Cat and Sam

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Another continuation of "Cat" and of "Sam"

Submitted: January 28, 2015

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Submitted: January 28, 2015



I walked into the empty library and glanced around. There she was, sitting at a table in the corner. I made my way over to her.
“Hi,” I heard myself say.
“Hi, Sammy,” Cat smiled at me.
“So what did you want to talk about so urgently then?”  When had my throat gotten so dry?
“Oh yeah, about that, Sammy,” Cat started “I can’t stop taking off as a cat, and when I do time speeds up. Even when I’m doing nothing, it just whizzes past me.”
“Then stop.” To me the answer seemed simple
“But I can’t, Sammy. It’s addictive, and it’s a part of me now,” Cat tried to explain.
“Then try harder to stop. Addictions are bad.” Great, now I sounded like a teacher, and even though I’m eighteen I’m not ready to be an adult yet.
“Sammy. I’m part cat, I always will be part cat, and you’ve got to accept that. Me disappearing off for a few days every couple of weeks is part of that. It’s the only time I get to be free.” Cathie’s voice had gone softer, as if I was the younger one.
I was sick of this conversation. We’d been having it for the best part of the last two years and it hadn’t changed one bit. I loved Cathie but enough was enough. This was getting ridiculous. I turned to face her again.
“Cathie, I love you, I always have and I always will but.... I can’t do this anymore.” Her look of surprise was evident. I swallowed. “Until you fix this problem, I can’t be part of your life. I will be here if you need me. Never forget that, but for the everyday things, turn to someone else. No more evening chats. No more half-term visits. I’m sorry. I won’t change my mind about this, Cathie, I’m sorry.”
Cathie stared at me in shock for a few moments before she started crying.  Cathie rarely ever cried and in the last three years I’ve never seen her cry once. Not even when she broke her arm. I turned round and walked out the door. I stopped outside the door and glanced back. Cathie didn’t notice, she was crying too hard. And the worst part? I didn’t feel anything. I caused my other half, the sister that I never had the worst pain she’s ever felt and possibly will ever feel again and I didn’t feel anything. I hated myself at that moment.

The next few years were at a collage not far from St. Margaret’s. I’d picked it when Cathie and I were still like twins. I hadn’t heard from her for four years. The newspaper had stopped commenting every time she disappeared but I don’t think she’d stopped. If she had, Cathie would have contacted me. I’d buried my love for her under mounds of books but every now and again, when I thought things like that it resurfaced.
One day when I was walking back to my flat (a very dingy, small flat but mine nonetheless) I saw a black cat perched on top of a bin down a filthy alleyway. I approached the cat.
“Cathie?” I asked, barely louder than a whisper. The cat whipped round and looked at me. “It’s really you Cathie. I’ve missed you. I’m sorry I was so…” I struggled to find a word that could describe how I’d acted at the library. The cat gave me a look that made me understand that she understood my predicament all too well. “Come back to my flat, Cathie, please?”
The cat looked at me in surprise but then nodded. I bent and picked her up, cuddling her to my chest. As I walked down the street one of my friends saw me and called out before coming over.
“Hey, Sam! I didn’t know you had a cat, what’s his name?”
Her name is Cat,” I snapped “and she’s not mine. She’s my neighbours, they lost her. I found her down the alleyway and I’m bringing her back home.” Michael didn’t look completely convinced but he nodded.
“Okay. See ya, Sam.”
I walked home as fast as I dared after that, I didn’t want any similar conversations. When I got into my flat and closed the door, I breathed a sigh of relief. I carefully placed Cat on the ground. By the time I stood up she was human. I studied her, she hadn’t changed much. She was taller and thinner.  After her time spent on the streets she was dirty and covered in scratches, bruises and scars. Through a couple of rips in her top I spotted something.
“Cathie, take your top off,” I commanded. She looked confused but did as I asked. “Turn around,” I said in a gentler voice and she did so. I stared in silence at her back for a few moments. She had a scar running from her shoulder to her hip, diagonally. “Cathie, who did this?” I asked.
She put her top back on and turned around to face me.
“No one, Sammy, it was just a cat,” she reassured me.
“What type of cat?” I struggled to keep my voice even. How dare anyone do this to my Cathie!
“Does it matter?” Cathie enquired, and examined my face for a minute. “Apparently it does,” she sighed “It was a big ginger tom, okay?”
Her eyes were full of conflict. She didn’t know if I was going to turn on her or not, she didn’t know if I still loved her or not, I could read her so well. I’d better set her mind at rest, show her that I had missed her. So I impulsively bent forward and kissed her. She stiffened for a moment then she relaxed and kissed me back. A loud knock at the door brought me back to the present.
“Quick, Cathie, in there.” I hissed, shoving her towards my bathroom “You can have a shower.” She nodded and shut the door. Taking a deep breath I walked to the door and opened it. It was another guy from school.
“Hi, Liam,” I said, feigning casualness, “what brings you here?”
“Nothing really, I just thought I would drop by,” shrugged Liam.
“Okay, come in then,” I tried to keep my frustration to myself.
“So what were you doing?” Liam asked.
“Nothing much. My…… girlfriend came over,” I said, a sudden wash of inspiration coming over me.
Liam looked surprised “I didn’t know you have a girlfriend, Sam”
I ran my hand through my hair “Yeah, her name’s Cat.”
Liam was curious now “So how do you know her then?”
This is where I stalled “Err, we were best friends, then things went from there,” I tried to explain my complicated relationship with Cathie to a complete stranger, to someone who has never heard of her. He nodded and I breathed a sigh of relief.
By the time Cathie had finished her shower Liam and I were well into one of the zombie video games that Liam is so fond of. She walked in shyly, almost as if she was scared that Liam was going to judge her.
I stood up, “Cat, this is my friend from school, Liam. Liam, meet Cat.”
Liam stood up too and held his hand out “Pleased to meet you, Cat.”
But although his actions seemed benign enough his eyes told a different story. They roved all over Cat, lingering on certain parts of her. I felt it was time to intervene.
“Liam was just going, weren’t you?” I gave him a look that said ‘if you don’t agree with me you will be very sorry’
“Uh, oh yeah, nice to meet you, Cat,” he mumbled before backing out and a moment later I heard the bang of the front door closing.
 I smiled at Cat. We were alone at last. Suddenly I couldn’t find anything to say, luckily Cathie solved that problem for me -
“Er, Sam, do you have anything to eat?”
“Yeah, follow me.” I mentally slapped myself, why didn’t I think of that? Of course she was hungry; she probably hadn’t eaten properly since she was sixteen seeing as she’d spent nearly all her time as a cat. I didn’t press Cathie to tell me about her last four years, if she wants to tell me she will tell me I thought.
The next few weeks passed quickly enough, we were getting into a routine. I wanted Cathie to feel at home so I told her “Stay as long as you want. This is your house too. If you want I can go back home and get you some of your clothes.” “Or you can buy some,” I added as an afterthought.
“Thanks, Sammy,” smiled Cat “but if you don’t mind I think I should go back home. I haven’t been home for four years, as a human that is. I popped in a couple of times as a cat just to check on them.” Even so she didn’t look very happy about it.
“I’ll come with you, Cath,” I hadn’t seen my family for a while either.
“Would you?” Cat looked relieved.
“Of course I will, they’re my family too and I’ll never leave you again. If there’s something you want me to come along on – I’ll come. No matter where it is or what time it is I’ll come. I’m sorry for the way I acted in the library but I had to try and bring you back to reality. I’m sorry” I finished.
“Oh, Sammy,” sighed Cat “it’s alright. I needed to get back to reality, you’re right, but I wasn’t ready for you cutting yourself off from me but don’t worry about it anymore.”

That weekend we went back to our families and Cathie got some of her belongings. My mum was so happy to see Cat, it was astonishing! She kept saying that it was good to see her again and giving her sudden, hard hugs. Maisie was there too, with her family. I hadn’t seen Cathie’s sister in ages; it was nice to see her son and husband too.
“So you’re not bored with Dylan yet then?” I asked her, only half joking, “How old were you when you started going out?”
Maisie blushed slightly, “Fourteen.”
Suddenly Maisie’s son Jacob interrupted us, “Eww gross!”
Maisie and I started to laugh.

Cathie stayed with me for the next few months and my friends were getting used to her. Cat had gotten a job at the local newsagents, quite often nights, which she loved. I could never understand her love of the dark and her years as a cat had only strengthened that. As spring passed into summer Cat began talking of going swimming more and more. I was worried, what would my friends make of her scars? I didn’t want them probing about her past. Then at the start of April, Cathie got me.
“How about we go swimming for my birthday? It would be fun.”
I hesitated, I had told Cathie to feel at home, but then again, her scars….. She could see me, wavering,
“Please Sammy?” She had that pleading face that I’d never been able to refuse.
“Oh, alright!” I snapped.

It was us, Liam, Michael and a couple of girl’s Cat works with – Kerry and Lily – who went swimming in the end. By the time they arrived we were well into lengths, but I was taking a break, sitting on the side, so I called out to them. Kerry was a tall, confident and talkative redhead and her twin was shy and blonde, but somehow they went perfectly together.
“Wow, is that, Cat?” asked Kerry, pointing. I turned to look.
“Yep, that’s Cathie,” I replied with a proud smile.
“She’s amazing!” said Kerry, impressed.
“She’s really good,” said Lily quietly. I flashed her a grateful smile.
Suddenly Cat emerged from the water between my legs which made me jump and her grin. I mock scowled at Cathie and then gave her a sudden kiss. She swung herself up beside me.
“Hi, Kerry, hi, Lily,” Cat smiled.
“Hi,” replied Lily softly but Kerry just stared in shock at Cathie.
“What happened to your back?” she managed to choke out in the end.
“Oh! It was an animal, it’s no big deal, I’ve had it a long time,” Cat shrugged it off.
“No big deal!” shrieked Kerry, “You can never wear – “
“Calm down,” interrupted Lily firmly, surprising us all. “You look lovely, Cat,” she finished with a gentle smile.
“Thanks, Lily.” Cat was tired, I could see that. More than anything she wished everybody would stop making a fuss about her scar. I decided we needed to change the subject.
“Hey! Let’s have a race!” I shouted. Cat flashed me a grateful-tired smile which I returned before diving into the pool and swimming as fast as I could to the other end. I was doing well until somebody tickled me in the stomach. I doubled up and Cathie streaked past, pausing only to grin at me. I laughed and pushed myself further, stretching my arm out and grabbing hold of Cat’s leg. She pulled up short and turned to face me, forcing me to stop too.
“That’s it, Sammy! You’ve done it now!” Although her words were stern, her tone was anything but.
“What punishment do I deserve this time, Cath?” I asked, trying to hold back my grin.
“I’m not sure, I think…..this!” exclaimed Cat, pouncing. A second later her lips crashed into mine and I staggered back with the force of her leap. A minute later she was curled up, breathlessly imploring me to stop tickling her.
“Sorry, what was that?” I asked, “I can’t hear you.” Cat gave a violent turn and twisted out of my grasp. She floated a few feet from me, eyes sparkling.
“Come and get me, Sammy!” she teased, before taking off. She reached the edge a millisecond before me. Liam and Michael reached us not long after, and following them was Lily and an out-of-breath Kerry.
“How...can…you……fast?” she puffed.
“Practise,” replied Cat.

Afterwards we went back to my flat and had pizza. Lily shyly offered Cat a cupcake with a candle on.
“There wasn’t anything else,” she explained worriedly.
“It’s perfect,” smiled Cat, giving Lily a hug.
“Hey, what about me?” asked Kerry, pouting.
It was nearly midnight by the time they left. It was one of the best days of my life.
When they’d gone I sunk down onto the sofa with a “whew”. Cathie sat down next to me and cuddled up. She rested her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes. I wrapped my arm around her and leant my head on hers.
“So how does it feel to be twenty-one? Feeling old yet?” I teased. Cat smiled back, her eyes still closed.
“Amazing, today was the best day of my life.” I smiled and let my eyes drift closed, but suddenly Cat kissed me with such force that I was stunned. I kissed her back and let my hands wander, over her hair, her arms, her back. She pulled back and looked at me for a minute before disappearing into my bedroom. I followed at a respectable distance,
“Cathie?” I asked, slightly worried. When I didn’t get a reply I went in. Cat was sitting on the edge of the bed in her underwear. I knew what she was after.
“Are you sure, Cathie?” I enquired. She nodded.

The next morning I woke up with Cathie’s head on my shoulder and her arm around me. Her skin was sweaty and sticky against mine. I looked down at her and I thought my heart would burst with happiness. I wiggled my way off the bed without disturbing her and made breakfast. When I came back in, she was still fast asleep. I kissed the back of her neck gently.
“Wake up, Cathie, its half ten.” She shifted slightly then sat up and opened her eyes.
“Hey, Sammy?”
“Yes, Cath?”
“I love you.”
“I do too; now eat up before your toast gets cold.”
“Okay, Sammy.”

© Copyright 2020 Mx Bramble. All rights reserved.

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