secrets 3

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Part three of a series of short stories about the classic tale of boy meets girl, miscommunication, and secrets. Hope you enjoy!!

Secrets ~3

She bolted to the bathroom as soon as she had her tray in her hands. The kids at lunch never had a table for her and what good was it to watch everyone boast about what they have and whine about what they want. All she wanted (for Christmas) was him. Plus the bathroom was quiet. Nobody could mess with you in here. It was her sanctuary of sorts. At least everything WAS quiet until they walked in. The snobs of CHS, the rich, entitled, bratty, over powered, under fed, most gossipy girls at school. And worse yet? They were talking about him! ”How could he like her of all people?” One of them said. ”I know right? I mean at least go for someone who isn't a freak.” Said another ”Sam's just lost it this time.” Said the first. It sounded like Melany but she couldn't be sure. ”Then again has he ever had it?” Said the second who wad definitely Michone. They laughed and walked out. Who were they talking about? Sam has a crush on someone? Wait what does she care about it? She's not his girlfriend. She looked down at her tray and decided she'd rather starve than eat that...or maybe it was to help her lose the weight. The lunch bell rung and she walked to class alone as usual. She stuck to her quote, ”earbuds in, music up, tune out the world.”, so she was blaring her music so loud she couldn't hear anything.

But he was behind her trying to talk to her. He was saying something about the movies this weekend, but I must admit even I couldn't hear over the thump thump thump of her music. But oh well.

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