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Just Your Typical Vampire love story

Submitted: December 14, 2014

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Submitted: December 14, 2014






Merlaina and Kaydence were down by the beach, it was the last day of sophomore year. They went to go set up for the beach blast that Merlaina throws every year.

While they were at the party, Kaydence pulled Merlaina through the woods away from the crowd of people. Merlaina began to get worried. Then Kaydence begins.

“Well Lainy, as you know I’m moving at the end of the summer and I just wanted to tell you... ”Merlaina is looking very puzzled and nervous.

“… I’m not what you think I am” 

Merlaina stares at her in silence

“I’m sorry for this, but I don’t want to lose the only friend that I’ve had in decades”

Merlaina finally spoke.  “Kay, what are you ta­-”




Merlaina Was Bitten







It was July, a Saturday I think, when it happened. My best friend had turned me into this creature. In the past fourteen years I have killed, loved ones, friends, and people I don’t even know. I have lived in three different countries and have lied to hundreds of different people.

I am Merlaina Smythe

I am a vampire









Chapter One

 Merlaina woke up confused, Kaydence stood across the room unpacking. They had just moved to Florida, It was Merlaina’s 38th move since her change.  Neither of them were thrilled to have to go back to school again. Kaydence walked over to the refrigerator and grabs a pouch that contains blood and then tosses it at Merlaina.

“Wake up loser, we have to get ready for school“

Merlaina gives her a very disgruntled look

“What’s the point? I mean, we’ve already graduated, thirty times honestly. I mean really why do we have to keep going to school to learn the same old things every year and then movie right after or right before we have to graduate?”

She questioned seriously.

“To keep people of our backs!”Kaydence had snapped, and then she calmed down.“The last thing we need is someone or something finding out what we are”

Then Merlaina gave her a heavy sigh as she rolled her eyes at her.



They got to school, both of them had Ms. Turners Art class. Ms. Turner was a tall lady with short curly red hair, and was very eccentric.

“Okay class today’s is assignment is feeling, how, or what you are feeling you are feeling. For example, I’m feeling very happy today, so my painting is this song bird, and I painted it with bright ‘happy’ colors so do you guys understand? Yes? Good! Get to work.” Merlaina gave a quick glace to Kaydence who was placed on the opposite side of the room. She gave Merlaina that ‘don’t even think about it’ look, like Kaydence new exactly what she was thinking.

As Merlaina begins to paint, the boy she is working next to begins to talk to her.

“Hey, my name is Adam. Nice to meet you” then he extended his hand expecting her to shake it.

Merlaina ignored him.

Thirty minutes passed, Ms. Turner was allowing people to start displaying their paintings. Adam got up and placed his up in the front. It was a painting of a boy and a girl; they were sitting on the beach looking at the sunset.  It was probably the most beautiful painting Merlaina had ever seen made by a high school student. Then Merlaina brought up her picture and when she went to go back to her seat, Ms. Turner stopped her.

“Miss Smythe, exactly what is the point of your painting?”

“Well, Ms. Turner as you can see its Black,”

“Yes Merlaina I can see that but what is the purpose of the black, seeing that all it is, is black?”

 “Well the black represents nothing, I feel like my life is never changing, just like the picture you see black, every time you look at it it’s just black well my life is always the same, I just pack and move, pack and move, over, and over, and over again so my life is practically a black abyss. ”

“That was deep” someone said faintly in the background.

Then the bell rang, then Merlaina was off to chemistry, and when she there she saw Adam,

“Are you stalking me?” Adam said joking with her. She ran over and sat next to him be for that teacher had a chance to sit her next to some other weirdo “SO you ignored me when I tried to introduce myself earlier”  “oh, yeah sorry about that I was listening to my music it was kind of loud” Merlaina explained.

“Oh, well anyways, I’m Adam Ba-”

“You thought my reasoning was deep?”

“What are you talking about?”  Adam questioned

“You know exactly what I’m talking about, in art class you said and I quote ‘that was deep’ right after I had finished explaining my painting”

“Uh…. Um…. Hi I’m Adam Barker.”

“Merlaina Smythe” She said shaking his hand.




The final bell of the day rang and Merlaina was wandering around the halls looking for Kaydence, and then she had heard from some girl that she had left school. So then Merlaina walked out the front door and darted home.



Chapter 2

Merlaina got home and the house was destroyed. There was broken object, broken blood bags, and objects dispersed everywhere. Merlaina searched the house and Kaydence was nowhere to be found. While wandering about the living room trying to think of what could have happened to Kaydence or where she could be she had began to notice the scent of the blood that was everywhere and it had put her in to a frenzy. It had cracked up her face all around her eyes and had turned her eyes a deep red almost burgundy color. And then she decided she was going to look elsewhere for Kaydence because it was clear that she wasn’t home and Merlaina was better off getting out of there before something bad would happen.

She when to leave and she swung open the door and she just froze.

  Adam was standing there in shock just staring at Merlaina’s face, and then Merlaina slammed the door in his face.

Adam began to shout to Merlaina, “What’s going on? Please open the door. I just wanted to talk.”

Merlaina opened the door, her eyes still red and her face semi-cracked.

Adam just stared at her, scared out of his mind but he tried to stay strong.  “Ok, Adam, I would love to explain but I honestly have no time to I really have to get out of here.”  “Merlaina wait...” “No Adam I really need to go” ”Please Merlaina”

Then she just vanished.


Merlaina was searching

And searching

And searching.

And she found these green cloaked people. She sensed that they were up to no good so she decided to follow them. Two of the cloaked people were carrying a girl with short blonde hair. They stood her against the wall and whispered something to her that for some reason made her just stand there. They brought in another girl; she had long, dark, curly hair. Seeing her from the back I had a feeling I knew who she was. Then they turned her around. My suspicion was true, it was Kaydence. I knew I would find her.

Merlaina had a feeling she knew who these cloaked people were.

While she was sitting there watching, someone grabbed her arm. Merlaina whipped around fangs out, face cracked eyes, and blackened to try to scare whoever it was away, but then she saw it was Adam. He had somehow managed to follow her through the woods.

“What are you doing out here are you trying to get killed” Merlaina said partially irritated, partially relieved.  “I wanted to help you, I don’t know exactly how, but I knew something was wrong.” “Adam you don’t know what you’re talking about or what you’re trying to get into. You can’t be here they’ll find you.” “Who will?” “Kaydence said they’re called Larks. They’re a type of witch that hunts vampires.” “What are you trying to say” Adam asked. “Adam I think you’re smart enough to know exactly what I’m talking about, please don’t make me say it.”  He stared at her blankly, like he knew but still just wanted her to say it.

Merlaina sighed.

Were vampires Adam, seriously how did you not understand that? They trying to test her to see if she is harmful, not that will stop them from trying to kill her.” She explained “Well how do they do that?”  “See that blonde girl?” Adam nodded.  “Well if you didn’t already know they are going to kill her, and when they do you need to make sure that I stay here to do you understand, because the blood when they kill her usually puts vampires into a frenzy, which was how you saw me at my house. Well it’s a test to see if Kaydence, or any vampire, will give in and attack. If she doesn’t give in hen the larks assume she means no harm.”  “And if she does?“

“If she does” Merlaina Continued “They’ll think she’s harmful and they will kill her. But here’s the catch, the larks know that even the most harmless vampire cannot resist the scent of blood strait from the living veins of a human”

“But cant she just fun away from them aren’t vampire suppose to be like super fast or something?”  “Adam this isn’t Twilight, this is reality. We don’t sparkle and we don’t burn in the sun, we don’t have super human speed or strength. The only way a lark can even detect us is because we don’t have a heart beat because we’re dead or by our eyes because they turn amber gold or midnight black.”  “So how do these witches kill something that is already dead?”  “First, you have to get us in to a frenzy because were so concentrated on all of the blood that we are oblivious to everything around us,” Merlaina then jumps due to the terrifying scream from the blonde girl. The two of them began to pay very close attention to what was going on.  Adam then asks “But how do you kill them” At that moment a huge bonfire lit. “They burn them.” Merlaina answer with a very scared tone.

They kept an eye on Kaydence as she stood with three other vampires

\"(untitled“That plateau right there, is sort of like a bowl that becomes filled with blood. It’s mostly used to taunt the vampires. The legends say that vampires that don’t fall for the trick are the ‘pure ones’ and their lives are spared, but in reality unless you can out run them you die anyways luckily me and Kaydence have encountered them before so we know exactly what to do.”Adam continued to question. “Where did the Larks come from, I mean like, how did they come to be?”  And as she was about to answer Merlaina caught the scent of the blood. Adam saw her face, her cracked skin, her darkened eyes and her deadly sharp fangs. But Thankfully Kaydence seemed to be the only one who was somehow resisting.

“Merlaina its ok, you’ll be fine, so will Kaydence. Look at her. ” Adam said attempting to soothe a vampire. As Merlaina calms down, her face goes back to normal, but her eyes, still crimson red.

They sat there for a few more hours. Kaydence and one other vampire are the only two that have not fallen in to the trap of the larks. Then finally Kaydence snaps.

While the larks weren’t paying attention, Kaydence darted into the wood. When Merlaina saw her, the two of them followed.

Little did they know, the larks were not too far behind them.

When Merlaina and Adam finally caught up with Kaydence they had just lost the lark but they knew they were still out there looking for them. They found an abandoned building out in the middle of the woods and they hid in it. They watched as the larks passed. The three of them were scared out of their minds.



Chapter 3


Adam was in full panic mode.

“Someone needs to tell me what the heck is going on, and not just ‘oh, well were vampires.’ No!  I want the whole story. Someone needs to tell me what is going on.” Merlaina looks at him with fear.

“Adam, believe me you already know more than you should.”

“Please Merlaina, I’m begging you.”

Merlaina sighs and then looks to Kaydence, she nods. “Ok” She Began. “it was in 1897, we were living in London.”

“Wait?” Adam Interrupted “London…… England?”

“Yes Adam London England, at the time it was the second largest vampire population in the world, now let me move on. So Kay and I were living in London, it was the same year I had been turned. We were on our way to Florence, because at the time Florence had the largest vampire population in the world. But where there are vampires, there are larks, and let’s just say that’s where we first encountered our ‘friends’ and after a lark finds you the only way that they will never find you again is to either miraculously become human again or to die.”  “But,” Kaydence added, “Most vampires don’t think like we do.”  “What do you mean?” Adam asked.

“We faked our death, well kind of” Kaydence added


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