He Saved Me

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this is kinda a thought of the past...lil romance, non-fiction, memoir

Submitted: February 05, 2010

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Submitted: February 05, 2010



my world was gloomy, sad, and depressing

i couldnt even see a reason to live

all i could see was darkness filled with

sadness inside my heart and soul

til that day i walked into history class

i never thought that day would change my world

so much from the second i talked to you

it felt like you swept me off my feet

and a shooting star of light went off across

my sky in my worlds mind

everything was on fire because of you

you switched my world to depressed to happiness

you gave me a reason to live each day was to

see you and you saved me from my falling

that i was doing inside for the past two years

and out of nowhere you came and saved me from

the dead and brought me alive again

you even made me want to go to school

just to see you was enough reason for me

and that was crazy the way you changed me

i mean it was for you but it made me better

you had me see that when you want something

you truelly do then you never give up and

i dont know how you did it maybe by your

love, your compassion, or just you

i will say i will love you forever because you

put that fire in my heart to live for you

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