To Elise, Princess of Caer Llas, freedom is everything. But she doesn't have it. Boarding a ship with the only person she loves, Elise hopes to leave everything behind. Only things don't go to plan, and Elise needs to decide between following her head and her heart.

I'm changing my mind about the title again :L Any ideas if I decide to change it?

Table of Contents

Longing For Freedom

(A/N: Hiya! I just wanted to say, I hope you like it! And pretty please leave feedback behind :]) Elise "You must." I was s... Read Chapter


Elise A part of me was afraid. Wouldthe guards be sent into my room again tonight?Remember who you are...Myfears spread throughmy m... Read Chapter


Elise Blake was watching me, searching my face. "You're serious." He states quietly. "Yes." My heart is beating. If I can board... Read Chapter


Elise The castle is swamped in darkness, candles flicker in the archways; they reach out to me with their hot hands. Above the ... Read Chapter

Freedom & The Storm

Elise The first night on board Freewind, I slept with Grey beneath the stars and listened to the ocean singing. When the sun ro... Read Chapter


Alec I gathered the silver coins on the table, scooping them into the pouch hanging from my belt. Hek’s scarred face darkened. ... Read Chapter


Alec The sea and the sky merge in the dark, the lights on the ship and the half hidden moon the only light in the blackness. I ... Read Chapter

A New Name

Alec “It’s all okay now,” I whisper. She shakes her head, tears pouring from her eyes. “Grey.” She says quietly. “Whe... Read Chapter


Alec The sun is rising directly south east from the Water Dancer. The sea birds sing their songs as they swoop in the painted p... Read Chapter

To Live As Kheyra

[A/N: Sorry for the long wait everybody!!! I actually loved writing this chapter; so glad to finally be free of Writers Block!! Please ... Read Chapter

To Owe A Dead Man

Kheyra I step up onto the deck of Alec's ship and breathe in the fresh air. He stands beside me, hand hovering behind the lower... Read Chapter

Alec I watched her, someone soyoung and beautiful, cry. Her tears slipped down her face steadily. Her lips moved, forming words t... Read Chapter