Blind Date with a Cowboy

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Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011



"Blind date," I thought to myself thinking how could my friend put me on a blind date. All I knew about him was what was written on this piece of paper and his picture. His name was Dusty and around 20yrs old and owns his own ranch and add he is a hot looking guy. I mean he was my type of guy being country. My head was still spinning as I was driving to meet him at this little restraunt called Little Country Cafe. We both lived in the same town of Houston but I never been to this part of the county. Iwas just following the GPS that was setting on top of the dashboard of my little 2003 cavalier. It said 1 mile then turn right and I would be there. A nervous feeling started into the pit of my stomach as I turned into the parking lot. As I looked at the place. It waspretty mucha log cabin with a sign on top of a horse cut out of metal.I like the old time look of the place and the sun was beeming right on it almost magnifying it for me. I took a deep breath and looked in the mirror making sure I looked okay then got out of the car.

I started up the wooden steps and into the place. It was nice and down to earth with smallwooden tables to match the building. I lookedaround andapart from themen working there was only one guy sitting at a table. He was wearing a fancy black button down shirt withblack cowboy hat andhe surelooked mighty fine to me if I may say so myself. As I walked over to the table he stood up and put his hand outand said, "You must be Kristyn. I am Dusty. Nice to meet such a lovely lady as yourself." I shook his hand as I felt myself blush and he then pulled the chair out for me and I sat down. "I ordered us both a lemonade," He said as the waiter came with our glasses and set them on the table.I thought to myself, "He sure is a gentleman. Maybe this won't be bad after all."He satdown and smiled at me saying, "I'm not much for these blind dates but your sure a pretty sight to see around here," He took a sip of his lemonade and continued, I'm kinda glad Missy set us up."

Yes my best friend Daisy set me up with him. He was so handsome and sweet talkingi just didn't know what to say. Then I finally spoke as I picked up my glass, "So umm where are we going today?"

"Well I thought you might enjoy going tomy ranch," he answered in an altovoice,"then take a walk and watch the sunset. What do you think?"

I smiled, "That sounds fun. I love horses. Just watching there grace and beauty."

"Then it's a date," he said smiling greatly.

We got up and walked outside and headed to our vehicles. He said aloud, "Follow me miss kristyn." As I got into my car and started it up and followed behind his big white chevrolet truck. Until we turned onto a dirt road and ended up at a nice house where he stopped. He got out and so I did and walked up to wear he was. He took his arm and said, "Well this is my ranch," as he showed me the land. It was acres of land with horses and some cattle and a few pigs and chickens. I smiled for it was so beautiful and looked at him for a second. He just smiled and we started walking towards the porch. We both sat down on a wooden swing as he put his arm around me. Then, out of no where a bloodhound came over to me and licked me. He started laughing, "Sorry, this is Ole Blue. He's like the greeter of the ranch as you see."

I said, "I see" as I started to pet him and thenI started to look out in front of me to the ranch and was eyeing the pasture of horses.

"So you love horses. Well we can walk out to them. I have about 20 of them," he said noticing my eye of view.

"That would be fun. I love nature and all it's beauty," I said as I smiled again. Something about this guy made me smile from ear to ear. We got up and started down down the steps and to the horses with Blue staying behind laying down on the wooden porch.

"Well in that thought we are two in the same," he said as a grin crossed his face and put his arm around my back as we kept walking to the horse pasture. We then stopped once we got to the red iron gate. He started talking, "Aren't they beautiful...that's why I live in Texas was to have a ranch of my own. Well that horse to the right is PIxie and shes a peruvian and that one is Trixy. She'sa paint. We have a nice variety of different horses here. Then, right there is Maximus and he's the beginner horse." He said looking towards me, "Would you like to get on a horse today."

Well something in his voice was so convincing and I couldn't help but say yes. "Well I can try I guess." As I said that he went inside and got Maximus and put a rope on his and lead him to where I was.

"Well we will do it in that ring there," he said pointing in front of us about a few yards away, "Away from the other horses. Like I said this guy is a beginner horse."

When we got to the ring there was already a saddle and a bridle. So he set Maximus up and then said well time to get on. Get on from the left side. Put your foot in the stirrup and push yourself up onto the saddle. I put my foot in the stirrup and tried to push myself up but I failed miserably as Dusty seen so then he put his hands on my waist and put me into the saddle. I said laughing, "I'm sorry," feeling a little rediculous too. Then, I seen him laugh and he just smiled. I thought to myself how generious are these cowboys around here in Texas. But I sure never met someone like Dusty. He just had a suttleness but good way about him. I turned my attention back to him as he started walking with the rope and I was actually riding a horse for the first time. I had the largest smile on my face and then said, "Wow, this is an amazing look from up here and Maximus is so nice to me," as I stroked his pretty black mane.

"Yeah it is amazing. I love it. But if you need to get down or anything just tell me."

"Okay," I said with a grin and we done that for about an hour or twojust a talking. How easy was it to talk to him I thought. Then he put Maximus back into the gate with the rest of the horses and I said, "Thanks for that experience."

"Well glad you had fun. For I did just talking to you," he said as a blush came across my face. He smiled, "So you want to go walk down by the willow tree and see the sun set. It's getting a little late so we better go."

"Wow it's 9' o clock already. Time sure flew."

"Well time passes fast when your having fun ya know."

I giggled and said, "Yeah, I guess your right." He took my hand into his and I didn't object. We started walking and kept talking about ourselves. We both we so similar it was crazy and the more crazier feeling was I was falling for him so quick. I hadn't even known him for a day. However, we just fit together like two missing puzzle pieces. We reached the willowtree and he sat down and pulled me down to the ground in front of him.

"Did you know well," he said in my ear quietly, "I am feelingsomething for you. I can take my wall down around you and I don't know but I feel a spark between us." He saidas I looked at him and agreed.

"I feel something too," I smiled and then I looked into hisbrown eyes reflecting against the Texas sky light of pinks and purples.He pulled me close and kissed me gently andlooked back into my eyes but I didn't want him to stop so I pulled him in and kissed him. When I looked up I smiled and layed my head on his shoulder and looked towards the sky as the sun started to go down and disappear behind the mountains. I didn't know what was more beautiful. The sun set or him. Well oncethe sun left to darkness I said "Well that was beautiful." He nodded. "Are you ready to go?"Even though i didn't want to go but eventually I had to and plus I couldn't read his mind.

"I want to stay a little bit longer with you by me if you don't mind. Even with no sunlight we have natural light," He said as he grabbed a lightning bug and opened his hands to me and I watched as his wings flickered and light came. Then, I looked and they were all over the place. I smiled and slid back into his embrace."I'm curious. Did you have fun on this blind date of ours," he said seriously.

"At first I was skeptical of having a blind date when Missy told me. However, this evening has sure been fun and enlightning. Hope wecan do it again soon," I replied.

"Me too. Me too....," He said sincerely.

Then we got up and he walked me to my car and said, "Dusty I had a great time with you and hopeyou did too. You are a great man to spend time with."

He smiled, sending butterflies into my stomach, "Yes I had a wonderful time. You were better than any date I have ever had.We will do it again I hope."

I nodded and we kissed for a second and then I got into my car and he shut the door. I drove off as he stood there in the lightfrom the outside of the house waving goodbye to me and eventually he was out of sight. As I got back on the road starting towards home.I thought to myself, "Yess I want to do this again and soon I hope.He maybe the one. Crazy to think but it's true." "What a blind date that was" I said outloud to myself then smiling, "It was great."

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