I'll always be there for you

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Miyuki Orihara is a 23 year woman in charge of her bookstore that her brother Izaya bought. But when Izaya drops by followed closely by Shizuo, her brother leaves the two lovebirds. It seems these two have been crushing on each other since high school. What will happen between Miyuki and Shizuo?
***I do not own Durarara, only my OC***
Miyuki x Shizuo one shot

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012



Note: Durarara does not belong to me!

Name: Miyuki OriharaAge: 23Height: ‘5 “8

Personality: short-tempered, smart, strong, tomboy, protective for those she cares about, caring, cool, laid back, funny, nice, and calm.

Family: Izaya Orihara (brother)

Hair color: black

Length: down to waist

Eye color: golden


Sitting in the book store that I own and reading a book as I hear chaos ensue outside in Ikebukuro, ‘My brother must have pissed off Shizuo again,’ I thought sighing.

An hour later Izaya runs in with Shizuo behind him as my brother hides behind me, “Guys don’t fight in the book store.”

“Sorry little sister but Shizu-chan wants to kill me as usual,” Izaya said trying to taunt Shizuo who had a pissed off expression on his face.

“Don’t call me that!!” Shizuo yelled at Izaya.

I sighed in annoyance as I turned the page ignoring them entirely, “Why don’t you boys play outside instead of bugging me?”

“Aww are you trying to get rid of me Yuki-chan?” Izaya asked.

I narrowed my eyes in annoyance since that was the nickname he’d given me when we were younger, “didn’t I remind you to not call me that Izaya?”

Izaya just smirked loving the way he teases me, “oh, I must have forgot,” he walked away from me, “See ya later Shizu-chan & Yuki-chan,” and out of the store.

Shizuo was about to run after him when I spoke, “He’s not worth it Shizuo your just wasting your time on him.”

Shizuo sighed in annoyance and took out a cigarette, “Fine.”

Shizuo and I met while we were attending high school. Unfortunately it had to be when Shinra introduced Izaya to Shizuo.


“Izaya, Miyuki?” Shinra asked us.

“What is it Shinra?” I asked.

“Would you like to meet a friend of mine?” Shinra asked smiling happily.

“We already met Celty you’re soon-to-be-wife. Who else is there?” I asked chuckling.

Shinra blushed from that but shrugged it off, “if you follow me I’ll introduce you to him.”

“All right Shinra. Lead the way,” Izaya said.

We both walked out of the classroom, down the steps and outside to where I saw a man with blonde hair beating up a lot of guys. The blonde man was soon done fighting and stopped to hear my brother clapping.  I was curious of who this strong man was, but Shinra beat me to it.

“Guys this is Shizuo Hewajima and as you can see he’s very strong just from the number of guys he took out,” Shinra explained.

“I can see that Shinra. I just hope that his brains are better than his fists,” Izaya said trying to taunt Shizuo.

“You piss me off,” Shizuo mentioned in an annoyed tone of voice.

“I do?” Izaya asked smirking at him. My brother put his hand on my shoulder, “this is my little sister, Miyuki and I’m Izaya Orihara.”

Shizuo glanced down at me taking in my appearance and I swore I could see a hint of pink on his cheeks, “Nice to meet you Miyuki.”

“Nice to meet you too Shizuo,” I said smiling up at him.

“Looks like we got lovebirds!” Shinra said happily.

“Isn’t that cute,” Izaya said smirking at us.

“Shut up!” Shizuo and myself shouted in unison at Izaya and Shinra.

-Flashback over-

“You ok?” Shizuo asked me suddenly.

That caused me to jump, “y-yeah I’m fine Shizuo.”

“You don’t look like your fine,” Shizuo said walking towards me and behind the counter to place his hand on my forehead, “you don’t have a fever.”

‘Not when you do that to me,’ I thought.

Since I got this job when I was a senior in high school, Shizuo has been awfully protective of me. Mostly because yellow scarves come by occasionally and question if I’m part of the dollars. If Shizuo is there with me like he is now they run off screaming.

“Shizuo I’m fine seriously,” I said faking a smile.

Shizuo sighed, “I’m just-“

“Being protective? Look I know how pissed you get when people such as the yellow scarves bother me. I can take care of myself. I’ve been taking some defensive classes,” I explained to him.

Shizuo withdrew his hand from my forehead as he turned around, “I just…tch, never mind.”

“Don’t want anything bad to happen to me?” I said smirking at him.

“Yeah,” He replied as he looked back at me to place his hand on my head to mess it up a few times.

I giggled as Shizuo looked away blushing.


Sadly Shizuo had to go to work just as my shift ended. I started to walk down the streets of Ikebukuro while I could hear footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw no one there so I continued walking and bumped into someone.

“Sorry didn’t see you—“my voice was cut off as I saw four members of the yellow scarves look back at me while there leader whom I bumped into kicked me down to the ground.

“You just made a big mistake bumping into me you bitch,” the leader said angrily at me.

“I didn’t see you. I apologize,” I said trying to reason to him as I got up.

The four grunts surrounded me, while two of them grabbed my arm as I tried to struggle, but the leader pulled out a knife and pressed it up against my neck.

“You move and I’ll slice your throat,” the leader threatened.

I narrowed my eyes in anger that I was pulled into a trap like this so easily. I just wished if I was strong just like Shizuo or my brother I would have taken down these idiots a long time ago.

“What do you plan on doing to me?” I asked.

The leader chuckled evilly at me, “what we always do…question if you’re part of the dollars.”

“I already told you I’m not part of that group!” I shouted.

The leader punched me in the gut as I spit out blood, “Liar!!”

“We should put her out of her misery boss,” mentioned one of the grunts.

“No, I wonder how long she’ll last if I cut her to shreds,” the leader said grinning.

I raised my head as some of my hair got in the way, “are you just scared to kill me you sick bastard?”

“Why you little!” the leader shouted in anger as he slashed my chest and face. Leaving a long scar on both areas of my body as blood started to seep through my clothes. The leader grabbed my hair and forced me to meet his gaze, “I should just kill you.”

“Then do it. I’m not afraid of death,” I replied plainly.

“No, not yet,” the leader said as he forced the knife on my cheek harshly as blood trickled down, “beating you up and giving you wounds sounds fun enough.”

The grunts grabbed my arms as the leader gave me about a dozen slashes all over my body as blood trickled from the wounds. The leader then ordered his grunts to beat me up until I was barely moving and that’s when they left me all alone on the ground to rot. I thought I was going to die from the number of wounds, punches, kicks and slashes I received and passed out from the loss of blood. I heard screams coming from the yellow scarves that just walked away and I could barely see what was going on before I blacked out.


That is when I woke up in my apartment on my bed, “What? How did I get here?”

“I carried you Miyuki,” said an annoyed voice.

I looked over and there sitting on the bed was Shizuo, “I thought you were at work?”

“I heard someone shouting and saw that you were in trouble. I thought you could handle it?” Shizuo said in a slightly worried tone.

“I did…” I replied looking away, “I was…”

“Weak?” Shizuo said finishing my sentence.

I looked back at him, “Yes. I guess I should have let you walked me home instead.”

“Do your wounds hurt?” Shizuo asked.

I tried leaning over but I winced, “Obivously.”

“Let me treat your wounds.”

“We’re not going to Shinra’s?”

“He’ll just make it worse for us.”

“Good point,” wait a minute, “What do you mean ‘us’?”

Shizuo blushed from my question, “Uh, your wounds I mean.”

I raised my eyebrow at him as he went to get the med kit and came back, “Shizuo are you feeling ok?”

“I’m fine Miyuki,” Shizuo replied as he started treating me.

“Are you sure?” I asked in a worried tone.

“Yes I’m sure,” Shizuo began to blush more, “can you remove your shirt so I can treat the wounds on your chest?”

Ok I began wondering why Shizuo was acting this way. Sure we’re best friends and all, but he’s been blushing a lot recently. I took off the shirt that I had on and put it next to me as I was left in my bra. Shizuo then started to treat me as he focused his attention on the scars on my arm and not my chest, but he began to slow down quite a bit.

I grabbed his hand as he looked up at me in slight surprise, “let me help you.”

Shizuo agreed by the nod he’d given me and I helped him wrapped the wounds in bandages. Minutes pass by and the only thing to treat was my face, which I let Shizuo do on his own. I was never this close to him before mainly from how hot my face was getting. There was a bit of amusement in his eyes. My guess is that he can see my red face while my eyes focused on the window outside.

“Miyuki, why is your face warm?” Shizuo asked.

I looked back at him and blushed, “I have a fever.”

“No, that’s not it. What’s the matter?” Shizuo asked putting his hand on my cheek.

I sighed, “How long have we’ve been friends?”

“Since I met you back in high school. Why?”

I leaned in towards his face while he remained still as I closed my eyes and kissed him. It seems we both had the same feelings for each other when Shizuo decided to close his eyes and kissed back. I’ve known this man since high school and realized I had a small crush on him, but I learned how to keep it secret when he was around. Izaya knew I had feelings for Shizuo since he picks on me about the subject. A few minutes later we both pulled away and looked into each other’s eyes.

“Why couldn’t you tell me about this?” Shizuo asked in surprise

“I figured you’d reject me,” I replied sadly.

“Miyuki I would never reject you.”


Shizuo caressed my cheek, “Mhm, the reason is because…”

“’Because’ what?”

“Because I love you Miyuki Orihara,” Shizuo replied with smile.

I was a loss for words of what to say, but I had to choose, “I love you too Shizuo.”

“I want you to be with me…will you be my girlfriend?”

I placed my hand on his cheek, “Of course I will.”

Shizuo smiled again as we kissed for a few more minutes as we pulled away. He crawled on to the bed and wrapped his arm around me in a loving embrace.

“I’ll always be there for you Miyuki no matter what happens between us.”

I never knew Shizuo can be so passionate about his feelings. I just thought that he was a force to be reckoned with when you got him pissed about something, but here he is spilling his feelings and his heart for me, “Awe Shizuo.”

I hugged him as he hugged back and from then on we enjoyed ourselves being a couple much to the surprised of Shinra and Celty when we told them about this. I know now how much fun my life will be now that my heart has found true love.

© Copyright 2018 my three initials spell EMO. All rights reserved.

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