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Heres something sad but true. Its about 69 or 70 years ago. It isnt about me but its about a close friend.

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



 Hi i am jessie, and this is the story of how i died. Ok, so this is how my story started.


When i was 5 i was abandoned by my dad with my sister. My grandma told me my mom went to the big city. My grandma died a few weeks later. My sister died last week of drinking contaminated water and food that doctors could have fixed easily, but the doctors said we were just children and should run home. I told him I dont have a home. He called me and my sister mean words that my mom told me not to speak of.So now i am alone and i sit on the sidewalk just hoping that my mom will come get me. I always like the confort of my sister when we went begging for money. Every time we got doors slammed in our faces. Right now my home is in an alley if the animals stay away im safe. I have many scars from the animals that tried to kill me. My only friend was a little rabbit i named him hoppy. i was almost starved and so was hoppy. I saw a little fresh food. I was starving and i was just about to eat. Then, i saw how starving hoppy was. i gave him what may have saved my life. that night i died of starvation. But hoppy didnt and he got a good home. My body was found and they didnt know who it was so the threw me into the pacific ocean. Until this day i lie in my resting place. Im with my mom and my sister now in the big city.




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