Black Rose

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this is a story of an encounter with him

Submitted: February 15, 2010

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Submitted: February 15, 2010



As i was walking on the side walk i seen something in view on the ground. Not sure exactly what it was but i kept walking towardsit as i came upon it i seen it was a black rose. On the sidewalk lying there unloved. I picked it off of the ground and as i was i accidently pricked my finger on a thorn. I said ouch as somebody was coming towards me and i looked up and it was him. The guy i secrectly loved so much in my heart. He came tomeand he took my finger softly. He kissed her finger and wipped the blood off of it as he was looking at me and i smiled. He said "there it is perfect now," as he smiled a crooked smile and left. It was like he put a spell on it for it quit bleeding and i looked down and the rose started to blossom and turn back to red and its true colors. I looked up at him and watched him walk away and he looked back and gave me a kiss in the air. A smile spread across my face and my heart jumped out of my chest. I looked down at the rose and as it unraveled itself into its full beauty words were embedded into the petals. As i bent my head down i looked at them and read, "I Love You."

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