Paintball Game

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emiliehail valentines day contest

I woke up on a Saturday to the voice of my brother talking so loud. He was waking me up!! I mean it is a Saturday morning so time to sleep in for me. But apparently not in the case of my brother. I sat up and got out of my bed saying to myself, "Ugh..can anyone get any peace and quiet!!" As I walked to open my bedroom door and then I went into the living room, still a little dazzed from being woked up, and told him "Tom you know that some people are trying to sleep here."

Tom replied kind of sarcastically, "Well see me and Landon are preparing to go out today to go play paintball. Something you would know nothing about," saying as he snickered.

However, he said Landon right! My mind perked up. He was my brother's best friend but probably don't even know I exist. As I peeked more into the living room and he was sitting on the beige lovesofa in the corner. He was as handsome as always. He was about 6'2 and had a shoulder length of a blondish brunette colored hair falling upon his ivory colored skin and his eyes I could sure drown in there beautiful pure ocean blue color. He could look amazing in anything. Even today just wearing a t-shirt and hoodie.

Wanting to impress him I said happily, "I wanna go with you guys...please tom," knowing I would have to do some convincing I slightly begged.

He rolled his eyes and said, "Why do you wanna go for? You never been paintball shooting and it's a man's sport anyways."

I replied, " you said I never went so I want to try. Please."

Then Landon interrupted, "Come on Tom. Be nice to your sister. She can come."

I silently had a happy grin inside me and was glad to have somebody on my side for once. "Thank you," I said smiling at once.

"Well okay then. Be ready at 12 am sharp and wear your old clothes so mom and dad won't freak on you messing up your new ones you just bought," Tom said slightly unhappily. Obviously who would want to bring there sister along but I want to go. Landon will be there so I will try my best to impress him. Then maybe I won't be so invisible to me. We were the same age as me and my brother were twins but he never really spent any time on me..even to talk. Only girls he wanted to go out with were the pretty perfect girls. Never somebody like me but I always had a little hope that he would one day. I stood there in the living room for a second thinking and then Tom interrupted my thought process, "Come on Colleen! Go get ready. Have you seen what time it is already?" I looked and ahh it was already 11:30am I better get ready.

In 25 minutes later making sure I wasnt late like he said I was ready. Dressed up in a white plain t-shirt that deserved some color if i was hit and a pair of short shorts. I mean it's like 90 degrees outside. My brother looked at me and was like "Eh, okay come on we gotta go," as I followed along to Landon's big truck. It was an offroad mobile and had huge wheels almost as large as them crusher cars in derbys. I stood before the door of the seat and tried to figuire out how can I get up there. I was a little on the short side at 5'4. Then, I felt hands come upon my waist and lift me up into the seat. It was Landon. Obviously, because my brother would just have a kick out of watching me try to get into the vehicle. I said thank you in a little quiet voice and he smiled. He got in and off we were and in no time we were at the paintball place full of targets and boxes to cover you. It was pretty cool as I looked from the truck.

Once we were on the ground I was handed a bullet proof vest for the paintball shoots and a large gun with paintballs in them. Obviously my brother was going to make me look bad saying, "Can you handle that all by yourself sis," as he laughed.

I pointed the gun to him and said yes I can. Even though I really didnt know how to shoot one of these I'm a quick learner so I should figuire it out and he got serious again. "Okay..Okay. I gotcha. So lets play," as we walked over to a group of boys. About seven in all. "Divide into groups," Tom said outloud.

Surprisingly Landon said, "Colleen, you can be in my group," as he smiled. I smiled back being thankful I want with some people I don't know. So, I followed them again as they set up into teams and we both went our seperate ways. When we got behind one of the piles of rubble protecting us from getting shot. Landon came to my side and said,"Do you know how to use that thing?," referring to the gun. I looked down and shook my head no I did not. He just smiled and said, "Just arch it back and pull on the lever here to shoot. The object of the game is to catch the other teams flag. Our flag is blue and theirs is red. Try not to mix em up but other than that I think you will be good," he winked as he walked away to the side of Tom. I could hear they were speaking of a plan.

Then guns started shooting and it started. The game was fun but surprised I haven't gotten shot at. About a little while into the game Landon pulled me behind a bail of hay protecting us and he said, "Here's the will go for the flag and when they try to shoot I will jump in front to take the hit and you keep running until you get that red flag right there," he pointed, "Do you see it." I nodded yes.

I can't believe he was going to let me win for them. "Okay," I said. "I got it," as I started to get serious. Landon laughed. I did too. Then, we moved at once as I started towards the flag. Like Landon said, knowing they would try to shoot me, when I was about halfway there they shot but Landon took the hit. However, I kept going. I was pretty fast for a girl and I was inches from the flag and I started to grab for it and I heard someone say, "Nooooo," as I picked it up then I felt that I just got shot. However, I got the flag first right before he did so when I fell I held up the flag and Team Blue, our team, yelled for joy. I thought to myself "Omgosh I did it."

My brother came up and said, "Good Job sis!!" "I should bring you more often," he said sincerely, "Sorry for being a little degrading."

As I replied, "It's okay," as I smiled and he walked off. Then I seen Landon walk in my direction.

He gave me a high five and said, "Yes, our plan worked. You won the game for us," As he smiled a large smile. Then, we walked to the truck and headed to my house. He had to leave once we were dropped off because he had to work sadly. But I had a fun day. Once we got home Tom said bye to Landon and instantly went into the house to clean up. So left me and Landon standing in front of each other with rainbowed colored outfits. I laughed a lil and he said, "What?"

I smiled and said, "You got a little paint on your face by your lip," as I took my hand and started to rub it off he stared into my eyes. They were beautiful and we somehow had a magnetic connection as he pulled me in and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. Then I looked at him and kissed him back. I pulled away and said,"You know I kind of thought I was invisible to you."

"You were never invisible. Actually the most perfect girl I ever met," he said as he smiled. He kissed me again and I found out fate works in mysterious ways. 

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Very cute! who knew paintball could be so romantic?!?!

Sat, December 31st, 2011 10:55pm


lol..i was going off of the photo prompt and well all the paint made me think of paintball. thanks for reading. glad you liked it :)

Sat, December 31st, 2011 3:16pm


OMG this so adorable i love it amazingly cute,

Sun, January 1st, 2012 1:19pm


thanks for reading and so glad you liked it :))

Sun, January 1st, 2012 2:46pm


Awww, that was so cute:)xxx

Sun, January 1st, 2012 5:26pm


thank ya XD and glad you liked it!!

Sun, January 1st, 2012 2:47pm


boy, you work faaast. wasn't it just yesterday, or the day before, that you joined? i need to learn to do that :p

anyways, onto the short story!
i found it reeally adorable, and i can relate in a lott of ways. like, my older brother, he's the exact same. like, whenever it comes to any sport he'd play with his friends, i'd never be allowed to play because it would be unfair for one team to have me as a player/burden. but, unlike colleen, even when i asked ever so politely, he still said no, and his friends would rather have my brother be friendly an d for me to sit home than for him to be grouchy and me being there.
aah he's helping her into the car! that's adorable! I hate those HUGE trucks cause they're imposible to get into, especially when you're under 5'6. like, i'm about 5'3, and I have to do this huge jump just to get inside.
I love when guys are like landon, and they'd give up winning themselves to let you win, i find that so adorable, even if it's just a game of paintball or whatnot.
ah they're kissing! and he called her perfect? adorablee!
really cute story, thanks for entering! (:

Sun, January 1st, 2012 7:29pm


Yeah it was like a day ago lol..i learned to write fast idk how. And glad you can relate to it for truthfully I dont have any older brothers and im not outdoorsy. yeah im 5'4 so i know about the large vehicles though lol. yes i just love writing romance. Glad you liked it :))

Sun, January 1st, 2012 2:50pm


oh, and sorry to bother, but it's emiliehail, not emilyhail in the username :p

Sun, January 1st, 2012 7:30pm


oops..srry i fixed that. i kno the feeling for my name is spelled differently. srry bout that

Sun, January 1st, 2012 2:48pm


I gotta say, that was pretty good. Infact, it was really good. I'm writing a story now about paintball and having played it before and seeing a lot of the new kids out there, you did well capturing the love and paintball together. Good Job!

Sat, November 24th, 2012 4:11am


Thanks, im glad you really enjoyed it. Ive never really played paintball before but did this for a contest so i attempted to capture the love and the game together. Glad you liked it :)

Thu, January 3rd, 2013 11:35pm

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