A Few Toads

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for the contest by merade 'A pictures worth a thousand words'...exactly a thousand words in this short story off of the picture prompt.

Submitted: March 07, 2012

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Submitted: March 07, 2012



I ran out of his house and headed straight to my car. I drove away as the tears started to run down both sides of my face. I kept one hand on the steering wheel as I wiped my eyes with my other hand and then hit my dashboard out of anger.

“Why did he break up with me? Was I not pretty enough or good enough,” as I looked at myself in the rearview mirror and then refocused my eyes back onto the black road. “I thought he was the one.” I said talking to myself. I was so upset I couldn’t hold it together so I went onto the lane and headed to my favorite pond.

I approached it and turned off the car as I got out and walked towards the sparkling pond. While my legs felt like they were rubber and was shaking. I was a few feet away from the pond and sure enough they gave out on me and I fell straight to the ground. Landing on my knees and just sat there and wept as the tears hit the ground turning the dirt into mud.

My mind was thinking about Andy. He was nice and considerate and was passionate. He had a nice reliable job working as an editor to a magazine and I thought he loved me as much as I loved him. However, tonight I found out apparently not because he dumped me after 6 months together. Andy started by saying “Elizabeth, I am sorry to inform you but I don’t want to be with you anymore. I don’t love you and thought this could work but it isn’t going to so I’m sorry but I got to say goodbye.”

“Just like that Andy! You don’t even want to talk about it. I love you Andy. Please don’t leave me.”

“Well sorry but no can do. I have moved on and found somebody else,” he said sternly.

“You couldn’t have. We’ve been together for months. Did you cheat on me?” I said talking in a deep breath. He stood there and didn’t reply but I knew his answer. I felt stupid for falling for him. He was a player. However I still loved him with all my heart. While reminiscing these new tears began to form and I started to weep more. Feeling like my world had collapsed.

I however found the strength to get up and I walked over to the lake as I knelled down on the edge of it. I dropped my hand and let my hand feel the water and it was so soothing. I just stayed there for a minute with my eyes closed and felt the water hit against my hand as I moved it back and forth. Then, I took a deep breath and told myself to get it together. I opened my eyes to find a toad just about a foot in front of me sitting on a rock. I took one glance and started laughing remembering what my dad told me when I was young, a few years before he died.

He told me that most boys always wants one thing and try to seek out a gentleman for I deserved one. Then secondly, he said that in my life I will have to kiss many toads but one day I will find my prince. I looked back at the toad and felt like he was looking at me. After a few minutes I finally went over and grabbed the brownish green toad into my hands and sat on the side of the lake looking at him.

“You Mr. Toad are lucky for you will never have to go through the pain I feel,” I said talking to him like a person. Then said out loud, “Elizabeth your losing your mind!” as I put my head down. The frog still looked at me and said, “You know ironically that my dad said I will need to kiss many toads before I find the right one,” as I laughed. Then, I took the frog and gently gave him a little kiss and put him into the lake.

I got up and started to walk to my car. I looked to the sky and thought to myself ‘well father you were right. I guess Andy was just a player like you said many guys were and well I need to kiss a bunch of toads to find my prince’. I got to the car and started to drive off and onto the road when a car hit me in the fender. I got mad and got out and was about to say some nasty things when a cute tall, black haired, guy stepped out of the other car. I became speechless.

“Sorry miss, are you okay?” I tried to find my voice.

“Umm…yeah I guess I am,” I seemed to mutter out.

“Thank goodness. I don’t want to hurt anybody. Especially someone as pretty as you,” he said flirtingly a bit.

“Hehe, thanks you are so nice,” saying with a smile.

“Ah I’m sorry about your fender. Would you like to speak about the payment of fixing that while over dinner with me? I know this little Italian restr…,” he said until I jumped in.

“Sure I would love that,” saying as I tried to hide a smile. “That would be nice Mr.?”

“Sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Danny,” saying as he gave me a large smile showing his perfect teeth.

“Well Danny I’m Elizabeth here’s my number and calls me for when we can meet for dinner. I mean about my fender.”

“Yes, sure will do as soon as possible. Bye Elizabeth,” he said as he got into his car and left. I could feel my heart racing so fast and couldn’t wait for dinner with him. I thought for a second and then my mind quoted ‘You have to kiss many toads before you find your prince’ then I smiled.

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