A million's life

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The story of a life slider who makes an awful mistake...

Submitted: July 17, 2008

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Submitted: July 17, 2008



A million’s life

Did you ever want to be someone else? I know I did. But I never thought it would get to this.


One night I went to bed wishing I was someone else. The strange thing is that it worked. I had all of that person’s memories and I kind of liked my new life. It was quite odd but it did not compare to when I woke up the next day.


No, I was not myself again but I was someone else… again. It is like a bad habit that does not go away. I keep waking up in someone else’s life for a day. I have had strange experiences but nice too.


The nice thing would be the fact that I could help each person. When I was a policeman or a doctor I saved 5 people’s lives. And I even experienced what is like to be a woman. It was… Well let me just say it was different.


I have done a lot of good but I have also done a lot of bad. It had been about a year since this had started. I woke up standing on a cliff. The person whose life I was living was trying to kill herself. I wanted my life back so I made the courage and jumped hoping everything would get back to normal.


But it did not work. I was still another person. I went out and bought a newspaper. I read the front page news. About 360 people had died the night before. They all died at the same time in their sleep.


I read the first name on the victims list. It was me.


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