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Leland: A short story inspired by a summer night and the importance of being grateful.

Submitted: November 06, 2012

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Submitted: November 06, 2012



LELAND: By: John M. Hoffman

Now my experience I would wish on no person but was truly what I personally needed to embrace a heightened sense of things. True Story! I often do an intense cardio workout in which I rollerblade up a hill on a street in my neighborhood when my bike tire gets a flat. After about twelve runs I decided one more time. I had a bad feeling when I was going up, as I passed that second side street that’s right over the hill where I have gained most of the momentum; I noticed it was getting a bit dark too. At the top of the hill, I raced down as fast as I could to feel the breeze and put my arms out to get the best of it. I fly over the hill and notice the car in my nightmare at that damn intersection even worst they are not moving. I know she can’t see me and is about to go and sure enough!  Of course I don’t have protective gear on, I’m a free spirit!  If I veered to the left ill hit the back of the car for sure my only chance was to turn so hard right that my wheels were almost floating against the pavement to beat the car. Yes! I was trying to weigh myself down so the wheels wouldn’t just slip out from under me. I wasn’t scared I was intently focused but ready for impact. But it never happened! Rolling pass her window inches from the side of her car I saw 26 on the speedometer and kindly thru her the peace sign and received a snobby look. : ) I was alive! And deserved to get some Harold’s chicken. I couldn’t believe it; after everything that I have been through after everything I have learned through out my life; it all came down to that moment. Now I have this feeling, this feeling when you achieve or the feeling of being so grateful, except this time the feeling won’t go away, ALL I can think about is achieving my goals by contributing to the wellbeing of my professional self esteem. I am so focused on developing ways to contribute to society and grateful for all the values I have adapted from those who have shaped my character. I looked death in the face that night as I was bladeing up that hill knowing and accepting that something terrible could happen. I could feel a gain of breath as I looked right where that young woman would be at that exact moment, but I moved forward. It took everything I had to survive that; everything I was reminded I had deep within. My want to survive, my sole screaming out, not today! I want to live! I want to know what’s next! And so it was, No one saw, I didn’t scream, I didn’t even smile right after. It was like automatic acceptance on the same level as gratitude, you just know.

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John Mark Hoffman


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