Have You Ever Felt This??

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sad painful feelings

Submitted: March 25, 2010

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Submitted: March 25, 2010



have you ever had that one time that when you read just a few words from somebody it hurts so bad you break down and cry for hours

that it comes to the point that you hurt so horribly deep down inside you feel numb and completely dead like you have been ripped apart

and like you cant feel anything since you read them like your heart stopped and didnt want to feel again for the pain hurt so bad

that him being so angry and not understanding why he would never like me the way i love him hurts so dearly

when you see the person then you just want to break down and cry again and again just by the pain in your heart circulating through your blood

you hurt so bad because he means so much to you and them few words he said bothered you so much your system just wanted to shut down

like you body did not want to eat and anything like it didnt want to survive no more without the thought of never talking to him again

that you ask for advice from friends when your crying but when your are really thinking you know what to do for your heart will say

because did i ever say the advice of avoiding someone you love so much it heart breaking and makes you feel worse

because you live to see him, hear his voice, and to love and care about him but avoiding him would me living against that and today trying

to avoid him was so hard but i just knew i couldnt be around him without a few tears in my eyes but i think my pain inside was noticeable

then to hear him say you chose what do you want for i will never like you that way friend? or nothing

and i knew in my head and heart i had to try to understand and said i would always be your friend becuase without him in my life i couldnt stand

for without him i would want to be dead for this pain i felt was so bad and i never wish to feel this feeling again but i did not say i would stop loving him

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