poetry of war

\"The Many of War

Many disagree Many don’t understand the other Many feel that the other is deceived Many believe that the other is corrupt Many believe it has to be resolved Many believe that a resolution is war

Many join Many leave Many make plans Many make judgments Many believe courses of victory Many try to make peace Many don’ understand

Many hear, but don’t listen Many say, but don’t have faith Many judge, and don’t consider Many love Many hate Many just don’t heed Many need to focus Many don’t want to

But as the Many make mistakes And as few return from them They all begin to realize They have to do better the next time

But as the existence goes on And time keeps going The multitude makes the mistakes a second time That they so believed they learned

And now

They understand

That they are

The Many

Of War

Because Many don't understand the other.

Author: Christian McCuan\"

Submitted: September 16, 2008

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Emily Faith

Yay! Hmm, maybe for the formatting issue try taking out the apostrophes? I always thought this poem was cool! Again, good job.

Thu, September 18th, 2008 9:39pm

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