Recap of Days

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this is just a recap of my feelings for him since i met him.

Submitted: February 03, 2010

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Submitted: February 03, 2010



its hard not to say i dont love you

or that i dont care for you mean everything

to me and since we met you stole my heart

by your personality and amazing

qualities you behold within

it was love at first sight i say from the second

we met you took my breath away

you make me look forward to each day

just to see you and hear your voice

and i had only known you for like two days

you are somewhat like me but in a way not

but like they say sometimes that

you should find somebody with the missing

pieces and differences in your own personality

from that day you entered my mind and never

ever left it since and since them first few days

at the beginning of when we met my

feelings have grown stronger and stronger

till the point i can say without a doubt

i fell completely and utterly in love with you

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