Darkness Embraced

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Submitted: June 15, 2010

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Submitted: June 15, 2010



trying not to cry as I slide down the wall of my room with tears running down my face

holding the last thing I have left of him in my hands the white rose he gave me when hetold meI love you

as i am bundled up against the wall screaming at the top of my lungs WHY!!!! as my hair covers my face

my heart felt so empty like it was ripped out of my chest since the moment I learnedhe was dead

because my heart completely belonged to him and now he is in a shallow graveyard

where I cant see him..hear his sweet voice..kiss them soft lips..or just be in his arms again

I tell you my life seemed to not get any worse than this Iwould do anything to be with him again


while i was setting there against the wall i got so exhausted from crying that I closed my eyes

just for a few moments I told myself just to rest them to calm down

the next thing I knew I wasin the mist of this fog surrounding me

with an iron arch in front of me that said Darkness Embraced with a steel gate

as a white dress flowed around me while cold chills went down my spine

as I started approaching the gate it started to open by itself

I looked around but nobody was around how could it be

however my mind was more focused on the pain of losing him

so I walked through to where I noticed it was the cemetary

as I started to approach his grave closely I just broke down and weeped

I didnt kno what to do without him

what I would do to see him just one more time


I felt a cold hand touch upon my shoulder

I looked back and to my surprise or craziness it was him

I got up and ran into his arms and he told me how much he loved me

told me to look after myself and that life is short

so make the most of it

I told him I just want to be with you

and he replied me too but we cant right now and he kissed me

and disappeared as fast as he came

however in his place there leftwas a white rose and I smiled



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