I Had to Know Him

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this is thinking back to the day i first met him

Submitted: February 05, 2010

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Submitted: February 05, 2010



he was a stranger in my world

i had never met him before

but he was a part of our groups circle

my friends knew him well

but one day we were left alone

as our group when on there own to

other places we were left together

so we talked like usual people do

for the rest of class 20-30 minutes

i could tell him anything and i

didnt even know his name

it was like i knew him forever

maybe by fate we have

but since that day i had to know him

i had two classes with him and

i had to become his friend

for from that day it was like love

at first sight and i knew i liked him

and later on i would know how i did

for i know how amazing he is and

eventually i did fall in love with him

and i believe meeting him was fate

that day in history class

that year and a half ago

but i just hope one day he sees it

the same way as me

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