I Dont Understand

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well this sadly is right now a true situation in my life :(

Submitted: February 03, 2010

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Submitted: February 03, 2010



she knew how much i loved him

she was my best friend and i trusted her

for years we have known each other

but i never thought she would do that to me

to cause me so much pain and misery

by seeing her and him together

she knew he was everything to me

that i loved him so much i would

literally sacrifice almost anything to be

even in her place right now

i broke down crying that night in

front of her and she still said yes to him

she knew it would hurt me like a thousand

knives stuck in my heart but still did

it anyways and i didnt and still dont

understand why a friend would do that to

her best friend to cause the most unbearable

pain ever felt through your body

she knew how much i loved him but she

still said yes anyways after she seen me cry

and everytime i see them together hand in hand

my heart shatters and the toleration is so low

i feel like sometimes i lost the two most

important people in the world to me

so until this is all over once again i will cry

myself to sleep again tonight

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