Play on my Heartstrings

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for littlemissromance13 contest...You know the guy that your supposed to be with may of been there all along.

Submitted: February 18, 2012

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Submitted: February 18, 2012



I grab my books out of my locker and once I close itI catch my eye upon the guy five lockers down. Evan was such an unusual fellow. He always was in black and carrying around his precious guitar. We used to be best friends when we were children for our parents were close. However, after years pasted bywe spread apart andboth of us took upon different lives of our own.OnceI started hanging out in 6th grade with the 'popular' crowd he didn't understand and since then we have never even spoken to each other. Justoccasional eye contact but never talk.

I started to walk off when my boyfriend, Thresh,came up and pinned me against my locker and I dropped my books all over the floor below.He kepttrying to kiss me but I was so not in the mood and tried to break out of his grip but he's so strong. I begged him to let go but he wouldn't.Then, out of nowhere Evan came and grabbed him off me and Thresh started mouthing off on what in the world was he doing. Thresh stormed off and I looked Evan in the eye curiously. We spoke for the first time in years. "Are you alright," he murmured, "I was over there and thought..well..thought you needed some help."

"Ugh..well I could of handled it myself ya know," I got down and started picking up my books while Evan got down to help.

"Well everyone needs a little bit of help every now and then," he said with a smile as he handed me back my books.

"Well I don't need your help or anyone elses. Ugh people are so annoying," I said aggravatedly.

"Can't you just thank someone and quit being so prissy!"

"Me!! Prissy..oh no no no. I am not that and for that I aint going to thank you at all for you didn't help me none," I stuck my tongue out at him like a five year old and walked off. I heard him snicker and laugh. I didn't understand why he called me prissy. How obsurded was that of him. Then, I walked into Thresh and apologized for Evan's behavior but he replied angerly.

"Why don't you just hang out with him. Your new boyfriend. For I'm gone Trish."

"No," I said angerly. "He isn't my boyfriend and I want you Thresh. I love you. Don't leave me," I said grabbing his arm.

He pulled it back, "Well you should of thought of that before." Then he left; out of my life forever. A tear started running down my face as I cupped my face into my hands.

Evan came and sat down beside me against the stone cold white wall. He asked, "What's wrong?" As he started stroking my hair; I guess trying to comfort me but was not working because this was all his fault.

"What do you think is wrong? Thresh broke up with me because of your stupidity earlier and quit touching me," as I angerly pushed him away.

"He doesn't deserve you anyways Trish. I believe when we stopped being best friends and parted lost sight of things and yourself. You have such a considerate heart and intellegent mind. A person like you doesn't belong in the crowd that your always around. They are just suckers for power and well they have sucked you into that thought years ago that the only way to survive was by their rules. Well I think yourself is more beautiful than all them put together," He said sincerely.

"Well I guess since I'm prissy and apparently incompetent then why are you even around me now. I mean we aren't even friends anymore. Haven't you ruined my life enough."

"Just tried to help," he said shrugging his shoulders, "Sorry that I am bothering you from alife of luxurious handbags and clothes and popularity. That's the life right? I guess the rest of things doesn't matter anymore." He started walking off then turned around back to me for a second saying, "Well for the record I believe the old Trish was a million times better than this one. Maybe you should take a second look in the mirror next time. For if you saw yourself from my point of view I believe this isn't the person you would like to see yourself as." I just folded my arms as I listened to his words. He was so wrong. Then, he turned around and walked away as I sat there with a few tears running down my cheek.

My friends came by me and Lucinda said, "Suck it up. Aint like something major happened to you."

"Yeah..Thresh was just another fish in the pond and you will find somebody else. So quit your blobbering," Alex said after her.

I looked up at them and took it offensively. I never seen them sound so mean and hurtful. I mean I loved Thresh I really did and they knew that. Didn't they? Or was Evan right about their views of luxury and popularity being number one. As I looked at them I stared into their stone cold eyes and realized that my best friends I have had all these years really weren't my best friends at all. I was just a follower in their little group because I fit the part physically with skinny waist and long luxurious long hair and bright blue eyes. I was just really nothing to them and I gave up the best friend I truelly ever had in this whole world.

I stood up and said, "You know what...if you cared about me you would be comforting me inside of driving a knife further into my heart. You both are so inconsiderate and I never realized until now how different we really are. We never even were true best friends. I don't want to be your friend anymore so find somebody else who can follow you and be in your little posy of people."

Lucinda replied, "I never heard anything so outlandish in my life and well you never really did fit the part of popularity anyways. Well come on girls lets go," as she snapped her fingers and they followed like dogs. How stupid I felt at that time to of even of thought of once being in that group.

Then, Evan came to mind. I need to go find him. It's lunchtime so I go and search in the courtyard. As I look around my eyes immediately stopped at a guy in black sitting on a bench playing a guitar. I went over to him and sat down on the bench. He stopped playing to listen as I started saying, "Evan, I don't know how to say how sorry I am. You was completely right and I stood up to those girls. They were never my best friends after all. Not even true friends really. I guess I've been in some sort of trance and lost myself. But..I believe I've found myself again. You were the only true best friend I ever had in my life. Am so sorry how mean I was to you earlier too."

He smiled as he knew I was horrible about ranting, "Thanks for the apology about earlier. Glad to hear you are yourself again too. But you know even after all these years of being in our two different worlds I never forgot you. You were my best friend too and you were much more or I wished in my mind. You were kind of the perfect girl to me. Even though we were so young," he ended blushing.

"Well do you think the same way about me now?," I asked as I took in this guy who knew me better than anyone else. Who had brownish hair framing his face beautifully as his blue eyes that matched the same color as mine stood out. That plus seemed to have a heart of gold. How have I been so blind? I mean really if I ever wanted the perfect guy he would be the one sitting right next to me and was always there for me. Even if I was a bit prissy.

"I kind of never pictured anybody else other than you in my heart to tell the truth," as he said to me his voice seemed like a perfect melody to me.

"You know what I never realized how amazing you are." I said smiling.

" anger me at one minute and then youmake me love you even more the next. What am I gonna do with you?" He asked with a jokingly puzzeled voice.

"Kiss me," I said quietly into his ear, "That's what you can do." As his lips connected to mine and kissed me softly. I swear in that moment I seen fireworks go off in my head. You never realize I guess who your meant to be with. He may of been there all along I thought.

"You know I love you don't you. I have sine we were kids and never stopped."

"I can't believe even through my prissy popular stage that you would. For looking back at myself I certainly wouldn't," I said.

"Well I knew who you were and on the inside you were somebody special," he said smiling.

"I can't say I love you yet but I totally like you in the strongest way possible."

"No rush. We will just start with today and let forever keep us together," he said sweetly.

"Sounds like a plan," I said as I went to kiss him on the lips but he beat me to it and kissed me so fiercely. Then, he sat back with a smile on his face and put his guitar back into his lap. I grabbed it and started trying to play it the way I seen Evan did. It sounded so horrible I started laughing and gave him back the guitar.

"Next plan I have is to teach you guitar," he said laughing as I joined him.

"You know I have never been so happy in such a long time. My heart is jumping for joy practically."

"You deserve all the happiness in the world Trish," he said seriously. I smiled and then we got up off theiron scrollbench and we walked home together. Hand in hand.

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