Ode to John Malcovich

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Wrote this as an exercise


John Malcovich is a dick

He is a tiny little mouse that can crawl between the cracks in cement and live off of the feces of gods.

The pungent odor of the dead carcass he feasts on molests my nostrils, stinging my inner hairs, causing my eyes to water and my skin to sweat.

The crackle of the gun flashed quickly in the empty blackness from the alleyway.

John Malcovich was the center of a coup in eastern Indonesia.

The Dallas Cowboys are like a box of chocolates.

John Malcovich is like a box of chocolates.

John Malcovich is a flicker.


“This light is unforgiving on my cellulite,” the skanky looking stripper said as she removed her shirt, exposing the stretched out names of her two kids inked on her left shoulder blade.

John Malcovich was actually assaulted in Kenya, not at the center of a political uprising in South Asia.

John Malcovich proposed to the brunet stripper from Knoxville Tennessee so that he could pay for her legal bills and buy her 2 year old daughter diapers.

Playboy likes to drive fast and pull in front of cars that turn too slowly at greenlights.

Playboy will win the first chapter writing contest.

John Malcovich is dead inside as he actually used the stripper’s money on coke.

John Malcovich is the best actor in the world. He always finds a way to reinvent himself in each role he does.

 Tali ma benchode, John Malcovich.

My fish was saddened like John Malcovich in any movie.

John Malcovich stood atop the mountain as the clouds below parted at the wave of his hand, exposing the myriad of colors and scents from the sky and forest as the blood carved from the cellulite of the stripper trickled slowly down the rocks.

Submitted: April 16, 2012

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