/Love in a Meadow of Flowers

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This is another short story of a thought playing in my head of a wish or dream that i hoped would one day come true. I know the love i have for him and this short story was came together in thought of hoping to take away the pain of missing him by putting in happy thoughts. As i lay in my bed once again thinking he plays in my head like a broken record of your favorite song. Him is played over and over again especially when i am in thought. For he holds my mind and holds my heart.

Submitted: February 06, 2010

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Submitted: February 06, 2010



Me and him were covered in an enormous array of flowers. In a beautiful meadow in the middle of springtime. For it was the best time to see all the blooms of flowers together in the meadow that was full of roses, marigolds, lilies, and daffodils. He leaned down and carefully picked a lily flower and slide it into my hair. A soft smiled came across my face. Then you laid back down on the red and white checkered blanket. As I was sitting up a few inches away with my acoustic guitar in my hand. I was playing some love songs on my guitar i have heard that made me think of him. He loved it when i played and i did too for the words i sang touched my heart for the love them songs talk about is what i was feeling. i think it touched him too for when i did play a smile ran across his face. Then as i was playing one of those good ole country love songs he reached up and grabbed me by the hand. While pulling me down into his close embrace. We layed there in his arms for a while as we looked to the sky and smiled for we love where we was. There was no other place i know i would rather be then to be in his arms. He then gave me a kiss with his tender soft lips and as he lifted away he said "I Love You" and i said thats all i ever wanted to hear. As a cold chill ran down my spine. Then i regained my display of embrace in his arms and i said softly i love you too knowing that he knew it was true. Then we laid there for the rest of the time while we watched blue monarch butterflies flutter around us. As we laid on the ground with my head on his chest i whispered to him into his ear "you give me butterflies" and then he smiled softly. Then a second later he whispered back "would you believe me when i say you do too." ^_^

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