For Always Jugenea: Passion Wins Out

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The next installment of my Jugenea fan fiction, For Always, a fictional love story between Judy Garland and Gene Kelly. After a brief separation, they find their feelings for each other have only grown deeper.

Submitted: June 08, 2013

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Submitted: June 08, 2013



In 1944, Hollywood was in full swing, cranking out entertainment for audiences in sore need of entertainment. Gene was working nonstop. The six months after his last meeting with Judy, between the work and having a house full of friends every moment of the weekend, he pushed himself back to a semblance of normalcy. The war continued; Gene wanted to enlist, but Betsy wasn’t thrilled about him leaving his little family so soon. So, he threw himself into his work, filming Cover Girl at Columbia; that gave him his first chance to really stretch his choreographic talent. The picture was a huge success; and Metro finally figured out what to do with him, giving him his first big musical, Anchors Aweigh.  Frank Sinatra was his co-star and the two quickly became great friends, even with their opposite temperaments when it came to rehearsing.  While Gene was a great socializer, he was a solitary man; he had many acquaintances, but few close friends. Frank struck a chord in him and they soon became fast friends. It made filming a pleasure and the experience flew by.  Before he knew it, principal shooting was almost completed. Shortly thereafter, he informed Betsy that he was tired of sitting on the sidelines and enlisted. He actually looked forward to going into the service. 

Now that Judy was with Joe, he was focused enough on his day-to-day life to see that things weren’t exactly as he thought they were. What he thought was a solid little unit wasn’t so solid. Betsy had started back acting, and spent more time away; while Gene wanted her to do what made her happy, he didn’t like the idea of his daughter being raised by a hired hand. He laid down the law that they were never away concurrently, so that one of them was always with Kerry. It didn’t take long for him to see that time away did not make the heart grow fonder. Gene wondered if his affair with Judy was discovered, but it wasn’t – it was just that Betsy was so young when they married, she thought everything he did was wonderful, but now that she was a mother and a woman with her own thoughts and those thoughts often conflicted with Gene’s. She was a free spirit and that conflicted with what he needed in a partner. Eventually, they agreed to try things apart for a little while. He took a place near Betsy’s so that he could see Kerry every day. It was difficult, but manageable. What was hard was that they still played the happily married couple to the press – even though their close friends knew differently. 

Even with so much going on, Judy often crossed his mind, but he stayed away. He’d heard her relationship with Joe was going well and he didn’t want to interfere. He could always get laid. If he wanted companionship, there were willing sexual partners at the studio and from time to time, he’d make time with a beautiful dancer or chorus girl, but he never repeated an encounter. He made it well known he wanted no involvement.. Gene took to playing tennis with a group of friends and volleyball at the beach, frequently bringing Kerry along to play with other kids. These trips turned them both tan; he felt good and fit. He often saw the little cottage on his trips to the beach and each time he felt that familiar lurch and wondered how Judy was doing. He missed her more than he cared to admit.

For her part, Judy was equally as busy and unbeknownst to Gene, her relationship with Joe proved to be frustrating. She knew what she felt was real; she really did care deeply for him and he for her, but Joe was not going to leave his wife. She was ill, and they didn’t live together, but divorce was out of the question. Judy wanted something more concrete and permanent, especially after the ambiguity of her future with Gene; Joe wouldn’t budge and eventually the relationship petered out. For once, she was happy to be working as hard as she was.  Gene did cross her mind, and often; even though she loved Joe, part of her still loved Gene very much. When she saw him, her heart lurched and her palms grew sweaty.  Once, their eyes met across the canteen. It was obvious that he still had deep feelings for her. She recognized that softness in his eyes. They couldn’t break the stare and remained rooted there until someone came and retrieved Gene to the set.He smiled a sad smile at her over his shoulder as he left.  Judy’s legs felt like jelly. He would always do that to her.

Several weeks after that meeting, she was sitting in make-up.  Two chorus dancers came in gossiping and giggling.  One of them was describing an encounter she had with someone Judy surmised was a much more famous member of the Metro studio.  Always interested in studio back stories, Judy listened.

“ I’m telling you, Jane, he was a tiger; what a physique.  He was so funny and charming and boy could he go,” as the two women giggled together, it became hard to hear, but Judy was able to figure out that the blonde had slept with this actor last night, and evidently he was quite artful in bed. As the woman went into greater detail. Judy, leaning back in her chair and thought that was one aspect of being with Gene she really missed. He was a fantastic lover. She said to herself, you want artful? I’ll show you artful. Gene was artful. You don’t know anything, sister.

“His body was like a statue. If it weren’t for that little scar on his cheek and this little birthmark on his bicep, he would be perfect. – “

Judy’s eyes flew open and her jaw dropped. The two women saw her reaction in the mirror and sat there stunned. Judy waved her hands, exclaiming, “I’m sorry! I just remembered something – “ 

She dashed out of the make-up chair and ran for her dressing room. Once inside, she perched on the edge of the daybed to catch her breath. Gene! Sleeping with chorus girls!  She was shocked. He was not the type, at least he said he wasn’t the type and she’d always believed him. Anger washed over her and she curled her hands into fists, furious to think that he was no different than most men on that lot.  Judy stormed around her dressing room until her temper subsided.  She began to calm down and it dawned on her, she had no right to even care anymore.  They had broken up.  She tried to replace her hurt and her anger with that realization, but it wasn’t very successful. 

His notice to report to basic training was set for fall, but Gene was still waiting for an exact date. In the meantime, he set to enjoying as much time as possible over the summer with his daughter and finish the rework needed on Anchors Aweigh.  He and his protégé, Stanly Donen set to work on the animated portion of the movie; something they had lobbied hard for and eventually won permission to do.  One afternoon, clad in his usual rehearsal clothes of a t-shirt, old khakis and a sweater tied casually around his shoulders, he walking from the production studio while reviewing notes for staging the dance.  Judy spotted him coming toward her and felt the butterflies stirring in her belly. She stopped and waited. Part of her wanted to see him and part of her wanted to run away. Distracted by the notes, he walked right past Judy without acknowledging her.  She was so shocked she turned to watch him as he kept walking. How could he ignore her like that? Judy’s anger flared and she shook her head.  He WAS no better than any of the other “tigers” on the lot.  She almost went after him, but was afraid of his reaction, and feeling hurt she went in the other direction. 

Gene remained immersed in the work for several long days until he was happy with his primary footwork.  At the end of the week, he felt good enough about his progress he rewarded himself by going to see Frank perform that night at the Hollywood Bowl. The show was magnificent and afterwards, he joined several acquaintances at Musso and Frank's, where they began to drink.  Frank eventually met Gene at the bar and the two men ordered whiskey.  Frank turned and whacked him on the arm.

“Say, what did you do to Judy?”

“What do you mean? I didn’t do anything to Judy. I haven’t seen her.”

“You must have. We did a broadcast together at NBC and she was livid. I’ve never seen her angry with you; you were always the golden boy in her eyes. Shanty, you must have done something to get her goat.”

Gene was startled, “Whaaaa? What did she say?”

“Something about you being a world-class ass and that she was mistaken about you – you aren’t the man she thought you were.  She didn’t get into detail, but buddy boy, she was smoking!”

Gene was floored; he honestly had no idea what he had done.  Feeling annoyed, he finished his drink, and then made his excuses to Frank and his friends.  Getting plastered tonight was not a good idea.  He rushed the valet to bring his Ford and he got behind the wheel. During the drive, he wondered what Judy was talking about. They’d agreed to keep their relationship under wraps; she was the one who ended it and now she was calling him a louse?  What else had she said?  The whole thing seemed incongruous, but if that was what happened, it didn’t ring true.  He had to get to the bottom of this. Turning the car around, he headed to Judy’s. He tried to remain calm, but his Irish temper had gotten the better of him. By the time he reached her house, he was boiling with anger.  The lights were out, but her car was in the driveway.  He drove past, parked down the street and walked up to her door.  He knocked quietly, but there was no answer.  Knocking harder, he still got no answer. Growing exasperated, he rang the bell. A few minutes went by, and finally the porch light came on and the door opened a crack, clutching her robe at her throat. When Judy saw that it was he she opened the door wider. She looked sleepy and startled at the same time. 

“What the hell are you doing here?” she asked.

“What did I do?” he asked

“You came over here at two o’clock in the morning to ask me that?  Are you crazy?”

“I’m not crazy, evidently just a world class ass, so I must not have the sense to know what time it is!” he said through clenched teeth.

“Get in here, I don’t want this in the papers in the morning!” she reached out and grabbed his arm and pulled him into the house. He strode into a spacious living room and turned to wait for her to follow him.  His Irish temper was hot and right now he was looking for an excuse to explode. She stood in the doorway and gave him a quizzical look. 

“Well, Judy?” he asked, crossing his arms across his chest.

“You’re angry? What right do you have to be angry?” she spat; after all he had ignored her, like she was one of the conquests that she heard about from the gossipy chorus dancers, “You’ve been enjoying yourself, I hear you’re quite the Don Juan of the chorus set!”

“What are you talking about?  Who told you that?” his eyes widened with surprise.

“ Your conquests!  I guess you are having that second career!” she fumed, stamping her foot.  Storming past him, Judy retrieved a cigarette from the wooden case on the end table. Turning, she waited to see if he would light it, but he stayed rooted, floored that his activities were far more indiscreet than he realized. Lighting it herself, she blew out the match as she exhaled. 

“I guess dalliances have become more commonplace,” She said coolly, “and that causes you to be more callous with the people in your life, rather, the people who were in your life.”

“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about,” Gene shook his head, as if to clear his thoughts. 

Then it dawned on him. Judy probably didn’t know about his separation.  Flexing his shoulders a few times he started to cross the room to her.  Judy crossed her arms in front of her chest, her cigarette still smoldering in her hand. She didn’t want him near her.  He paused and glanced down for a moment before he asked,

“Is that why I’m a ‘world class ass’?”
“Who told YOU that?” Judy asked angrily.
“Not one of my hundreds of lovers,” he replied with the same emotion.

They stood there staring at each other, both beginning to realize that there was an undercurrent to this anger.  Judy crushed out her cigarette and Gene stood there rocking on his toes, feeling like he’d burn up if he didn’t soon move. They were both being stubborn – Judy to what was really driving her anger, and Gene’s misunderstanding of the whole situation.  Judy rubbed her forehead and said in a tired voice,

“I’m tired.  Look, we’re over.  You can sleep with whoever you want to sleep with, it’s no affair of mine.”
“Judy.” His voice was still angry, but very controlled.
She turned her eyes to him.
“Betsy and I aren’t together anymore.”

Judy was shocked. Speechless, she sat down in a club chair.

“What? When?” she asked.
“A while ago…. obviously things weren’t working.  We live near each other for Kerry’s sake.  No, I haven’t been a monk…but, dammit, I have NOT misrepresented myself.”

Approaching her again, he sat on the coffee table opposite the chair and leaned on his elbows, his eyes fixed on hers.

“Now, why have I been a world class ass?” 

“I saw you the other day and I approached you.  I was scared to death!  We haven’t seen in each other in so long,”

Judy looked down, suddenly feeling very sheepish.  She raised her eyes, “You walked right past as if I didn’t exist and with everything I’d been hearing, well, it really hurt my feelings.”

“You did?” Gene was flummoxed, “I was so buried in work; honey, I didn’t even see you…You don’t think I’d ever do something like that intentionally?  How could you think that??”

Judy gave a short laugh and a shrug.  She dug a handkerchief out of her robe and began to knead it between her fingers.  Without looking at him, she said,

“When Joe and I broke up, I didn’t hear from you. I figured things were good with Betsy. Then I started hearing about you making the rounds of the chorus dancers, and I put two and two together and somehow got five….”

“You and Joe broke up?” Gene’s eyes widened.  He reached into his jacket and fished around for his cigarette packet, but found it empty. Reaching over, he gently tapped on Judy’s knee. She looked up and he gestured to the cigarette box. She opened it to him and he retrieved one, lighting it as he watched her processing everything.  They were both silent, unsure what to do next. Eventually, Gene stubbed out the cigarette, smacked his hands against his thighs, and stood up.

“Well, we’re a pair,” he sighed and walked to the window, peering out into the dark California night.

“ I know,” Judy, replied softly, “We can’t seem to get it right, can we?”

“ I don’t know, we’ve never been in the right situation,” he absently began poking at the wooden dowels separating the panes, “It’s always been catch as catch can, snatching time here and there.  I stayed away because I thought you were happy.  Believe me, I didn’t want to, but I wasn’t going to go charging in if things were going well; I thought our ship had sailed.”

“I’ve thought of you often, but when I heard you were sleeping around I really hated you.” She said softly.

“I’d never do anything intentionally to make you hate me. Why didn’t you just talk to me?”

“I told you, my feelings were hurt.”

Judy sat back in the club chair and curled her legs under her.  She lit a cigarette and waited for him to reply, but the room fell back into silence.  Gene thought about asking her what happened between her and Joe, but decided he didn’t want to know.  He eventually turned and leaned against the sill.  The only light was coming from the foyer.  He could see Judy in profile and watched the smoke curl over her head. Her robe had fallen open and he could see the curve of her neck and the slight swell of her breasts.  Desire flamed up in him, but he remained rooted to the spot. 

“You drive me crazy, Judy.” Gene said with a frustrated chuckle; he lifted his hands and held out his palms,  “You’re so emotional, so unpredictable, so, so…... AAAAAgggggggghhhhhh,”

He brought his hands down as if he were pushing it all away.

“But you love me,” she whispered, turning her face to the window where he stood.

“I do, damn it to hell, I do. If I didn’t, I would be the world’s biggest ass.”

In soft light, she could see his beautiful grin.  She chuckled softly and rose.  She went to him and they embraced tenderly, melting into each other arms.  Gene kissed the top of her head and laid his cheek against her forehead; she felt so good it sent a tremor through him.  Judy lifted her lips to his and kissed him softly; he tasted of whisky, tobacco and tenderness.  Taking his hand, she led him to the couch. They embraced again and sank into the cushions. Cradling her face, he pressed soft kisses all over her face before covering her lips with his.

“I so missed kissing you,” he murmured, his lips still against hers.

Judy sighed softly and gently tugged his collar so that he pressed her further into the cushions.  She raised her fingers to caress his face and they kissed soft, sensual kisses. He ran his fingers over the soft silky fabric. His kisses and caresses awoke all her buried desire for him. Judy leaned back to a reclining position and pulled him over her. Their kisses grew hungrier; running her hands over him, she reveled in the warmth of his skin and the way his erection was now pressing hard against her pelvis.


“Judy,” he growled, “You’re driving me crazy.

“I love you,” she whispered huskily, “I missed feeling you against me.”


Gazing down, his eyes black with desire, he licked his lips slowly. Her skin was softly luminous in the dim light, her eyes locked on his, telegraphed her desire for him. Lowering his lips to hers, he kissed so passionately she had to moan out loud.

“Take me upstairs, make love to me,” she whispered, her lips brushing against his.

Gene groaned; he wanted her so badly; he kissed her again and held her close.

“I can’t stay; I have to pick up Kerry very early, but I’ll be back tomorrow night,” he said softly running his free hand over her hip, “and I want to stay the night, okay?  I want to wake up with you.”

“I’ll be here.” 

After a short while, he got up and pulled her up with him. Setting her on her feet, Gene walked to the door, holding Judy’s hand.  When they reached the door, he drew her to him and kissed her deeply, cupping her bottom and holding her to him, so that she could feel how much he wanted her.  He broke the kiss and placed his lips against her temple.

“I can’t promise you’ll sleep, though.  We have love and plans to make.”

Judy smiled as she pressed her cheek against his shoulder; those same words sounded so much better now than they had before.  He took her shoulders into his hands and kissed her one more time.

“Goodnight, honey.”

“Goodnight, darling.”

After Gene left, Judy went back to her bed and slid under the soft, downy covers.  Her body was so aroused she could still feel the strength of his arms, and the trail of his soft touches. The feeling of his mouth and his aroma clung to her.  She thought she’d never fall back to sleep, but eventually she drifted off. 


Despite only having a few hours of light sleep, Gene awoke early the next morning, He didn’t feel tired at all; instead, he felt a surge of energy.  Picking up his daughter, the two went over at Frank’s house so the kids could play together.  Gene and Frank sat on the flagstone patio and drank beer while listening to the shrieks and screams of the happy children.Frank was not a daytime person, but he was gracious, and he was curious why his friend rushed out so quickly the previous night. 

“I thought we were going to tie one on, Shanty?  After I told you about Judy, you looked like you saw a ghost.”

“Well, Francis, I forgot I had to pick up Kerry so early –“

“Naah, that wasn’t it. Come on, pal,” Frank leaned back and lit a cigarette.

“Okay,” Gene sipped his beer; “I remembered that I had snubbed Judy, earlier in the week. Was buried in some work and walked right by her.  I felt bad, that was all. Then I remembered I had to get Kerry.  No big mystery, that’s all.”

Frank screwed up his face, but if his friend said it, that was it. He knew not to push Gene. If something were to be said, when the time came, Gene would say it.  They spent the rest of the afternoon watching the kids.  The sun and the play tuckered them all out, and Frank soon had to get ready for another night’s performance.  Gene gathered a sleepy Kerry and bade his friend goodbye.  He drove Kerry to Betsy’s house and tucked her in.  Betsy was running errands, and Gene slipped out, relieved because today, he didn’t want to have a conversation with his ex-wife.  Rushing over to his house, he showered and changed into a white pullover and fresh khakis.  He slipped on a pair of loafers and drove to Judy’s, stopping first to pick up some yellow roses.  A little after 7, he parked on the street in front of her house strode up to the door. 

Judy greeted him, wearing a soft yellow sundress, with her hair, now reddish for a role, was down and curled around her shoulders. Lightly made up, she looked beautiful.  Her excitement at seeing him brought a lovely flush to her cheeks.  Thrilling over the flowers, she went to put them in some water, saying over her shoulder as she left the room,

“Why don’t you make us a drink?”

“Sure, babe.” He replied.

She carried the flowers into the living room and set them on the piano as Gene mixed her a martini and poured himself a whiskey.  He turned on the radio and soft music filled the room. He carried the drinks over to the couch and after setting them down, he gathered her in his arms.  Kissing her, he said,

“You look beautiful tonight, baby.”

They settled on the sofa and talked for a little while, sipping their drinks.  At first they were a little shy with each other. Unlike so many of their previous meetings, where so much had to be pressed into so little time, this evening allowed them to luxuriate in time.  Eventually, they relaxed into couch, and Gene brought Judy’s legs across his lap and leaned back against the cushions so that they were cuddled close. In her own environment, Judy was much less frenetic, a little softer and more girlish.  Her humor came much more quickly.  One of the things he loved about her was the fact that she was naturally funny, seeing humor in the smallest things, and that she was a great storyteller.  It had helped him from his first days in Hollywood and it relaxed him here tonight.  Lightly running his fingers along her shins, he listened to her talk about her current picture and laughed at her descriptions of the reloop work that she was doing with Mickey Rooney. Judy talked about her meetings with Arthur Freed about an upcoming movie with Vincente Minelli called “Meet Me in St. Louis”.  Gene knew Vincente and was delighted to hear about the story of the picture.  He told her about his day with Kerry at Frank’s house.  Judy pursed her lips and fell silent.  Gene, knowing why, grinned at her and leaned close.

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me,” he teased.

She giggled and kissed him.  He pulled her closer and the kiss deepened as he wrapped his arms around her waist.  She sighed happily and they sat there, lost in the music and each other, sharing kisses that were lazy and unrushed.  Gene played with her hair, and lightly stroked the back of her neck as they gazed at each other.  Taking her hand in his, he kissed her knuckles before turning it over to kiss first her palm and then the pulse point of her wrist.  It was like a shock went through her. He seemed to know every spot that would raise her senses.  He raised his eyes to hers and she saw his desire glittering in his eyes. Wrapping her in his arms, he kissed her passionately, feeling Judy melt into his arms.  As the kiss ended, he stroked her face and whispered tenderly,

“I have something very important to ask you.”
“What is it, my darling?” her voice was dreamy.
“What’s for dinner? It smells great.”

Her eyes, half closed with desire, flew open.  She opened her mouth in shock, and then collapsed against him in a fit of laughter before she playfully punched his arm.  He feigned pain and rolled his head back.  Standing up, she said,

“I see I won’t get anywhere unless I feed you.”

“Milady, no.  While I’m starving for you – I’m also starving for food. You won’t get much out of me unless I get the food first.”

Taking his hand, she pushed him ahead of her and they made their way to the kitchen, laughing.  She guided him to the patio where the yard was turning a deep purple in the sunset.  There was a table set for two.  Gene lit the candles, and busied himself opening the white wine that had been chilling in a silver bucket while Judy assembled dinner.  He held the door open for her as she carried the platter to the table.  She knew Gene still had very simple taste in food, so she brought a roast chicken and potatoes to the table.  Smelling the mouthwatering aroma, he grinned and rolled his eyes in pleasure as Judy portioned out two servings and they settled down to eat.  Gene dug in, complimenting Judy on the taste. Always a picky eater, she was surprised to find herself enjoying the meal, thinking it must be Gene’s enthusiasm carrying over.  As the shadows deepened across the yard, they talked and lingered over dinner.Judy felt a slight buzz from it and leaned back contently in her chair, watching Gene finish his meal.  Wiping his mouth with his napkin, he raised his glass to her and said,

“Babe, my compliments to the chef.”

She raised her glass back and blushed as she sipped its contents, “I have a confession.  The housekeeper put it together for me. I’m hopeless.” 

He laughed, “I see that I’ll be doing the cooking, eh?” 

“I have other qualities,” she gave a playful pout.

“Yes,” he said, taking her hand, “Yes you do.” 

They enjoyed the gathering darkness, shrouded in the golden light of the candles on the table.  Holding hands, they fell quiet and listened to the crickets, sharing a cigarette.  Judy spoke softly.

“I didn’t think we’d ever be here again.” 
“Truthfully, neither did I.”
“I’m very happy I got so mad at you.”
Gene squeezed her fingers and chuckled, “so am I”.

With that, he leaned over and pecked her on the nose, “Let’s take care of these.”

They rose and cleared the table.  Judy put away the remains of the dinner while Gene filled up the sink and began to wash the dishes.  Once they finished, Gene took Judy by the arm, flipping off the kitchen light as they left the room.The music that was playing softly in the living room greeted them.  Releasing Judy’s arm, he brushed her hair back, leaned down and kissed her neck. His lips moved up to her ear and he gently tugged her earlobe between his lips. They came together and embraced.  He nodded his head toward the stairs and grinned.

“NOW, I’m going to make love to you.” 

He took her hands and led her up the stairs.  Judy felt almost giddy with anticipation.  She had missed his strong body inside her, over her and around her, and the taste that she got of it last night had her thinking of nothing else all day. Gene pulled her into her bedroom. It was dressed in the soft yellow and celadon of the period. Flipping on a small lamp by the door, he took her hands in his and wrapped them behind her as he brushed his lips along her jaw. She wriggled free and slid her arms around his neck, their lips meeting in hungry, exploring kisses. Gene’s hands slipped down to cup her bottom; he pulled against him before reaching up to slowly unzip her dress.  As the back fell open, he lightly massaged her back before slipping his fingers into the back of her dress. Their lips never parted as he began to inch her to the bed.  They stopped just short of falling onto its surface. Gene stopped kissing her and watched her face as he lifted his fingers to the shoulder straps of her sun dress.  Gently pulling the straps down to expose shoulders, his fingers brushed over her as he pulled it down.  He dropped it around her waist and let it flutter to the ground.  Judy stepped out of it and he tossed it over to the chaise across the room.  She stood there, clad just in soft ruffled panties, and she heard him suck in his breath in appreciation.  He pulled off his shirt, revealing a tanned, muscled torso. His body was beautiful, with soft, dark hair covering his chest.

My god, she thought, he’s just gorgeous.  He wrapped his arms around her and they reveled in finally feeling their skin touch again.  Slowly, Gene began caress and kiss her skin, bending to gently suckle her shoulder before sliding down her body, his lips brushing over her chest and breasts.  Finally he knelt in front of her, his fingers trailing down her belly.  He kissed her stomach, and caressed her lower back and bottom until his fingertips caressed her thighs. Judy began to moan softly and felt her knees begin to buckle. She grasped his shoulders to stay upright.  Eventually, Gene slid his thumbs inside the legs of her panties and grasped the sides of her thighs.  Pressing his face against the soft silk of her panties he kissed her lower belly.  Judy thought she would faint with desire; she was  impatient to experience what he would do next.  He gently caressed her with his thumbs as his mouth moved lower. She felt fiery tingles all over her body as his mouth found her wetness and he pressed his tongue against her, making her cry out in pleasure that was so intense it was almost painful.  With only the thin silk between his mouth and her very center, she trembled as he teased and probed her.  Finally, Gene removed his hands and placed them at the waistband, and eased them down.  She heard him whisper, “yes” as she stepped out of the panties. Using his shoulder to nudge her legs apart just a little wider, he grasped her bottom and plunged his tongue into her, licking and nibbling as her moans of delight filled his ears.  Digging her fingers into his shoulders, she quickly shuddered in a leg shaking orgasm so intense, Gene had to hold her tighter to keep her from falling; he quickly guided her to the bed and lay her down before she lost her balance. 

Standing between her legs, he smiled when he saw the pleasure and desire on her face.  He started to unbuckle his belt when Judy sat up and stopped him, moving his hands to his sides before she unbuckled his belt and slowly unbuttoned his trousers. She stopped for a moment and laid her hand against his groin, and slowly ran her fingers over him.  Gene eased his head back a bit and groaned.  If it was possible, he just got harder.  Judy unzipped his trousers and eased them over his slender hips. She smiled to see the white skin where his tan stopped; she ran her fingers along it and giggled softly when he trembled. Sliding his pants down, she watched his erection spring free of his shorts.  As his pants dropped to the floor, Judy slowly ran her fingers over him, smiling, watching him lick his lips in anticipation.  She stroked him gently and he closed his eyes, his breathing growing more ragged.  Thrusting himself a little closer, Judy brought her hand back up to run her thumb along his length.Eventually, she closed her lips over him and Gene thought he would orgasm as soon as he felt her mouth on him. Running his hands through her hair, he pushed forward, reveling in the soft inviting warmth that surrounded him. It was starting to feel too good, so he stepped back and growled,

“Back on the bed, you”

He climbed over her and she smiled, “I think someone is worked up.”

“Baby, you have no idea,” he crooned, spreading her thighs and sliding smoothly inside her. 

He buried his face in her breasts and began to thrust slowly and deeply.  He wanted to make her climax again and again. Her reactions excited him so much it was almost too much to bear. Grinding his hips, Gene made slow, but passionate love to Judy.  She rose up to meet him; moaning, she was soon digging her nails into his back. He slowed down again and grew tender, almost cradling her.  She nibbled his neck as she stroked his back.

“Darling,” she breathed as she felt the wave of her orgasm beginning to build.

Rising up on his hands, he moved faster and faster until Judy tightened and arched her back high off the bed. She pulled him down and they moved together; Gene couldn’t get deep enough. Plunging into her, he grunted softly as they reached their peak. With a final thrust, his orgasm roared through him. Staying perched on his hands, Gene watched Judy recover, her breasts gently bobbing with each breath, wisps of hair across face, her lips were slightly parted and her eyes were half closed. A soft rosy pink flush covered her chest.  She was so damn beautiful it took his breath away.  Gene lowered himself and kissed each breast, then covered her mouth with his in a long, fluid kiss. He melted into her and lay with his head on her breasts.  Her arms went around him and they drifted off to sleep.

They slept late the following morning.  Gene loved to sleep and although Judy slept better with him, she still awoke before he did. Opening her eyes, she sighed contentedly. Gene was pressed up against her back, his arm flung over her.  She looked down and admired his deeply tanned skin against the white sheets, the delicious heaviness of him and the warmth it provided.  She snuggled against his stomach and let herself drift back into a half sleep. Awhile later, she felt his legs tense and stretch them out as he began to wake up.  Hugging her to him, he kissed her shoulder before yawning loudly and rubbing his chin against the back of her neck.  She loved it; he was like a bear waking up after a deep hibernation.  She giggled softly and he nudged her.  His voice was muffled against her skin.

“What’s so funny?”

“You, you’re like a big old bear.”

He chuckled deeply and pushed against her bottom. She could feel his arousal.  He lowered his voice and growled in her ear,

“This bear is hungry.”

With that, he turned her to her back and climbed on her. She giggled louder as he wiggled his eyebrows and pretended to bite her neck. His nibbles softened into kisses as he slipped inside her and made love to her gently, almost sleepily while they remained wrapped in the warm layers of cotton sheets. He didn’t speed up his movements until he felt her start to climax.  Even then he just moved differently, pressing deeper until she was trembling and tingly.  Afterward, he whispered a soft “I love you” into her ear and pulled her to him as he rolled onto his back.

“May I stay in bed today?” he asked, with a sleepy chuckle.

“Not all day. I thought we’d get lunch at the beach.” 

“Let me sleep for another hour and you’ve got a deal.” 

He wrapped her in the crook of his arm and rubbed rubbed his cheek against hers, his beard tickling her.Letting him drift back off, she went downstairs to perk some coffee.  Retrieving the glasses they left behind in the living room, she opened the front door and picked up the paper.  Entering the kitchen, she tossed the paper on the counter and placed the glasses in the sink.  She made her way around the kitchen with languid movements.  Gene’s lovemaking always left her with a delicious weakness, making her feel like her bones and muscles had turned into cream cheese.  She made some toast, and when the coffee was done, she prepared a tray and carried their breakfast upstairs.  Gene was still sleeping when she entered, so she placed the tray on the chaise and poured coffee in both porcelain cups.  Knowing he took his black, she placed his cup on Gene’s side of the bed and prepared hers.  Shedding her robe, she took her cup and the paper and climbed back into bed, sipping the delicious brew while she scanned the headlines. Eventually he smelled the coffee and opened an eye to look at Judy.

“It’s on the nightstand, sleepy.” She said.

Again he stretched and yawned, then sat up and propped his pillows. He took his cup, sipped the coffee and groaned with pleasure.

“That, madam, is one fine cup of coffee,” he drained the cup, “Anymore?”

Judy rose and retrieved the tray and carried it back to the bed.Gene sat there, his black hair mussed, with a huge grin and twinkling eyes. She gave him a quizzical look.  He chuckled and said,

“There is NOTHING like having a naked woman serve you coffee in the morning.”

Judy’s eyes widened and she glanced down and blushed deeply.  She felt so natural with Gene, she didn’t even think about slipping on her robe.  She laughed her deep laugh and with a smirk said,

“Well, it’s not too often I have a gorgeous, naked man drinking coffee in my bed. I think we’re even.” She climbed back into bed and poured him another cup.  He leaned in and kissed her cheek. 

“Thanks, beautiful” he grinned and sipped the coffee. 

They lounged for a bit, finishing the coffee and the toast.  Gene went down to grab the bag he had dropped in the foyer the previous night while Judy washed and dressed.  They switched spots and he showered as she cleaned up the breakfast dishes.Gene came into the kitchen as she was finishing up, and leaned in the doorway, his thumbs hooked in his dungaree pockets.  She walked up to him and he smiled, his eyes crinkling.

“Good morning.”

“It’s almost lunchtime,” she smiled, patting his cheek.  He grasped her hand, placing a kiss on her palm.

“Then we’re off to the beach as planned, yes?”

She smiled in agreement and they set off.  He got the car and pulled it up.  The car, an older Ford convertible was just like Gene, solid and casual. True to his style, he was not the least bit impressed by shinier newer models; the car got him from point A to point B and had a radio.  In fact, Judy had a nicer one.  His only concession to vanity was a convertible; Gene loved them.  He put the ragtop down and opened the car door, bending deeply from the waist as Judy perched on the front.She looked pretty wearing a white blouse and a soft green dirndl skirt with a scarf over her head.  Gene slipped on his sunglasses, put a baseball cap on his head and slid behind the wheel.  He turned to her and noticed she was wearing the pearls he had given her.  He smiled and said,

“You look lovely. Ready?”

She smiled and nodded, and they drove off to the beach They walked on the beach and strolled along the boardwalk, eventually making their way into Venice where they had a late lunch by the water. Dressed so casually, and acting so relaxed they blended in; no one noticed them and they were able to drift through the afternoon.Occasionally, Gene would drape his arm around her shoulders and bring her in for a gentle kiss.  Being able to demonstrate affection in public was a new luxury for them and they enjoyed it.As the afternoon sun grew long and inched toward sunset, they got in the car and headed back to Judy’s house.  It grew chilly, so Gene put the top up.  Judy sank into the front seat and sighed contentedly.  She glanced over at Gene, who was lightly humming to himself as he drove.  She could feel the warmth of her feelings for him spread through her body.  He made her feel whole – safe, loved, beautiful, funny and erotic, all within the space of a day.  He was affectionate, charming and funny and to her, absolutely gorgeous.  Gene noticed her looking at him.  He smiled took her hand and kissed her knuckles.  Judy leaned her head back and closed her eyes. It had been a perfect day. She soon dozed off; when they arrived home, Gene had pulled into the drive of the house, then slid over and softly stroked the side of her face.  Her lids fluttered and she opened her eyes.  He smiled and whispered, “We’re home.”

Bending and kissing her softly, he could feel her lips curve into a smile beneath his. 

“How long was I asleep?”
“The ocean air must have done you good; you knocked out as soon as we hit the main road back.”
“Oh, you should have woke me up.”
You looked peaceful; I wanted to let you sleep.”

Gene slid out of the car and went around opening her door. Pulling her out of the car, they walked to the side entrance and went into the house through the mudroom.Gene went to the fridge and opened it, calling out,

“I’m starving, want a sandwich from the leftover chicken?” 

“I’m not terribly hungry, just a half?  I’m going to go change.  Do you want a beer? There’s some in the bar in the den.” 

“Sounds good, I’ll meet you in there.”

Judy climbed the steps, humming to herself.  It was amazing to her that they had slipped into their roles so effortlessly.  Maybe, she thought, this is what it’s supposed to feel like.  She smiled and hugged her arms across her chest.When she returned, Gene had a small spread on the coffee table and was seated in the middle of the couch, drinking a beer, reading the newspaper.  He had poured her a glass of white wine and placed alongside her sandwich plate.The radio was on, and music played in the background.  The domestic picture pleased her immensely.  She stood silently watching him, until he sensed she was there.  He looked up and smiled.

“Hey, your wine is getting warm.”

Judy came over and settled next to him.  She sipped the wine and listened to the music. When Gene finished the section he was reading, he handed it to her. She scanned it as he ate some of his sandwich.  It all seemed so incredibly normal, that it felt like a dream.  She had fantasized for so long that they would spend time like this; she almost dared not believe it was actually happening.  The rest of the evening passed with them relaxing and talking about bits of news they found in the paper.  As the clock chimed 10, she asked,

“Do you need to go? To get ready for tomorrow?”

“No.  I’ll need to be at my house tomorrow night for Kerry, but tonight you’re stuck with me.”

“Stuck is not the word I would use, Mr. Kelly.  This is…well, it’s the best day I’ve had in a very long time,” she said, gathering his hand in hers. 

Gene smiled, and lifted her hand to his lips, “Same here.”

That night, Judy slept in Gene’s arms.  His strong body gave her a sense of peace and she slept soundly.  Their lovemaking gave her a sense of belonging.  When they left for the studio, he kissed her softly, and they agreed to have dinner together Tuesday night.  The following days drifted past in a happy haze.  On days when they couldn’t see each other, she found a yellow rose in her dressing room. She couldn’t remember a time when she felt so happy.  

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