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this is me and my friend talking on fb im and she asked me how i knew i didnt jus like him and not in love...and i said this:

Submitted: January 30, 2010

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Submitted: January 30, 2010



andrea:maybe but maybe you do just like him?
i mean how do you know know you love him ?

and i will not do what everybody says no matter wat...they drive me crazy u need to let go and move on
ts in your heart
when u know everything about them
that u would give up your last breath to be with them
u would sacrifice anything
when u do anything in the world just to see them
when u cant go 5 days without missing them so much your heart hurts
when your mind is occupied 24/7 by him
when u want to be with them forever
when u think of them not being in your life you start crying
when u would go half way around the world to be with them
i would literally leave right now everything if he was half way around the world to be with him
where u would choose loving them or breathing u would use your last breath to say i love you
where u would give up anything to just be with them
when u live for them
that they r the reason for everything
that your hearts desires is him
when thats what your hearts flame is
when u go around them u get butterflies in your stomach
and your heart accerlerates when u r around him or thinking of him
when just hearing his name sends chills down your spine
when you love someone so much they always will be in your heart and your mind
u plan your future to be with them
for you kno that u would die without being with him
and when you think u can never love them more but you've said that b4
for every second that passes by your love grows stronger

andrea: maybe you do love him ^_^

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