numbers will be Sam's just as all odds will be Rayne's.

Secrets ~1

How dare he?, she thought; How could he sit there completely unaware? It wasn't fair, he could capture my attention with a simple thought and yet to have a fleeting gaze would take an act of divine power. She couldn't stand it, she moved to the opposite side of the room from which she could perfectly see the other girl sliding into her place. She had known him for barely a year or two, so compared to all the other girls swooning over him she was a newcomer, an outsider, and a misfit. She was nothing special. How could she be? The most attractive thing about her was her eyes and even that was stretching it, whereas her contenders were the perfect package: tall, small, and beautiful. She knows that the fight was over before it begun. Aloof in her daydreaming she doesn't notice the lunch bell until her best friend taps her on the shoulder. She took a quick glance down at her desk, yup its there again. His name perfectly etched out with a key. Sigh, she thinks, when will I stop this?

But really he felt the same. Everyone knew but her. And I mean literally everyone. The teachers, students, even the janitors knew. Partially due to the hearts on the walls that said Sam+Rayne. But oh well.

Submitted: November 29, 2013

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