My Heart's Looking Glass

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this is a story in which tells the feelings of my heart in such a manner of metaphor of my hearts looking glass into yours and i have built a wall to keep myself from being heart but for your my feelings known by you i have to break it down and open it up completely.

Submitted: February 13, 2010

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Submitted: February 13, 2010



My heart is pressed upon the stone cold clear glass wall. It looks through and sees but it is held apart by this wall that i seemed to of built for myself to keep others out unless they care enough for me to break it down. However it circumstances like these i wish i could break it down myself. I mean i was the builder thy was the creator but thee cannot distroy it no matter how hard she tried. Unless I find somebody or something with enough of a reason to destroy it and knowing that for this person of reason i would be able to know that if i gave him my heart that he would cherish it. The glass shall shatter the glass must break between our hearts so you can see the feelings that are behind it. For without this closeness you cannot see me truthfully for i try to hid it in such a fashion that no one can tell the real feelings i have. That to a some part i think if i broke down this wall i can get hurt for my feelings are so strong that if they are crushed i would have a long fall. However knowing i have to know you i must find a way to get within myself and show these feelings for you i have held onto for so long. For without completely seeing my heart then there would be no understanding. No way of you knowing how much you mean to me. So therefore i know that i have to at once shatter this wall as if it was forbidden. Like it was a horrible barrier keeping us apart. For with it every part of me wishes to tell thee how i feel but i dont know if at all you would understand me without me having an open heart. Open and acceptable to tell you all the feelings i have and the ones i know that i will have forever about you. Save the parts of the wall as i may to show me the difference of where i will be and where i am now. Once this wall my heart looks through like a looking glass is destroyed and shattered. I must be free. Once this task is done. For then all feelings of my heart gets to subside with your heart and tell you all. However this wall like i said is made by me but has become oblivious to any such trouble of lengths i have gone to break it done. I have figuired as of now only you can do that. Only love can break through it. With only you are the one i love. 

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