Dream of Him

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this is a dream i had about me being with him. it was one of the most amazing dreams.

Submitted: January 31, 2010

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Submitted: January 31, 2010



my eyes were closed and i had fallen asleep knowing there was no school the next day..snowday! well all i could really though think about was how much i missed him and it made my heart hurt not seeing him or hearing his voice for it had been weeks since my last encounter with him. well i always wish and dream of being with him for i am so completely in love with him. yeah and i was telling my friend of how jealous i was that i wanted to have a dream instead of just thinking because when you dream it feels so real. so later on i woke up from my sleep and was lying on top of my bed in the morning. i had a dream...an amazing dream that i actually remembered in my head. I was surprised i remembered for i barely have dreams or lets say remember them. it was a beautiful scenery of thought about the most wonderful and favorite subject in the world him. we were at the county fair....in which he is in 4-H so he stays there all week long. it was really late at night and the fair was closed down for the night. we were laying in the bed of a truck and i was in his embrace and i could hear his heartbeat and i loved being there in his arms. we were looking up at the dark sky full of billions of beautiful stars...star gazing and pointing out constellations. and i could feel the love between us...and we talked. but the most important part was him being there right beside me. for that i would sacrifice anything. and that was all i could remember ever since that dream what i did remember i have loved the thought of it. it was a happy thought in my head for once....being with him the thought always made me smile. i hope and wish one day i could be with him like that! that was an amazing dream.

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