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this is a poem of my confusion with the situation i am now in.

Submitted: February 17, 2010

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Submitted: February 17, 2010



truthfully i am so confused and am not sure on

what really i should do about all this

i try to reach out however they dont have an answer either

i am so full of mixed emotions and a few that

are set in stone when it comes to the affections i have for him

it might as well be carved into my heart of the

strong feelings of love i have for him and what he means to me

however my friend came and took my happiness away

she betrayed me and hurt me and i still dont know why

he is now with her and all i want to do is lay down and cry

i wish i could go back to the way it was before

for i regret i never told him the strong love i had for him

however i think it is too late to tell him so but if it isnt i wish i could know

every second of every day now i just wish i can spill out all my feelings

to him and maybe that he would change his mind and see me

that he would notice that he means everything to me

and it may touch his heart the way he did mine from the day we met

i just want him to know and to be with me

all i care about is him he means truthfully the world to me

he is the last thought i have before i go to bed and

the first thing i think of in the morning when i wake up to the morning light

and inbetween those two times of the day i daydream of him and

dream of night of being in his sweet embrace and wishing he

was there with me always and to sweetly whisper to him "I Love You"

i just wish that someday with all my heart and soul that being with him

would one day be reality and not just a thought or dream of mine

and he could understand what i could see this whole time of the

perfect thought in my heart and mine that we were meant to be

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