Tell Me the Story of the Sun and the Moon

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Unobtainable love

Submitted: May 04, 2014

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Submitted: May 04, 2014



Basking in an illuminating glow, she awaited his arrival. A woman of two faces, one always alluring and enticing; the other unseen, illusive and somber; she waits. Countless weary nights, she dreams of their eternal love, earning the fire of their forbidden reuniting. A timeless beauty, shining like the nebulas of stars in the lurid night sky, she remains dormant for the world to see. Hypnotizing every admirer and glancing bystander with her shapely figure, and lambent features. But, she only waits for him.

He radiates like the heavens and lands beyond our small world. His incandescent smile and exuding flares of pure light are positively blinding to the human eye, but not to her. He is the fire and she is the oxygen that fuels the burning flames. Every night, he dies for his beloved, only to let her breathe. He falls, only to assure that she may rise again.

They will never meet, nor will they suffer in solitude. He is the sun, lustrously shining in the daylight and birthing the beauty that is our moon.

Fluttering lashes and dreams of the untold stories of their love float through the mind as willingly as the air she breathes. The air the moon breathes as well; the glorified air straight from the mouth of the sun, the air he lost to give her life. Awake and dazed with a nebulous haze, she rises from the deep slumber in which she was cemented in. She untucks her petite chin out of its nested position in her arms. A glance across the room and there he is… her sun, but if only she was his moon. Butterflies beat their precious wings within the depths of her stomach as her eyes fix on his perfects chiseled features. Again she is in her own utopia, dreaming of their illusive love. Slowly, her mind drifts away from the teachers dragging lecture, away from the facts and figures that indulge and cradle her free minded soul. This is her story… of the sun and the moon.

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