I'd Rather Be Asleep (Writing Challenge by Katiebaby)

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this is a poem for katiebaby's contest on fireflies by owl city

Submitted: March 05, 2010

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Submitted: March 05, 2010



Fireflies by Owl City :)

when i lay in my bed at night to many things occupy my mind

i look around in the dark cold sky as ten million fireflies

gives me enough light around me to shine

to keep me company through the night for

i am still awake for my mind is occupied by you

as i lay in bed and look at my ceiling it feels like

time stands so still and the earth goes so slowly

i wish i could say staying awake is better than sleeping

but to me that would be a lie for when i am asleep

is when you come to me in my dreams

and the thoughts in my head turn to dreams that feels

so real they feel like reality

however at the moment i am laying here watching fireflies

fly in the dark and oblivious night as they light up the sky

until i fall asleep once again tonight to the last thought of

you on my mind

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