Close My Eyes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
this is when i close my eyes and think of him at night and it feels so real and pretend he's right there beside me.

Submitted: February 16, 2010

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Submitted: February 16, 2010



to me when i close my eyes

i always see his sweet smile and then

i love to imagine you are right there beside me

feeling your arms around me in a sweet embrace

while whispering to each other of all the things we feel

all the love and affections that we have and always will

while knowing no denial and knowing where we were

and would always be right there beside me

i can feel your soft lips on my shoulder and on my lips

the tender touch and love i could feel as

i layed my head on his chest and was so close i could

hear his heartbeat and the soft sound of his breathing

when i close my eyes and dream i feel somewhat if

it was reality but once i open back up my eyes i see

that this was only just another beautiful dream

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