Poem Memoir of Love

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"Have you ever missed someone, someone so much it hurts"-Lady Antebellum

Submitted: February 25, 2012

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Submitted: February 25, 2012



Since the day I seen you three years ago

My heart left me for you at that secondand never came back

I fell so hardthat I was drowning in my undyinglove for you

that I would try anything to make you like me that way

even changing to be whatever you wanted was a thought

but for some reason I guess I was never good enough

maybe I wasn't pretty enough or had the best personality

i'm not sure for only you truthfully reallyknow

but I did alwaysloved to see you happy

no matter if it was head over heels with another girl

however after a year passed after we met

then I guessedItried to win you over by being the best

buying christmas presents and setting up surprise birthdayparty

but nothing really took effect on you

eventually we stopped talking all together

you knew how I felt for you and I knew you didn't feel the same

but I wished always that one day that you may

but after a year or two of silence from you

it never made me forget you it just made it worse

made me miss your sweet voice and funny contagious laugh

your sweet embraces and your nice conversations

plus that weirdness only you have that I guess attracts me to you

i miss it all so dear so I still dream, wish, and hope

that one day that you will feel the same way too

for we are meant to be two in one

for without you I would never of lasted some of my hardest times

you gave me strength that helped me through

but the silence is so loud i can't stand it sometimes

that sometimes at night I can't help but just think

of all the memories we've had and cry

that I wish you understood how I feel if you were me

when I seen you that first day of class you were special

from that day I knew and from that second my heart left

and floated over to you and I know in my heart

one day you will be mine..or I hope

for you captured my heart and I never got it back

and my heart just for some reason can never let go

i guess my dreams just give me a tiny bit of hope to hold on

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