This is a new take on a time old tale. Two teens (Sam and Rayne) are in love, but neither of them know that the other feels the same. This is in parts. Sam is even numbered. Rayne is odd numbered. Hope you enjoy!!

Secrets ~2

He walked past her every day. Yet how could she be so oblivious to him? He tried everything. Subtle hints here and there...ok take that back he hasn't tried everything...or anything really. The most he's done is pick up a pencil for her, in 5th grade, 4 years ago. But what could he do? It was quite obvious that she didn't like him. After all just yesterday she switched desks. Undoubtedly to get as far away as possible. Oh, he thought, why am I so stupid? You were just about to ask her to the movies but don't you remember? She hates you! How could you ever land a girl like that? She's beautiful, that smile that could be seen from the moon, that hair that flows as though continuously submerged in water, that beautiful body of hers that moved like nothing was ever difficult for her. But you know what the best thing about her was? Her eyes. When she talked about something she was passionate about they shone as though a million stars were burning inside, and when she cried they bluer than even then purest and deepest of waters. He was probably just another dumb boy in her eyes. The lunch bell rung, depriving him of his fantasy of the two of them. He glanced over to the desk behind him. What was that? Its the tiniest thing. He wouldn't have noticed if she hadn't made it so obvious that she was doing it. It was very hard to tell what it was. He had to be imagining it. This couldn't be what he thought it was...or could it? It looked as though she scratched their names into the desk. The smallest S+R=<3

He walked off with the biggest smile on his face. Maybe she didn't hate him. Maybe she even liked him. Maybe, maybe she, no he didn't even dare think it. But I dare write it. Maybe, just maybe, she loved him.

Submitted: November 29, 2013

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Even this one was nicely written good job keep it up.

Fri, November 29th, 2013 5:25am

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